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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 6 Recap

A sentence that did not meet the group’s employment standards, Maria easily rejected Su Xiao’s entry documents and reminded Wu Hongmei not to be too emotional. Through this incident, Su Xiao realized that Yinghai Group’s bad habits were no longer hopeful. Instead, Wang Yang was indignant and went to Zhao Xiankun personally, and even scolded Maria in front of him.

Although Maria is acting in accordance with the rules, her unreasonable behavior is indeed unacceptable. Zhao Xiankun calmed Wang Yang’s emotions, and after reviewing Su Xiao’s bid, he immediately notified Maria to apply for employment. In the evening, Su Xiao and Wu Hongmei drank and celebrated on the rooftop. At this time, Wu Hongmei received a call from her boyfriend, as long as he said goodbye and went home, leaving Su Xiao alone on the rooftop in a daze.

Xu Zhiping, the chief economist of Yinghai Group, fell ill due to overwork and was sent to the hospital. Zhao Xiankun went to visit and told him not to think about work first, at least to maintain his health. As the internal audit is approaching, Xu Zhiping recommended Dong Zhu Xu Feng to take charge. Zhao Xiankun, seeing that there is no suitable candidate, agreed to give young people a chance to exercise.

It didn’t take long for Huang Lilin to learn about the incident and specifically came to Xu Zhiping to inquire about the situation. Xu Zhiping, who was still exercising in front of the window, immediately lay down in bed and pretended to be sick when he heard footsteps coming from outside the door. Xu Zhiping believes that Xu Feng is a rare talent, and he is also highly regarded by the chairman. In fact, he is implying that Huang Lilin should understand that Xu Feng is an audit by Zhao Xiankun.

In the next period of time, in order to cope with the inspection of the audit team, Tianke held a special meeting to discuss the characteristics of the team members and the information background of each person. Similarly, Xu Feng also worked hard on Tianke. It is not so much a temporary inspection of a subsidiary by a higher-level department, but a competition between the group and the subsidiary.

According to the rules of previous years, every time the audit team went to Tianke, they would put up a banner for a welcome ceremony, but this year was deserted and it was obvious that it was deliberately targeted at Xu Feng. Du Yongbo, manager of Tianke’s commerce department, was the first to receive them, followed by Huang Lilin’s polite remarks with Xu Feng. Xu Feng deliberately mentioned the white wine list on the entertainment book, and gave the other party scorn as soon as they met.

Xia Ming knows that Xu Feng joined the group after graduating from the Faculty of Law of Peking University, and his journey has been steady. Therefore, he is arrogant. Only by deliberately angering the other party can he implement the plan better. As Xia Ming expected, Xu Feng led the members to concentrate on the pile of accounts all day long, even ordering lunch in the office for meals. If Xia Ming paid for a treat, he would return the money in full.

At the same time, the personnel department of Yinghai Group has recruited many new employees. Now there is an urgent need to train teachers. The personnel of the personnel department like Xia Ming, so they recommended him to Maria. Originally, Xia Ming had refused Wu Hongmei’s invitation, but when he learned that Su Xiao had joined Tiancheng Company, he immediately called back and agreed to train new employees.

Because of the previous bidding, Xia Ming became Su Xiao’s defeat and became interested in her, so at this training meeting, he deliberately bypassed Su Xiao’s naming others to speak, and at the same time told everyone that the real cost engineer is not the same. When dealing with numbers, you should know how to deal with people. It is precisely because of the situation encountered some time ago that Su Xiao very much agrees with Xia Ming’s point of view, so Xia Ming deliberately cast a small look at Su Xiao when he left.

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