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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 4 Recap

Tiancheng’s invitation is equivalent to a new starting point for Su Xiao. Although it does not control the overall situation of life and death, it also affects whether she can make a comeback in this industry. On the day when he first arrived at the company, Chen Simin arranged for Su Xiao to a “appropriate” job position. The so-called “appropriate” position was next to the toilet. There was no contract and no salary was discussed.

Su Xiaoli entered the Tiancheng company in a confused manner and sat alone at his desk for most of the day. In the end, there was no work to do. Chen Simin planned to treat her coldly to please Zhou Jun and not want to offend Li Xue in order to leave the job on his own in the future. , So general manager Wang Yang, after learning of this, lamented that Chen Simin was really a treacherous and cunning man.

The cement incident caused waves in Yinghai Group. The general managers of various subsidiaries gathered together to fight each other for a blushing neck. No one wanted to leave Yinghai with Huang Lilin. After all, Yinghai is equivalent to a big piece of fat, and they are tigers. Leopard and Jackal. Now that other people are unreliable, the key depends on what Wang Yang said. Xia Ming suggested that Huang Lilin go to him to negotiate. It would be best if he could get his own camp.

In a blink of an eye, Su Xiao has gradually figured out the specific situation of Tiancheng Company. She noticed that many employees are often gagging and never put their minds on work. Everyone is quite proficient in eating, drinking and having fun, but they are extremely mediocre in terms of professionalism, and the small team is a mess.

Xia Ming took the initiative to come to Tiancheng Company, hoping to use his own strength to persuade Wang Yang, and never expected to see Su Xiao here. However, Su Xiao seemed to dodge deliberately, and only after Xia Ming left, did he ask Du Juan at the front desk for a lot of work-related information. According to Du Juan, there are now five Tianzihao subsidiaries under the Yinghai Group, but only the head office under the charge of Wang Mingyu and Lin Xiaomin’s real estate company can be regarded as pro-sons.

It is precisely in order to grow the general contracting company, the other five subsidiaries have also been merged under the contract, so that they have to purchase building materials from the general contracting office every year, but also transfer the profits to the group in proportion, and often have their own profits and losses. When this happens, it is tantamount to squeezing the godson into fattening his son.

Li Xue took advantage of Zhou Jun to pick up the courier, and accidentally saw a text message from Chen Simin, and learned that Zhou Jun was helping Su Xiao solve work problems in private. After returning to the office, Li Xue checked the complaint letter sent by Su Xiao and immediately forwarded the letter to Yinghai Group. After learning about it, Zhao Xiankun notified Maria to investigate the employee roster, but he did not see Su Xiao on the roster. Therefore, Wu Hongmei’s old skills have been re-applied to help Su Xiao enter the post.

In fact, Tiancheng belongs to a subsidiary, and the personnel rights are also in the Yinghai Group, so there is no right to recruit people privately, which means that Su Xiao is also a black house when he finds a job. Even though Su Xiao cannot participate in any project budget related work, she still cherishes this opportunity, and believes that sooner or later she will win the employment contract through her ability.

For example, today the company has begun to participate in the struggle for material rights. Wang Yang was unwilling to use the general contracted cement because of the impact of the settlement accident. Other subsidiaries followed suit, which caused Zhao Xiankun’s attention. Yinghai Group convened an emergency meeting. Chen Simin planned to prepare two documents proving that there was a problem with the cement and no problem, and hand them to Lu Zhengming and Donglin for handling. Seeing that all of her colleagues have jobs, Su Xiao couldn’t help but go to Chen Simin, and was eventually arranged to paste invoices, but she observed many small problems that were easy to overlook through these invoices.

At the group symposium, Wang Mingyu took the lead in expressing his thoughts to everyone, insisting on determining that the cement quality passed the test, and there was no problem. Fortunately, Xia Ming did his homework ahead of time. He knew that success or failure was in one move, so he issued various test reports on the spot to prove that the load-bearing capacity of the cement was not up to standard, and the contracting office deliberately pushed up the price and increased the cost of cement.

Originally, Huang Lilin was ready to fight a protracted battle, but after hearing Xia Ming’s report, Zhao Xiankun immediately ordered the abolition of the right to purchase materials and operated in accordance with the market mechanism. The sudden change in Zhao Xiankun’s attitude towards his son really made Huang Lilin puzzled. On the contrary, Xia Ming saw through Zhao Xiankun’s intention to control the overall situation. .

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