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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 3 Recap

The constant knocking on the door made Su Xiao extremely irritable. Just as she subconsciously looked out through the cat’s eyes, she didn’t expect her father to visit suddenly, so she rushed into the room to tidy up her makeup and try her best to keep herself calm as usual. . However, Su Xiao pretended to be clever and it was easier for Su’s father to see the flaws, but he didn’t open it up, but silently took out the pre-prepared meals.

It was this scene that Su Xiao broke the defense in an instant, and the whole person was in tears. There were too many grievances and he still couldn’t say it. Su’s father had learned about Su Xiao’s dismissal from the company before he came here, so he suggested that his daughter quit her job and return to her hometown to live in. In fact, he didn’t want her to continue to suffer. But now Su Xiao didn’t plan to leave, but instead felt that wherever he fell, he should get up wherever he fell. Otherwise, he would suddenly escape and it would be difficult to untie the knot in his happiness.

The daughter simply left the old father speechless, and the only thing he could do was to support him, so he left a note before leaving to encourage Su Xiao to continue to cheer. Wu Hongmei wanted to help her girlfriend find a job, so she simply used her authority as the HR of Yinghai Group to take the opportunity to send Su Xiao’s resume to Maria, but she was reprimanded by Maria.

After get off work, Wu Hongmei carried his things to visit Su Xiao, but knocked on the door for a long time without responding, almost thinking that Su Xiao couldn’t think of committing suicide. Fortunately, there was no one in the room. Wu Hongmei breathed a sigh of relief for a while, but she was always concerned about her safety. At this time, Su Xiao just finished his hair and went home, and he was immediately relieved to see Wu Hongmei’s anxious and worried appearance.

Originally, Su Xiao planned to go to the Personnel Bureau to obtain a cost engineer certificate the next morning, but she was told that the review had not been passed. Besides, she saw Zhou Jun accompany the leader with a face full of spring breeze, and she felt very unhappy. At the beginning, I thought I could get a good job with the first-level cost engineer certificate, but now I’ve been emptied. In order to repay my innocence, Su Xiao personally wrote a report letter and sent it to the district construction project team.

In the past few days, Su Xiao has repeatedly submitted resume interviews and bumped into a wall. The main reason is that the news of her being fired by Zhongjian spread throughout the industry. Companies large and small shunned this, and she has not waited for Su Xiao to introduce herself further. The resume was rejected on the spot. Even though Su Xiao’s business ability is very strong, everyone is even more reluctant to take risks to hire. In the end, only a small company set up in a residential building is willing to accept Su Xiao, provided that they often work overtime.

At first, Su Xiao valued this job very much, and she was also doing her best to finish any work. But in an accident, Su Xiao suddenly discovered that her immediate boss was an old hooligan. He often took advantage of the girl’s changing clothes to spy on her. In the end, she couldn’t bear it and rushed into the office to beat him up.

The noise was so loud that it disturbed neighbors around him and even called the police. Su Xiao inevitably entered the police station to make a record. There was a scratch on the not-so-glorious resume. Wu Hongmei rushed over as soon as he received the news.

After leaving the police station, Wu Hongmei persuaded Su Xiao to consider changing careers, but Su Xiaoxin was unwilling and vowed to do his best in this industry. Xia Ming felt a little guilty about Su Xiao’s dismissal, and felt that she had caused the girl. Zhou Jun accompanied the leaders to the end of the meal and looked for an opportunity to submit Su Xiao’s resume to Chen Simin, the chief economist of Tiancheng Company. Since Tiancheng is a subsidiary of Yinghai Group and Zhou Jun’s personal relationship, Chen Simin thought twice and took the initiative to call Su Xiao to inform her that she has been hired.

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