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The Ideal City 理想之城 Episode 1 Recap

After squeezing the subway during the morning rush hour, Su Xiao hurriedly clocked in to work. It has been several years since she joined the Zhongjian Group after graduation. Specializing in the examination of a cost engineer certificate, successfully becoming a cost supervisor, such a career with high welfare and good prospects, at this moment, it makes her look sad.

In fact, the problem itself is not Su Xiao, but the company’s sudden crisis. Because the contractor Tianke Construction has not settled the workers’ settlements, the workers’ sentiments are excited, and they simply hired a bus to park in front of the Zhongjian Group, and even put the general manager Pan Jianhua, the manager, surrounded the car and threatened to never give up if he couldn’t get the money.

Yu Chao, the manager of the Business Cooperation Department, tried to ease the emotions of the people, but it was useless. Instead, the other party accused him of shirking responsibility. It happened that the urban construction leader came to inspect the work again today. Because Su Xiao is mainly responsible for the project budget, she personally explained the situation of the project funds, and admitted that Zhongjian was jointly and severally liable in this arrears incident. She believes that everyone should choose a reasonable way to ask for wages, and must not block people illegally.

Because of Su Xiao’s remarks, the workers are no longer so aggressive and voluntarily give up a path. Although Pan Jiahua was able to get away, he was from his bones a profit-making villain, so instead of thanking Su Xiao for breaking the siege, he was very dissatisfied with the “joint and several liability” she had just mentioned.

However, there are still more troublesome things that have not yet been resolved. Su Xiao first called her boyfriend Zhou Jun for help, and asked him to hold back the leadership of the Construction Bureau, and immediately under the instruction of the direct leader Yu Chao, urge Tianke general manager Huang Lilin to pay. . However, the other party put on a rascal posture, with the word “no money” hanging in his mouth, Su Xiao didn’t know that he and Yu Chao secretly exchanged money, and almost quarreled.

Zhou Jun told Su Xiao to calm down the trouble as soon as possible, and the superior team would arrive at Zhongjian Group in ten minutes. Su Xiaoji Zhongshengzhi suddenly thought that Tianke Construction was a subsidiary of Yinghai Group, so he reported the situation to Pan Jianhua. Pan Jiankun had no other choice but to call Zhao Xiankun, the group’s boss. He didn’t know that someone had already settled the salary in the first time, and this person was the chief economist Xia Ming of Tianke, who was also Huang Lilin’s nephew.

Seeing that the workers left by car, the crisis of Zhongjian Company finally passed. The leader of the leadership team He Shengli was very satisfied after the inspection. On the contrary, Huang Lilin was extremely upset and believed that Xia Ming should not be quiet. Compared with Huang Lilin’s short-sightedness, Xia Ming knows how to do business step by step. He knows that Zhao Xian is secretly weakening Tianke’s real power and will kick him out of the sea sooner or later. Therefore, instead of delusioning that under the big tree it will be good to enjoy the cool, it is better to stand on your own and completely. Get rid of the constraints of winning the sea.

The debt collection crisis has come to an end for the time being. Su Xiao finished her work and went to the dress shop in her spare time to try on wedding dresses. After all, she and Zhou Jun’s wedding date is approaching, and the romantic relationship will soon come to an end, and the two will go hand in hand. Enter the hall of happiness. At least in Wu Hongmei’s opinion, Su Xiao, a good girlfriend, has a successful career, has an excellent fiancé, and has a high chance of being elected as a project manager, but regrets that she does not have her own wedding room.

Back at home, Su Xiao and Zhou Jun discussed the details of wedding arrangements through video, immersed in the vision of the future. Until the next day, He Shengli led the team members to inspect the Anju Project. At first they were satisfied, but later the wall collapsed and suffered minor injuries.

Pan Jianhua was very angry about this. Although this kind of tofu project can be ignored on weekdays, the bureau leaders who are in charge of life and death are now injured. Therefore, relevant departments must be strictly investigated, including Tianke. Faced with Xia Ming’s questioning, Huang Lilin couldn’t help but find an excuse, claiming that the building wall was a temporary work shed and would be demolished in a few months, and he had no intention of repenting.

Xia Ming took Huang Lilin to find Wang Mingyu, the vice president of the group, and emphasized that there were two main failures in the accident, namely cement quality and cutting corners, which happened to be personally involved. Now that the media are scrambling to launch follow-up reports, Xia Ming reminds Wang Mingyu that he should pay attention to it, and there is not much time left for them now.

Su Xiao personally went to the site of the collapse of the Anju Project to collect cement samples. Initial observations revealed that there was a problem with the cement model, so he reported the matter to Yuchao and requested to apply for quality inspection. On the surface, Yu Chao seemed to agree, but in fact found an excuse to send Su Xiao away. In the afternoon, Xia Ming, Huang Lilin, Wang Mingyu and others came to Zhongjian Group to participate in the accountability meeting.

Because Su Xiao knew that Tianke had used substandard cement, she was very unhappy, and she simply ridiculed Huang Lilin on the spot, saying that as a cost engineer, the first lesson she took when she was studying was to ensure that the cost table was clean, and she spoke so openly and frankly. , Also attracted Xia Ming’s attention.

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