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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 28 Recap

Xiao Cui thought that Lin Shaochun was caught in Sun Yulou’s trap. Lin Shaochun had long realized that Sun Yulou had deliberately put the lipstick mark on her clothes, so he calculated it for him. Lin Shaochun also felt that she had ignored Sun Yulou recently and took the opportunity to pretend to be confused. To compensate, Xiao Cui admired Lin Shaochun so much. Lin Shaochun taught her a lot of ways to get along with husbands and wives, and promised to help her find a good man.

Due to continuous rainstorms, the Panshi Bridge was destroyed and the grain could not be transported into the capital, which caused the grain prices to rise steadily. Sun Xun asked Liang Jingguan to take out silver from the household department to repair the Panshi Bridge, but Liang Jingguan accused Sun Xun of wanting to take this opportunity to embezzle silver. The two of them were red-faced, and they came to the emperor for comment. The emperor pretended that the treasury was short of silver, and asked them to find a way to solve it. If anyone can raise the silver, from then on, he will be higher in the court.

Liang Jingguan was well-informed. He didn’t want to lose to Sun Xun, so he sent Jia Fengyuan to inquire about Sun Xun’s countermeasures. Jia Fengyuan came to visit Sun Xun. Sun Xun had long seen that he had ulterior motives and deliberately said that the new tea was sour, and asked Jia Fengyuan to taste it. Jia Fengyuan felt that the tea was not sour at all. In order to please Sun Xun, he also agreed with him. The way, Sun Xun talked about him.

Taoyao was sold into the kiln by Chen Boyuan. Even she was pregnant and asked her to pick up the guests. She fought and kicked Taoyao even if she didn’t like it. Taoyao escaped while he was drunk and went all the way back to the capital. Jia Fengyuan touched a gray nose, and had to leave angrily. Taoyao got into Jia Fengyuan’s carriage when she was in a panic.

Chen Boyuan followed and picked up the handkerchief that Jia Fengyuan had dropped. Jia Fengyuan returned home in the carriage, and suddenly heard movement in the box behind the carriage, opened it and found Taoyao hidden inside. Taoyao cried to him about his tragic experience, and begged Jia Fengyuan to report to Sun Shijie. Jia Fengyuan flatly refused, Taoyao wanted to die. Over.

At this moment, Chen Boyuan brought people to find Taoyao. Jia Fengyuan suddenly thought of a good way. He hid Taoyao and went out to see Chen Boyuan. Chen Boyuan took out Taoyao’s contract and forced Jia Fengyuan to pay Taoyao. come out. Jia Fengyuan invited him to the house to drink tea. He poisoned the tea beforehand. Chen Boyuan was poisoned and fainted. Jia Fengyuan tore off the deed. When Chen Boyuan woke up, he found himself in a prison car and exiled in the frontier area. He was so angry that he screamed.

Yao Dizhu helped Mr. Baicao to heal the wounded. She was not afraid of hardship or tiredness. She worked hard and did not complain. Some of the wounded refused to cooperate with the treatment. Sun Junhao came to help. The wounded tore his clothes. Yao Dizhu offered to help him with stitches. Sun Junhao Decided categorically, and deliberately went to the kiln to find a girl for fun. Yao Dizhu saw this scene and rushed in and yelled at Sun Junhao. Sun Junhao hugged the girl, Yao Dizhu turned around in anger and left.

Yao Dizhu rushed back angrily to complain to Mr. Baicao, yelling at Sun Junhao as a lover, and angered to ignore him anymore. Mr. Baicao couldn’t help laughing. He had already seen that Sun Junhao liked Yao Dizhu, and Sun Junhao because of the song. Ling’er’s lesson from the past, did not dare to show her true feelings, so she deliberately angered her.

Yao Dizhu was dressed up in the barracks and came to the barracks. The wounded soldiers looked dumbfounded and wanted to propose to her. Yao Dizhu happily closed his mouth and joked with the wounded soldiers. Sun Junhao couldn’t stand it. After Yao Dizhu had a meal, Yao Dizhu fought hard with him, but Sun Junhao was speechless.

Sun Junhao drank boring wine alone, drank all the wine in one breath, sent his subordinates to buy wine, and the subordinates kindly persuaded him, Sun Junhao ordered no one to look at Yao Dizhu again through Jiu Jin, otherwise they would dig their eyes. come out. From that day on, the wounded soldiers avoided Yao Dizhu and dared not look at him.

Yao Dizhu guessed that Sun Junhao did it, so he came to him to reason. Sun Junhao thought she would affect the healing of the patient, but Yao Dizhu felt that she would make the injured feel happy. She forced Sun Junhao hard and forced Sun Junhao to admit that she liked her. Just as Sun Junhao wanted to express his heart, he suddenly received news of another dead person outside the city, and Sun Junhao left the city without saying a word.

Sun Junhao took people outside the city and saw five businessmen killed by wild wolves. The wild wolves also wrote blood books on the dead to demonstrate. Before Sun Junhao could respond, a masked man in black rushed out, Sun Junhao and the soldiers. We killed them all without much effort, and learned from the assassin that the wild wolf was offering a reward of 10,000 yuan for Sun Junhao’s head. Yao Dizhu chased afterwards and forced Sun Junhao to tell her heart. Sun Junhao asked her to find someone to marry. Yao Dizhu was not afraid of being involved by him, and vowed that he would not marry him. Sun Junhao came to the girl with a thousand piles of snow to complain, and the girl took him to find a tree hole to talk about his concerns.

Wu Yuehong teaches the children seriously every day. Sun Shijie teaches children to read. The children like martial arts but don’t like to read. Wu Yuehong promises to buy sweets for the children after the class. They go to class obediently, and Sun Shijie feels that Wu Yuehong is more and more attractive. . Sun Shijie wanted to reconcile with Wu Yuehong, but because of no good solution, he had to come to Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun for help. Sun Yulou suggested that he go to the wishing tree of Longen Temple, and Sun Shijie opened the woolen plug.

Sun Yulou took the whole family to the Longen Temple to make a wish under the wishing tree. Sun Shijie hung his wish on the tree and accidentally fell off. Wu Yuehong saw that Sun Shijie wrote that she wanted to stay and fly with her, so she couldn’t get together happily. Mouth, the couple reconciled as before.

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