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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 27 Recap

Sun Junhao went home to explain the situation to his parents. Shen Qingyao firmly refused to allow him to go to Twilight to serve as a soldier. Sun Xun supported his decision and asked him to marry Su Yingxue and sell him to the Sun family before leaving. Sun Junhao disagreed, Sun Xun. Just withdraw his fate, Sun Junhao had no choice but to bite the bullet and marry Su Yingxue. On the wedding night, Sun Junhao and Su Yingxue left for Twilight Town and left a letter of resignation. Su Yingxue was very sad and burned the letter of resignation on the spot. She begged Sun Junhao to stay overnight, and Sun Junhao left home cruelly.

The wild wolf sent bandits into the twilight town in the disguise of a businessman, and burned, killed and looted the people. The wild wolf also left Sun Junhao with a letter of challenge. Yao Dizhu saw the wounded all over the street, he helped to treat them without saying a word, and sent them to Mr. Baicao. Sun Junhao advised Yao Dizhu to leave Twilight as soon as possible. Yao Dizhu was determined not to do it and wanted to stay and help Mr. Baicao to treat him. The wounded.

Sun Shijie sells calligraphy and painting on the street, and also teaches children to read and read part-time. Several children are making trouble nearby. He can’t help it. Some children pass by. Sun Shijie wants to teach him to write. The children run away in fright. Wu Yuehong Seeing it all, she wanted to help but was inconvenient to show up, Lin Shaochun made an idea to let Wu Yuehong’s little disciples study with Sun Shijie.

The young disciples came to Sun Shijie’s calligraphy and painting booth together, paid the tuition on the spot, and followed Sun Shijie to learn to read. Sun Shijie accidentally learned that the students were beggars, so he asked the reason and learned that Wu Yuehong gave them money. Sun Shijie came to Wu Yuehong for the theory. Wu Yuehong’s female disciple punched and kicked Sun Shijie. Sun Shijie yelled in pain. Wu Yuehong returned him to the room and helped him massage.

Sun Shijie refused to accept Wu Yuehong’s mercy. Wu Yuehong only wanted to let the children study. She felt that Sun Shijie was the most knowledgeable, and Sun Shijie was enthusiastic. The female disciples of Wu Yuehong squeezed outside the door to eavesdrop, accidentally squeezed the door, and they all praised Sun Shijie for being good, and Sun Shijie was embarrassed.

Aunt Mei went to Longen Temple to burn incense. She accidentally saw Wu Yuehong and Sun Shijie talking and laughing so they were not affectionate. She hurried home to confess her joy to Shen Qingyao. Shen Qingyao asked her daughter-in-law to find a way to call Sun Shijie back, and Lin Shaochun made an idea for Shen Qingyao to act. sick. Sun Shijie heard that Shen Qingyao was seriously ill and couldn’t wait to rush home to visit.

Shen Qingyao was very happy and begged him not to leave again. When Sun Shijie was hesitating, Aunt Mei hurried to report. The maid smashed Shen Qingyao’s favorite vase. Shen Qingyao immediately got up from the bed. Sun Shijie saw the delicious food hidden in the quilt and guessed that Shen Qingyao was pretending to be sick. Shen Qingyao admitted that pretending to be sick was to let him come back.

Sun Shijie decided to stay. Wu Yuehong let him live in the bedroom and moved to the study by herself. Sun Shijie was very sad. The whole family had breakfast together. Sun Shijie took the initiative to serve Wu Yuehong with vegetables and cared about her. Wu Yuehong was happy and happy for them.

Wu Yuehong learned from Lin Shaochun and said no to a man to win his heart. Sun Shijie tried desperately to please Wu Yuehong and asked her to move back to her room. Wu Yuehong resisted the joy in her heart one by one. Sun Shijie was not discouraged and continued to please Wu Yuehong. Wu Yuehong couldn’t resist Sun Shijie’s hard work, so she had to come to Lin Shaochun for help, and Lin Shaochun persuaded her not to just say no.

As soon as Sun Yulou went home, he fell asleep, and Lin Shaochun found that there was a woman’s lipstick on his clothes, and felt a little unhappy in his heart. When Lin Shaochun went to the temple to offer incense, she happened to run into the wife of Sun Yulou’s colleague and learned that the Yamen was closed today. Sun Yulou got dressed and went to work at the Yamen. Lin Shaochun reminded him many times, but he did not respond.

Lin Shaochun had to quietly follow him to a feasting house. Lin Shaochun pushed the door in and saw Sun Yulou lying on the bed waiting for her. It turned out that this was carefully designed by Sun Yulou, just to verify whether Lin Shaochun still cares about him. Sun Yulou has been busy for many days and made it warm and romantic. He wants to have a child with Lin Shaochun as soon as possible.

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