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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 11 Recap

The school wants to organize going to the city to participate in the answering contest. Zhou Siyue winked at Sun Shadi and asked her to sign up for Ding Xian, and wanted to ask her to participate. But unexpectedly, after returning home, his mother thought that the results should prevail, and she didn’t want it. Ding Xian went to participate in the painting competition, which made Ding Xian very unhappy. The composition written by his younger brother made his mother even more angry. He even portrayed his mother as an overbearing shrew. Ding Wencheng knew that his son was in trouble and asked him to go back and write again.

Ding Wencheng told her to take her mother to the concert in a solemn dress. This made her mother feel good and she had to take Ding Juncong with him, but Ding Juncong was reluctant to go out. His mother was angry and told Ding Xian to look forward to Ding Juncong’s study at home. After his parents left, Zhou Siyue called Ding Xian to go out to play, but Ding Juncong was at home and Ding Xian was afraid to go out, so Ding Xian called Ding Juncong out to play games, but Ding Juncong was a naughty child and knew that Ding Xian was going out.

Seeing that Zhou Si had to compete with her not to go out. At this moment, Sun Shadi and Song Ziqi went, and asked Ding Xian to hurriedly compete with Zhou Siyue. They were responsible for dealing with Ding Juncong. So Zhou Siyue rode Jiang Chen’s electric car and took Ding Xian away. When Jiang Chen was about to go out with Yu Keke, he saw that his car was gone, and only saw a note left by Zhou Siyue telling him. Riding the bike away, especially Coco was a little unhappy, and the two had to go out for a drive in a small yellow cart.

Zhou Siyue sent Ding Xian to the examination room in time. Ding Xian thanked Zhou Siyue very much after the exam. He felt that painting was not only a hobby, but it was more meaningful to her than a hobby. When Ding Xian came home, his younger brother had already made the house look like a broken market. Sun Shadi and Song Ziqi were also helpless to the naughty Ding Juncong.

They were like a devil. Seeing their mother was about to go home, several people hurriedly made chaos. I want to clean up, and everything is in order after my parents go back. My mother is very grateful to Sun Shadi and the others for helping Ding Juncong with their homework. If they want to stay at home for dinner, they will naturally feel better.

Ding Xian lived up to expectations, and everyone was very happy, so a few people went out to dinner to celebrate. The generals were about to join the army. The more Zhou Si felt that they were going to be separated, they felt a lot of depression, but the more Zhou Si knew that it was the general wish from a young age that they had to bless him, and they had to pass the National Defense School so that they could still be on the same front in the future. Side by side to defend the country.

Ding Xian had a pain in his stomach due to physiological reasons. Zhou Siyue went to the infirmary very intimately and bought Ding Xian the relevant medications, which made Ding Xian feel very warm. And Ding Xian had been thinking about whether Zhou Siyue wanted to get into that university, so she would have the motivation to move forward.

Because Ding Xian’s grades are generally not easy to take the exam, the more Zhou Si promised to help her make up classes, so that Ding Xian’s grades could be improved. After that, the two appeared inseparably on the way to and from school every day, and also appeared in the playground class together. In this way, Ding Xian’s grades improved significantly, and the whole class also got the first place in the test.

The classmates discussed going to camp to face their last summer vacation in the third year of high school. Ding Xian discussed with her mother after returning home. Although her mother disagreed, she agreed because of Subcong’s persuasion.

When they were camping, Subocong also followed them. Zhou Siyue and Subcong met for the first time, but they had heard Ding Xian mention each other. On the surface, nothing happened, but they both regarded each other as rivals in their hearts. A few people went out to play and did not forget to review their homework. Subo went to Ding Xian for a bonfire dance. Zhou Si became more worried that they would have feelings and wanted to participate together.

Song Ziqi also held their hands together, although Ding Xian was shy. But it’s beautiful. Ding Xian inadvertently talked about the reason that he wanted to take the exam because of Zhou Siyue, which made Zhou Si very happy, but Ding Xian knew that he had missed his mouth and quickly recovered and said that the more Zhou Si was a role model, he had to learn from him.

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