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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 10 Recap

When the two went home, they saw their mother waiting for her downstairs. Ding Xian did not pay attention to her mother and went upstairs angrily. Her mother thanked Zhou Siyue for sending Ding Xian home, but she also wanted to know if Ding Xian was at school recently. With boys he likes, Zhou Si will naturally not talk nonsense, and his mother can’t help it. After returning home, Ding Wencheng blamed his mother for peeking at the diary as immoral, but his mother disapproved, thinking that she was right.

Teacher Liu called Ding Xian to the office and criticized him. He hadn’t finished the exams that he would usually do. Ding Xian was also disappointed with his grades, and his mood was also very depressed. However, he had promised that Mr. Liu would change seats with Song Ziqi if his test scores were not good before. Ding Xian had to keep his promise and sit with Sun Shadi. Later, Zhou Si asked Ding Xian why he changed seats. Ding Xian didn’t know how to answer him. The more Zhou Si saw that Ding Xian was unspeakable, he stopped asking.

In the basketball hall Zhou Siyue chatted with a girl, Sun Shadi and Ding Xian were very angry with Zhou Siyue, so they asked Song Ziqi to inquire about their chat, Song Ziqi read out through lips that what they said should be about drama Ding Xian felt that they must be very angry when they want to watch a drama together.

My mother went to visit Zhou Siyue’s house and felt that Ding Xian had better grades than last week. She was very worried about Ding Xian, but the more Zhou Si told her not to think like that, Ding Xian would show her a good grade certificate. Have confidence in Ding Xian.

Ding Xian became more angry with Zhou Si and never took the initiative to speak to him, so Sun Shadi gave them a chance to reconcile, and discussed with Song Ziqi that they would ask them to go out on the weekend to give them a chance to speak. Sun Shadi and Song Ziqi made an appointment with Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue when they were going out. They had to borrow some money from them recently, but Yu Keke saw them and went to the 18th Middle School with them.

My mother bought Ding Xian a piece of clothing for her. My mother was a little bit uncomfortable with Ding Xian. She knew that Ding Xian was going to the concert with Sun Shadi and bought her a famous brand. Ding Xian changed it. The clothes my mother gave me were happy to go to the party. When I arrived at the scene, I knew that Zhou Siyue had also gone, and Sun Shadi and Song Ziqi watched them enter the scene and Tingting left. It was designed by the two to match Ding Xian Zhou Siyue, and this is also a task completed. Up. The misunderstanding between the two people after watching the concert was also solved. It was Ding Xian who didn’t want to get away from him until Zhou Si was hurt. Zhou Siyue promised Ding Xian to help her with homework.

Song Ziqi took Sun Shadi home and was seen by the generals and You Keke who were waiting on the side of the road. The generals did not recognize Song Ziqi, thinking that he was the gangster who had harassed Ding Xian before, so he covered his head and beat him, knocked Sun Shadi and went shopping. No, Jiang Chen and You Keke beat Song Ziqi violently. And Zhou Siyue and Ding Xian also arrived, and they played Song Ziqi with them.

Even Sun Shadi went back and joined their team. After everyone reacted, Song Ziqi had been beaten with black eyes and swollen nose. At this moment, Ding Juncong heard a shout. He was bullied by a real gangster. Song Ziqi ran to teach the little gangster. He was beaten for the little gangster.

Zhou Siyue sent Ding Xian sisters and brothers home, and gave Ding Xian a gift, which was a set of painting tools. Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that it was bought by Yang Chunzi in the basketball gym last time. Ding Xian knew about the misunderstanding before; after Zhou Siyue, it turned out that the lip-language play that Song Ziqi read was not a stage play, but a drawing tool for painting.

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