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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 15 Recap

The military division sent someone to send a letter to Qi Yan and asked him to meet him in Yuzhenfang. He also asked Qi Chen and Cheng Ruoyu to wait for Qi Yan together. Cheng Ruoyu was worried that the military division would endanger Qi Yan’s life, so he spoke harshly to him and called him a traitor. , The military teacher asked Qi Chen to tell Cheng Ruoyu about the changes in the morning dew eight years ago, and asked her to judge who the real traitor was.

Eight years ago, the first emperor approached Li Xu, Zheng Lu and Wang Yang discussed a plan to get rid of Qiu Ziliang, and asked Han Yue to lead Qiu Ziliang to the left camp. Qiu Ziliang found officers and soldiers lying in ambush here and wounded Han Yue and fled on the spot. In fact, Qiu Ziliang got the news in advance that he sent someone to check the homes of Li Xu and Zheng Lu, and imprisoned the first emperor. The first emperor sent Han Yue to bring the edict to Wang Yang. Qi Yan shot Han Yue and Han Yue suffered. Get on the horse and escape.

Han Yue risked his life to come to Wang Yang’s house and handed over the will to him. Unexpectedly, Qiu Ziliang led someone to the palace to bloodbath. Han Yue desperately protected Wang Yang and his two granddaughters to escape from the secret road. As a result, he was seriously injured and stabbed. After hurting one eye, Qiu Ziliang caught Wang Yang and his two granddaughters at the secret crossing. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t wait to know the content of the edict. The military division clearly remembered that the first emperor wanted to pass the position to Qi Chen. Cheng Ruoyu learned the truth and couldn’t help but complain for Awu.

The military strategist encouraged Qi Chen to regain his throne. Qi Chen did not want to let the creatures be overwhelmed. What’s more, the first emperor had acquiesced to Qi Yan’s succession before his death, and the military strategist complained that Qi Chen was too useless. Xia Ziyuan and Zuo Ma were ordered by the army to invite Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi wanted to know their next plan. Zuo Ma wanted to use her to attract Chou Ziliang to the bait. Before Qiu Yanzhi could react, he was made of a Buddha by Zuo Ma. Laughing poisonously dizzy. When Qiu Ziliang learned that Qiu Yanzhi and others had been arrested, he gritted his teeth with anger.

Qi Yan came to Yuzhenfang on time. He tiptoed onto the gossip array. Left Ma fascinated Qi Yan and brought him and Qiu Yanzhi to the secret room. The army division heard the movement and immediately led Qi Chen and Cheng Ruoyu away from the secret road. Qiu Ziliang led people to rush there and saw that many people died in the gossip array, all of whom had their throats cut. He sent people to search for Qi Yan’s body, but found nothing.

Qi Yan asked Zuo Ma to find out about Cheng Ruoyu’s whereabouts. The army officer came and threatened to kill Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan knew that he was not a murderer. Qiu Yanzhi wanted to talk to the military division alone, and moved out of General Zuo Jinwuwei to talk about the matter. The military division asked Zuo Ma to take Qi Yan out, and he wanted to talk to Qiu Yanzhi alone.

Zuo Ma sent Qi Yan to the cell. Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Chen were also locked up in the same room. Qi Yan found that Cheng Ruoyu had been seriously injured, and asked her about the cold, but Cheng Ruoyu comforted him instead. The strategist admitted that he was General Zuo Jin Wuwei, that is, Han Yue who gave up his life to protect his will. Qiu Yanzhi was excited with tears in his eyes. Eight years ago, she saw Han Yue already dead with her own eyes. She didn’t expect him to be right now, Qiu Yanzhi. Recognizing that she is Wang Yang’s grandson Queen Ruoqing, she bowed and thanked Han Yue for his life-saving grace.

Yan Xiu woke up in a daze, only to realize that he was poisoned by the laughter of the Buddha. Zuo Ma forced him to tell the true identity of Qiu Yanzhi, and Yan Xiu asked three questions. Cheng Ruoyu never expected that the army in front of him was Han Yue. She guessed that Han Yue was here to avenge Qi Yan and Qiu Ziliang this time. Qi Chen pleaded guilty to Qi Yan and vowed on the spot that he would assist him in reviving him.

Qiu Yanzhi also told Han Yue about her experience. Eight years ago, she was injured by an arrow and struggling to find her sister. She fainted at the door of a pharmacy. The boss helped her treat her injuries. I went to the concert hall for a while, but I didn’t expect Qiu Ziliang to come to the concert hall. Qiu Yanzhi disfigured himself and wanted to stay with Qiu Ziliang, looking for a chance to kill him to avenge his family. Soon afterwards, Qiu Ziliang arranged her to the shogi camp. Just wanting to kill Chou Ziliang, she offered to help Han Yue.

Qiu Yanzhi returned to the cell. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t wait to know if Han Yue embarrassed her. Qiu Yanzhi knew that as long as Qiu Ziliang didn’t come, she would be safe. Cheng Ruoyu thanked Qi Yan for coming to rescue her in time. Qiu Ziliang arrested Liu Misha and Sun Lie, and brought up a man who was killed by Zhenwu’s Scimitar. Qiu Ziliang wanted to know who Qi Yan was going to meet. Sun Lie and Liu Misha refused to answer. Qiu Ziliang Yang said that he would kill more than a dozen. The famous town Wu Fanchen, Liu Misha gritted his teeth with anger.

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