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Broker 掮客 Episode 35 Recap

President Huang met with Qiu Jianing alone and asked Qiu Jianing to resign. Qiu Jianing agreed, because she had no choice, otherwise the Yuan plan would only be shelved. But once this is the case, it is equivalent to the rumors, but in Qiu Jianing’s mind, as long as he keeps the source plan, he also hopes that Zhou Xiaoshan will not go to Wen Zhao, there will always be a solution to the matter. When Weiwei saw the video on the Internet, she was surprised that Qiu Jianing was such a person. Susie asked her to come back to help herself.

After Qiu Jianing left, she would join the source plan. Seeing the comments on the Internet, Qiu Jiaxin became more and more angry, and angrily responded to the netizens. Upon seeing this, Jiang Xiaoye sent a Weibo to speak for Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jiaxin thanked him in a simple manner, but did not expect Qin Bin to scold him as soon as he returned to the hospital. Jiang Xiaoye quickly deleted the Weibo. Thanks to Jiang Xiaoye, now the whole game circle has been popularized by Qiu Jianing. The whole story of traitorousness. No one thinks he is innocent. Qiu Jiaxin said that he was kind, and the two quarreled again. Qiu Jiaxin feels aggrieved. She feels that she has always been a naive child in Qin Bin’s heart and always makes trouble. She is a human being and not a machine, so how could she not be depressed.

Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan were besieged by reporters as soon as they arrived downstairs, and Zhou Xiaoshan hurriedly took her away. It was said on the Internet that Qiu Jianing had tricked Harry into betraying state secrets. Qiu Jianing couldn’t bear it. What did she do wrong? Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t want Qiu Jianing to resign, he didn’t care about the source plan, he cared about Qiu Jianing, and didn’t want her to be wronged. Li Chunran told Qiu Jianing not to go back to the dormitory recently. The downstairs were all people waiting to block her.

Qiu Jianing became more and more aggrieved and cried in Zhou Xiaoshan’s arms. Now she has a home and can’t go back. Zhou Xiaoshan couldn’t help but went to Wen Zhao and asked him how he would let Qiu Jianing go. Wen Zhao’s condition was still to let him go back with himself, otherwise he could only watch Qiu Jianing in pain. Zhou Xiaoshan had nowhere to vent his anger, only that Wen Zhao was a lunatic.

After seeing the video, Qiu’s father quickly asked a lawyer to help Qiu Jianing get justice. The secretary advised him to be cautious. This matter also involved the status of a Chinese scientist. Qiu’s father calmed down and decided to talk to Qiu Jianing first. Qiu Jianing went home and talked with Father Qiu. Father Qiu said that he would seek justice for her and asked her what she planned to do. Qiu’s father also did not approve of Qiu Jianing’s resignation.

Qiu Jianing was still concerned about the source plan. She didn’t want the project to die because of herself. As long as she could preserve the project, she didn’t care. Zhou Xiaoshan has been waiting outside the house, Qiu’s father didn’t say anything when sending Qiu Jianing away, and asked Zhou Xiaoshan to ensure her safety.

Qiu Jianing refused to resign, and Mr. Huang was very anxious, because only she took the project to continue, saying that if she did not voluntarily resign, the company would issue an expulsion announcement. Li Chunran and Xiaoxiao heard about this incident and fought for Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing thought silently for a long time in front of Wang’s bed, what should she do. When they left, Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan met Susie who came to visit her. Susie was happy. Qiu Jianing also asked her the source plan. She finally decided to resign. This time she gave up.

Qiu Jianing handed over the project to Sun Lei. Sun Lei did not accept the result and hoped that Qiu Jianing could stay, but Qiu Jianing left with a smile. Susie was in front of Wang’s bed. The mother felt that she came back to target Qiu Jianing because she hated the Lord Wang for helping Qiu Jianing. She said that Wang knew that Qiu Jianing was wronged by Harry. As for Gal’s video, the mother believed her. of. Sun Lei, Xiaoxiao, Li Chunran, Zhang Yu and others all clamored to go with Qiu Jianing. Qiu Jianing tried his best to stay.

The Yuan Project was different from other projects, and his personal interests were not worth mentioning compared with such glory. Qiu Jianing asked everyone to do a good job of source planning and left the laboratory. Sun Lei’s paper was rejected because of Qiu Jianing, Zhu Zhu complained that she was a black sheep, and specifically called Qiu Jianing to tell the story. Qiu Jianing blamed herself, but she couldn’t do anything.

Qiu Jiaxin looked angry at the comments on the Internet, and Qiu Jianing saw it when she came back. She thought that everything was over for her resignation, but that was not the case. Sun Lei went to see Susie. Susie said that she was helpless at this point. Sun Lei tried to persuade her that at this time her trust is the most important. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he had met with Father Qiu on important matters and said that he needed to borrow the company’s network department.

The original video of Qiu Jianing was still in the hotel. He could go and get it, but he needed the support of equipment and personnel. In fact, Qiu’s father has always been very guilty of Qiu Jianing, because he hasn’t taken care of her much since she was a child, so now Qiu’s father wants to make amends and does not allow anyone to hurt her. Zhou Xiaoshan said that Qiu Jianing is a very good girl, and what they have to do is to protect Qiu Jianing, not to prevent her from being kind to the world

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