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Broker 掮客 Episode 34 Recap

Wen Zhao and Qiu Jianing ate together. Qiu Jianing ate very happily. Wen Zhao drank a lot of wine and talked to Qiu Jianing about his wife. She died by suicide because she did not love herself. Wen Zhao also thought about giving up, but she was not reconciled. . Then Wen Zhao confessed to Qiu Jianing that she was very similar to her, Qiu Jianing denied that she would not commit suicide for love, and Wen Zhao had no love for herself.

Wen Zhao said that she wanted to fall in love with a woman and forget the past. Qiu Jianing said it was unfair to them and hoped that he would stop doing stupid things. Qiu Jiaxin was late to eat with Jiang Xiaoye. Jiang Xiaoye quarreled with the coach and did not go to training. He couldn’t understand himself with Qiu Jiaxin. Qiu Jiaxin felt that the coach was doing this for Jiang Xiaoye’s good, but Jiang Xiaoye felt that she was helping outsiders to speak.

After Jiang Xiaoye sent Qiu Jiaxin home, Qiu Jiaxin persuaded him to return to the club as soon as possible, but Jiang Xiaoye said that he did not want to go back. After getting off the car, Qiu Jiaxin began to worry about Qin Bin’s condition. Qiu Jianing remembered that Uncle Cha talked about the cause of Xianglan’s death, and happened to match what Wen Zhao said. Qiu Jiaxin went back to the hospital. Qin Bin was still working overtime to see the case. Qiu Jiaxin asked him why he went to the climbing gym that day. He didn’t like climbing, but Qin Bin had a hardened mouth.

As usual, Qin Bin asked Qiu Jiaxin to buy him breakfast. Qiu Jia was so bored and agreed to leave. Qin Bin began to feel annoyed again. Tomorrow is Wen Zhao’s deadline for Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing questioned Zhou Xiaoshan with doubts, asking him if he and Wen Zhao were old acquaintances, and whether his wife was Pandan. Zhou Xiaoshan admitted and told her that Wen Zhao would file a lawsuit against him. Once he did so, he couldn’t issue a non-criminal certificate and could not continue to stay in China. Qiu Jianing said that he couldn’t recognize things he hadn’t done before, and they would also find a lawyer.

Only Zhou Xiaoshan’s supplementary agreement had not been signed yet, Qiu Jianing wanted to chat with Wen Zhao but was rejected. Wen Zhao asked Mr. Huang why Zhou Xiaoshan had not signed the supplementary agreement. Zhou Xiaoshan offered to talk to him alone. Attorney Huang said he had half an hour. Zhou Xiaoshan took out a piece of information.

Wen Zhao’s father was the first to do with Uncle Cha. Although the whitewashed is very clean now, there are still some clues. Zhou Xiaoshan’s hand is the black material of the Ruan family’s fortune, and he bet Wen Zhao is not so frantic enough to take the entire Ruan family in for him. Wen Zhao finally conceded and signed a contract with Mr. Huang. Susie contacted Professor Harry, hoping that he would deal with Qiu Jianing with herself.

Qin Bin bought all Qiu Jia’s favorite sweet and sour pork ribs. Not only did he send it to her, but he also had to wipe her mouth. After being hit by Zhao Yan, Qiu Jiaxin hurriedly borrowed and left. Qin Bin kept proving to Zhao Yan that Qiu Jiaxin was absolutely. Like him! Zhao Yan reminded him that this kind of behavior is digging the foot of the wall, so he should pay attention to it. Qiu Jiaxin said that she would still be tempted by Qin Bin. She was in a relationship with Jiang Xiaoye and felt a little guilty. Qiu Jianing asked her to know exactly how she felt about them. Next month is Qiu’s 60th birthday, and Qiu Jiaxin persuades Qiu Jianing to take the opportunity to make up.

Professor Harry was interviewed and claimed that Qiu Jianing had plagiarized his results, and Wen Zhao immediately refused to sign the contract. Qiu Jianing and Huang Zong explained the reason why they left Harry. Huang Zong didn’t believe it, Wen Zhao believed her instead, but the most important thing was to convince the public opinion of Qiu Jianing. Zhou Xiaoshan felt that it was too coincidental that this kind of thing happened during the signing of the contract, but Qiu Jianing didn’t think it was Wen Zhao’s doing it, and he persuaded Zhou Xiaoshan not to be impulsive.

When the laboratory saw Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan come back, they quickly expressed their belief in Qiu Jianing. When Qiu Jiaxin heard colleagues discussing Qiu Jianing’s affairs, he quickly read the hot search, and then realized that Qiu Jianing was framed for plagiarism, but Qin Bin was very calm. Harry’s slander couldn’t stand scrutiny at all, and he advised Qiu Jiaxin not to be too impulsive. It is most important to stay calm.

After Qiu Jianing wrote the statement, he decided to develop the conference tomorrow. Wen Zhao and Susie also received the newly prepared statement, but Wen Zhao would not let Qiu Jianing turn around so quickly. Qiu Jianing was awakened by Qiu Jiaxin the next morning. The video of her almost being bought in City A was exposed and edited. Qiu Jianing was very excited to tell the truth, Zhou Xiaoshan quickly stopped, she would only fall into their trap by doing so.

Mr. Huang and Wen Zhao called Qiu Jianing over. Now they are in a dilemma. Qiu Jianing was even accused of being a traitor. Wen Zhao asked if she had offended anyone. Zhou Xiaoshan was more certain of his inner thoughts, Qiu Jianing didn’t understand why Harry Gal would cooperate with him. Wen Zhao asked Mr. Huang to issue a statement to clarify his relationship with Qiu Jianing and recommend Su Qian to replace her. Mr. Huang said that it takes some time to consider.

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