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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 34 Recap

Han Shuang and Xia Yan went to the hospital to visit Zhao Xiaojun, and their sister and brother who had been angry with Han Shuang were seriously injured, but Lin Hao had only skin trauma. Zhao Xiaojun told Han Shuang not to embarrass Lin Hao. Although he was very angry at hitting his sister, Lin Hao treated him very well before.

Zhao Xiaojun also knew that he blamed himself. It was not his sister who would not be with Lin Hao. Han Shuang was going to find Lin Hao to settle her accounts, but she met Zhao Xiaolei in the corridor and stopped her, hoping that Han Shuang would not embarrass Lin Hao.

Xia Yan told Han Shuang not to see Lin Hao, she went to talk to Lin Hao. Unexpectedly, after seeing Lin Hao, he still told Xia Yan angrily that he was going to sue Zhao Xiaojun. It was Zhao Xiaojun who had killed him miserably. Xia Yan told Lin Haoqiao that the monitoring on the bridge had been obtained, and that Lin Hao had pushed Zhao Xiaojun down.

Lin Hao was still very apologetic to Zhao Xiaolei, but Xia Yan was the fault. If Xia Yan and Xu Chengyi were not together, Zhao Xiaolei would not be what she is now. Xia Yan told Lin Hao that his sister and brother would not pursue Lin Hao, but Lin Hao still had to face legal sanctions.

Han Shuang wants to help Zhao Xiaojun find a job with Han Mingzhu, but Zhao Xiaojun is leaving Xinzhou, and wants to go home to do restaurant business with his parents. It is still a small place suitable for him to live in. After this incident, Zhao Xiaojun seems to have changed. He is not selfish about his sister and only thinks about himself. As long as someone dares to bully his sister, he will not be merciful. Zhao Xiaolei watched her younger brother’s growth and tears involuntarily flowed down.

Xu Chengyi knew that if the company wanted to sell the algorithm, he would desperately do the algorithm well, so that the company would see the importance of the algorithm and would not easily sell it. While Xu Chengyi was working, Mark called and told him that he had found the address of the hacker and he was going to catch the hacker. Xu Chengyi hurried to the address Mark sent him when he knew it, and Mark also sent a message to Han Shuang, which made both of them worry about Mark and ran to the hacker’s place desperately.

Xia Yan went to Xu Chengyi and saw that the algorithm on the computer had been successful, but before he had time to confirm that the person was gone, Xia Yan took the laptop and went out.

After Xu Chengyi and Han Shuang arrived, they watched the police car had taken them away. Mark told Han Shuang that it was their first marriage and asked the hacker to mess up. Han Shuang told Mark not to be stupid. She never cared. Over the video. Mark told Xu Chengyi that the hackers had confessed that they were instigated by a woman who had returned from the United States. Xu Chengyi was very surprised. He couldn’t believe it would be Ling Wei.

Amy quarreled with her because Majestic was a horror, so Majestic used her words to encourage her to speak ill of Xue Ning’s back. At this time, Xue Ning and Ling Wei went in and told them to work quickly. Amy because When she was provoked by Majesty’s words, she poured a glass of water on Xue Ning’s face. Warn Xue Ning not to bully Xia Yan, because Xue Ning sold fake products to Xia Yan.

Ling Wei smiled secretly when she saw this scene without speaking. Everyone was stunned by Amy’s actions, but Xue Ning told them not to be stunned and went out quickly, and Amy was also pulled out by his colleagues. After everyone left, Xue Ning regretted that Amy’s words were not heard by the chairman, so he would know that there was a ghost in the company.

Xu Chengyi and Lin Hao are romantic rivals and they will not join hands. Xue Ning told Ling Wei that since she called Xue Ning back to the company, he guessed that Ling Wei asked her to go back to commit the crime. Xue Ning warned Ling Wei as long as he was in Lingwei. Wei won’t succeed. However, Ling Wei denied Xue Ning’s accusation and denied it in every possible way.

At this moment, Yan Changjun entered and took out proof that Ling Wei had no divorce in the United States, and the company that wanted to buy the algorithm was the company of their husband and wife. Ling Wei believes that as long as they get the algorithm, they can save the company that is about to go bankrupt, so she joined the SG fact plan.

Ling Wei is too greedy. Yan Changjun knows her heart-to-heart talk. If Ling Wei is short on SG stock, she will not be found out, but Ling Wei is too greedy to harm her, and Ling Wei wants it all. Get Xu Chengyi’s algorithm. But Ling Wei quibbleed that the algorithm also had her credit, and Ling Wei once also participated in the design of the algorithm.

Even if Ling Wei didn’t do it, someone else would steal the algorithm from Xu Chengyi’s injury. Now the chairman of the board would not listen to Yan Changjun’s statement, and Ling Wei told Yan Changjun not to cause trouble. Just then Xu Chengyi went in and told them that they had caught two hackers. Xue Ning thought that Xu Chengyi was suspicious of her and went to argue with Xu Chengyi. She had been helping Xu Chengyi to defend the last position, and Xue Ning got it by Yan Changjun.

The evidence was shown to Xu Chengyi, and Xu Chengyi believed that everything was done by Lingwei. Xue Ning told Xu Chengyi that she had been helping Xu Chengyi in those years, but he didn’t expect that he would doubt himself that way. After that, Xue Ning turned around and left. Outside the door, Amy and colleagues heard everything that happened inside, and everyone blamed themselves for misunderstanding Xue Ning.

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