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Be Together 我和我們在一起 Episode 33 Recap

Xia Yan tells Xu Chengyi that Lin Hao has disappeared. Xu Chengyi thinks Xue Ning did it, but Xia Yan thinks that he can only find out if he finds Lin Hao.

Lin Hao went to Zhao Xiaolei and told her that it was a rumor that he did not do those things and told Zhao Xiaolei not to believe them, as long as Zhao Xiaolei is willing to be with him, now Zhao Xiaolei is the best person to him in the world. Don’t let down his trust. The reason why he hid was because many reporters were looking for him to interview. Lin Hao didn’t want to cause trouble before hiding, and told Zhao Xiaolei not to tell anyone that they had met.

Before leaving, he gave Zhao Xiaolei a bank card. Just after Lin Hao left Zhao Xiaolei’s mobile phone, he received a transfer of 500,000 yuan. Zhao Xiaolei quickly called Lin Hao to find out the situation, but it was turned off. So Zhao Xiaolei hurried home and saw that he was packing his things to go abroad. Zhao Xiaolei asked Lin Hao if she had leaked SG’s plan to get so much money. Lin Hao did not deny that he just wanted to retaliate against Xia Yan.

He also saw that he was a trash and would no longer have a future, so he had to do those things. He also told Zhao Xiaolei that the reason why she was with her was to avenge Xia Yan, but then she really fell in love with her. After the incident, she would go back to pick Zhao Xiaolei to go abroad, but Zhao Xiaolei asked Lin Hao to surrender, otherwise Xia Yan would be ruined by Lin Hao.

Lin Hao snatched the passport and Zhao Xiaolei hugged him by the thigh. Lin Hao picked up the ashtray and smashed Zhao Xiaolei on the head. Then he sent a message to Zhao Xiaojun asking him to rescue Zhao Xiaolei. When Zhao Xiaojun arrived at Lin Hao’s house, he saw Zhao Xiaolei lying on the ground with blood on his face and rushed to the hospital, but Zhao Xiaolei asked Zhao Xiaojun to chase Lin Hao instead of asking him to run away.

Zhao Xiaojun drove to the airport. Unexpectedly, there was a traffic jam. Zhao Xiaojun got out of the car and looked for Lin Hao’s whereabouts one by one. Lin Hao was finally found in a taxi. Zhao Xiaojun beat Lin Hao violently, and both of them fell off the overpass.

Ling Wei gave everyone a meeting and told them that she was going to replace Xu Chengyi’s position. The new leader was their previous Xue Ning, which surprised everyone. After Xue Ning took office, he directly targeted Xia Yan and told her to hand over all the business at hand to Majestic, and Xia Yan was only responsible for chores. Xia Yan has been suppressed in the company, and Xue Ning has also resumed the elimination system. If Xia Yan is at the bottom of her performance for three consecutive months, she will be eliminated.

Xu Chengyi knew that Xia Yan had been suppressed by Xue Ning, so he made an appointment with Lingwei, hoping that she could help Xia Yan in the company. After returning home, Xu Chengyi started to work in peace, wanting to refine the algorithm.

Zhao Xiaojun was taken to the hospital. Zhao Xiaolei was wearing a bandage on her head to take care of her younger brother. Both of them were harmed by Lin Hao.

Xue Ning cut two-thirds of the company’s salary when it started. Xia Yan was not surprised by Xue Ning’s actions, and Xue Ning told everyone that as long as the stock price did not recover their operations department would be implicated.

Xia Yan knew that the company was going to sell the algorithm to a company in the United States and told Xu Chengyi back. To Xu Chengyi, it was like being robbed of her own child.

Xia Yan went to Yan Changjun again, and wanted to discuss with him how to deal with Lingwei, so Yan Changjun gave the shopping list that Lingwei got to Xia Yan. It turned out that the foreign boyfriends Lingwei said were all fake, Lingwei Shopping for boyfriends is just cheating everyone. Those were all Ling Wei planned to deal with Xia Yan, and Yan Changjun asked Xia Yan to think about it before going to talk to Xu Chengyi about it.

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