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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 7 Recap

Ding Xian’s nearsightedness aggravated a little and thought about asking her mother to change her glasses, but her mother told her to change her seat a little forward. If changing her glasses would increase the degree of eyesight, Ding Xian quickly said that she should keep it in place. Mother was very angry that she wanted to learn immediately, and told Ding Xian to study liberal arts, so she was so scared that Ding Xian hurriedly went back to the room and escaped.

Dad went in to find Ding Xian and gave her a mobile phone. Ding Xian was very guilty and told him that he had lent her a mobile phone. Dad knew about it a long time ago, but he didn’t expose her. Ding Wencheng asked Ding Xian to return his mobile phone to others, so he couldn’t take it to school afterwards. Dad thinks that if Ding Xian thinks about her mother, it will be very tiring for girls to study science. If Ding Xian really considers it well, she will respect her choice.

The Chinese teacher thinks that Ding Xian’s composition is very good and should be considered for hematology, and the head teacher is also called Ding Xian to consider filling it out. At this time, He Xingwen went in and said to the head teacher that he would also participate in the competition. Zhou Siyue’s results He can participate without Hexingwen, so he wants to participate, so Ban Ren gave Hexingwen a set of papers and asked him to take it back and do it.

Ding Xian wondered whether he should choose liberal arts or science. He wanted Zhou Si to give some advice, and Zhou Siyue believed that Ding Xian could choose anything he would support. He Xingwen was a little jealous because he knew that Zhou Siyue was optimistic about being sent to Huaqing University by Ban Ren. Ding Xian angrily and Xingwen thought he was only worthy of an ordinary university, because the structure was too small, which made Zhou Si the more correct. Ding Xian looked at him with admiration.

Everyone hurt their eyes when they were playing in physical education class. Zhou Si hurriedly took her to the hospital for examination. When the two of them were waiting for the results of the inspection, they talked about choosing the arts and sciences. Ding Xian thanked Zhou Siyue for her support. Everyone questioned her choice. Only Zhou Siyue’s suggestion was to choose the one you like.

When Ding Xian went to send the science report to the class, he saw that Zhou Siyue was accepting the reprimand from the class. After returning to the class, Ding Xian asked Zhou Siyue why he was reprimanded. Zhou Siyue only said that he was under the pressure of studying and was being reprimanded by the teacher. Said a few words. Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue that he would support him no matter how he chose.

Sun Shadi wanted to cut Ding Xian’s bangs. Ding Xian was very skeptical of Sun Shadi’s technique, but under Sun Shadi’s insistence he had to give herself to her. Sun Shadi did not expect Ding Xian’s bangs. Cut like a village girl. Ding Xian had to wear a hat when he went out, and Zhou Si asked Ding Xian not to take off his hat when he saw it. Several people made an appointment to play billiards for entertainment, Zhou Si more hand in hand to teach Ding Xian to play billiards, this is called Ding Xian very happy.

The head teacher went to make a home visit to Ding Xian, and her mother was very angry when she learned that Ding Xian had chosen science, and the head teacher also felt that science was not very easy for Ding Xian. My mother changed her tone as soon as she let the class depreciate Ding Xian. She felt that Ding Xian’s academic performance had been very good before, but now it is the teacher’s responsibility even if it drops. This makes the head teacher do not know what to say.

After Ding Xian came home from playing basketball, her mother waited for her in the living room, and even counted both her father and Ding Xian, and asked her father to find a way to transfer Ding Xian to a liberal arts class.

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