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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 6 Recap

The school was about to hold a sports meet, and the head teacher asked Song Ziqi to mobilize and report projects to all the students in the class. After school, You Keke found Ding Xian again and took out a glass jar with small stars in it, and asked Ding Xian to help him give it to Zhou Siyue. This was very helpless for Ding Xian. I don’t know why You Keke always ask her for help. The next day, Zhou Siyue’s desk received a gift, which made Zhou Siyue think it was Ding Xian and said that he read the previous letter, and chose to forgive Ding Xian for what Ding Xian had said before. Sun Shadi at the front table interrupted when he heard it and told Zhou Siyue that it was not written by Ding Xian but by Ekoco. This made it difficult for Zhou Siyue to accept that Ding Xian had something to say to her.

Zhou Siyue blamed Ding Xian for not helping others to be a courier, not to be afraid of useless rumors all day long, and not to help others to give him gifts in the future.

The sports meeting started right away. You Keke went to Ding Xian and thanked her for her previous help, and will have dinner with her in the future. Sun Shadi, who was a bit jealous, felt that Ding Xian and other class girls were so ignorant of her. . The water that Ding Xian prepared for Zhou Siyue was snatched by other male classmates after his long run. Zhou Siyue was also very angry when he saw the scene.

Ding Xian went back and continued to write in his diary. The paintings originally prepared for Zhou Siyue never dared to send out, and Sun Shadi did not take the initiative to reconcile. As for You Keke still did not dare to refuse to help, Ding Xian felt that she was one of them. The only girl.

Ding Xian hadn’t reconciled with him on Zhou Siyue’s birthday. Everyone had been waiting for Ding Xian to show up when he celebrated his birthday, but Ding Xian had forgotten Zhou Siyue’s birthday, and knew that he had always wanted to give it to him. Zhou Siyue’s gift was written with the date on it. It was Zhou Siyue’s birthday. Ding Xian hurried out to find Zhou Siyue to celebrate his birthday. When Ding Xian plucked up the courage to open the private room of the restaurant, there was no one inside. Ding Xian was very disappointed.

At this moment, Zhou Si went in from the outside. Ding Xian apologized to Zhou Si, and Zhou Si wanted Ding Xian. To make up for it, accompany him to blow the candles together again. Ding Xian took out the gift he had prepared long ago and gave it to him. It was a painting. Ding Xian showed the nebula picture for Zhou Siyue’s birthday and gave it to Zhou Siyue. And Zhou Siyue also took out a gift to Ding Xian. It was a mobile phone. It was Zhou Siyue’s prize-winning gift. I hope I can find Ding Xian at any time in the future.

During the holidays, the school organized everyone to make up lessons. Zhou Siyue had already learned about the courses of the second year of high school and explained to Ding Xian. The teacher called Zhou Si over, and the city-level competition asked him to participate. Hexing was hiding from the side. Wen heard it.

Ding Xian accidentally stepped on Sun Shadi’s diary, which was brought back by her father from Japan and Sun Shadi’s favorite diary. Sun Shadi hid in the toilet and started crying. Ding Xian followed up and apologized to ration her. He also told her all the previous things. I hope Sun Shadi can forgive her. Under Ding Xian’s sincere apology, Sun Shadi and Ding Xian It’s reconciled. After returning home, Zhou Si was more sarcasm that Ding Xian was able to make peace with Sun Shadi, and he would not be treated like that, and he felt very pitiful.

A few friends were discussing whether to choose a liberal arts or science while eating together. Sun Shadi and Zhou Si are better at science, and Ding Xian also wants to study science for them, and strive not to be separated from them. At this moment, Yu Keke passed by and wanted to sit down with Ding Xian for dinner, but Sun Shadi didn’t like Yu Keke, and the two fought over because of Ding Xian. Ding Xian asked Sun Shadi to go back to the classroom first, and she wanted to talk to You Keke. You Keke told Ding Xian that she didn’t like Zhou Siyue’s kind of cold boy anymore, thinking about playing with Song Ziqi, Ding Xian told You Keke not to do that, Sun Shadi would be angry.

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