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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 5 Recap

Ding Xian secretly entered the room after returning home. Her mother went in and urged her to pedicure and stop studying. Ding Xian also pretended to be tired and was going to sleep, not wanting her parents to know that she was going out for New Year’s Eve. However, in Ding Xian’s heart, he always thought of a sentence that the people who accompany him New Year’s Eve will always be with him. Ding Xian hopes that sentence will come true.

Ding Xian caught a cold and had a cold. After New Year’s Day, Ding Xian was facing an exam. Ding Xian was not able to answer the exam because she was unwell. She felt very sad that she would definitely change seats at the beginning of school.

After returning home, Ding Xian quickly got up and cleaned up the room. Zhou Siyue gave Ding Xian the transcript, thinking she was already relying on it well. But when Ding Xian was going back to his hometown on holiday, Zhou Siyue left his mobile phone number and called Ding Xian to contact him at any time.

After Zhou Siyue returned home, his mother felt that his father had been busy during the Chinese New Year. It was really deserted to wait until the New Year’s Eve. So Zhou Siyue said that Ding Xian and they had all returned to their hometown, thinking that his mother would also consider going back to the New Year.

Since going to Ding Xian’s house, Subo talked about the exam. Ding Xian felt that this would not be a good test, and he would be at the same table at the beginning of school. He was not in a good mood. Subo always satirized Ding Xian as long as he spoke. Zhou Siyue, this is strange to Ding Xian himself, but as long as he thinks of Zhou Siyue, he is very happy. Ding Xian took out Zhou Siyue’s phone number and wanted to call him New Year’s greetings, and Zhou Siyue in another city had been waiting for Ding Xian’s call. Finally, Zhou Siyue couldn’t wait to call Ding Xian. , Ding Xian watched by the phone and saw that Zhou Siyue’s call was immediately answered, which made Subo on one side feel a little disappointed, feeling that Ding Xian only had Zhou Siyue in his heart.

The holidays passed quickly. Ding Xian was worried about changing seats. Zhou Si went over and told her not to worry. The seat did not change, and Ding Xian’s heart immediately became cloudy and fine. It turned out that the more Zhou Si was afraid that there would be a gap with Ding Xian’s score, he would change seats and deliberately didn’t finish the answer, and brought the score closer to Ding Xian, so that they could be together. In order to thank Zhou Siyue, Ding Xian invited him to dinner. After learning that it was Ding Xian’s birthday, Zhou Siyue took Ding Xian to the Science and Technology Museum and made a nebula picture of her birthday for Ding Xian. Gift.

Ding Xian helped Zhou Siyue on duty and asked him to play ball with Song Ziqi. While Ding Xian was cleaning up, You Keke went to her for help and asked Ding Xian to give Zhou Siyue a letter. Sun Shadi took the letter and called Ding Xian not to be fooled. Especially Keke was a famous romantic figure in the school who always liked playing with boys. Sun Shadi asked Ding Xian to open the letter to see what was inside, but Ding Xian didn’t want to do that. Sun Shadi shattered the letter while snatching Ding Xian, which made Ding Xian a little angry, so the two quarreled. Sun Shadi thought Ding Xian was hypocritical. Although she tore the letter to pieces, it must be Ding Xian’s hope.

After Zhou Siyue and Song Ziqi went back to play, Sun Shadi was angry and left first, and Ding Xian also looked gloomy. On the way back, Ding Xian told Zhou Siyue not to wait for her to go to and from school together, for fear of being misunderstood by others. After returning home, Ding Xian copied a copy of the shredded letter.

The next day Zhou Siyue saw Zhuo Ge’s letter after going to school, and Sun Shadi and Ding Xian were angry and ignored her. Song Ziqi thought they must have quarreled and told Ding Xian not to be sad. Soon Sun Shadi and Ding Xian ignored her. Shadi will get better.

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