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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 4 Recap

Ding Wencheng knew that Ding Xian wanted a mobile phone and wanted to give her his mobile phone, but Ding Xian was very sensible and did not accept it. The two talked about changing seats between Zhou Siyue and her. Ding Xian realized that it was her father who told Zhou Siyue to do that and she became a little angry. She didn’t want to do that. The next day Ding Xian did not wait for Zhou Si to go to school together, so he left alone. When he arrived at school, Ding Xian looked at Zhou Si and hurriedly avoided. This made Zhou Siyu feel a little strange. He almost didn’t wait for her in the morning. Being late, still avoiding myself now.

Ding Xian went to her English teacher to recite after she had practiced her spoken English. The teacher was very satisfied with Ding Xian’s performance. When she went back to the classroom, she was accidentally splashed with water by a classmate. Ding Xian was embarrassed because she wore very thin clothes only in summer. Standing in place, not knowing what to do, Zhou Si rushed to take off his coat and put it on Ding Xian, and the classmates who told the stomach tube all dispersed to avoid watching the excitement. This made Ding Xian feel Zhou Siyue’s warm heart again.

Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that when he was five years old, because his house was on fire, he temporarily lived in Ding Xian’s house. At that time, he would not use the open-air toilet to pee on the bed. Ding Xian helped Zhou Si keep a secret. Si Yue felt that Qian Dingxian had been helping Ding Xian all the time. Ding Xian laughed when he felt that Zhou Siyue was also embarrassed after hearing it. The more Zhou Si hurriedly told Ding Xian to keep quiet, he would be embarrassed to die when everyone heard it.

Zhou Siyue wanted to take Ding Xian out to play, and Ding Xian even sprayed perfume on her body to dress up. I ran into senior Su Bocong while eating. Ding Xian was very polite to Subcong. Zhou Siyue was a little jealous and ate up their snacks. After Ding Xian went back, there was nothing left. This is called Ding Xian thought it was funny that Zhou Si became more jealous. Then the two went to see the movie together. They did not expect to meet Yang Chunzi and another male classmate. Ding Xian looked at Zhou Siyue and said if he was a little sad, but Zhou Siyue disagreed.

On the way back, Zhou Siyue told Ding Xian that after watching the movie, even if he had paid off the favor he had when he was five years old, they would have been cleaned up in the future. At this moment, they met the teacher in charge of the class. They were so scared that they ran away more quickly. It started to rain, and Zhou Si hugged Ding Xian and hid under the wall with clothes to cover her from the rain, which made Ding Xian. Once I felt Zhou Siyue’s warm heart.

Ding Xian, who was about to New Year’s Eve, prepared a greeting card to give to Zhou Siyue, but when he saw Zhou Siyue passed by, he hid it. Zhou Siyue was disappointed when he saw that Ding Xian hadn’t given him a greeting card, and told Ding Xian that the other tablemates had received greeting cards, but he did not. The teacher saw the conversation between the two and invited them out of the classroom to the penalty station at the door. Ding Xian revealed the greeting card he drew from his head and gave it to Zhou Siyue. Suddenly, Zhou Si became more happy.

After the test, Ding Xian’s grades were still average, and the teacher told the classmates to work hard, and the next test would have to disrupt their seats and reallocate them. Ding Xianxin worked secretly in his heart, not wanting to change seats with Zhou Siyue.

On New Year’s Day, Song Ziqi took Sun Disha out to play. Zhou Siyue was not accompanied, so they went to Ding Xian to play together. Although Ding Xian has been working hard to study, but when everyone went to find himself, he put down his books. Follow them out. Unexpectedly, there was a traffic jam on the road on New Year’s Day. Ma Shang was about to midnight, and everyone was still stuck in the car, so Zhou Siyue asked everyone to get off the car and run to the bridge to watch the fireworks on the New Year’s Eve.

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