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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 14 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu packed her baggage and returned the feather arrow to Qi Yan. I heard that Qi Yan was going to accompany Liu Misha to visit Heng’an City. Her heart was very uncomfortable. Qi Yan urged her to return to the Ziyi Bureau as soon as possible. Away.

Qi Yan came to see Liu Misha on time, Liu Misha desperately tried to please Qi Yan, and the two went out to play together. Cheng Ruoyu happened to pass by and saw this scene, feeling sour. Yan Xiu reported Qi Yan’s whereabouts to Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi immediately understood Qi Yan’s intentions. The reason why he didn’t choose Cheng Ruoyu as the queen was to protect her. Qi Yan didn’t choose her because of Qi Yanzhi. , Qiu Yanzhi just didn’t understand why Qi Yan chose Liu Misha.

Cheng Ruoyu returned to the Ziyi Bureau and learned that the girls in Yuzhenfang had settled down, so she went to see Yuniang. Qi Yan took Liu Misha to stroll around the bustling West Market. When passing by the Cai’s wine shop, Qi Yan couldn’t help but think of the scene where he and Cheng Ruoyu were eating noodles and shopping together, feeling mixed.

Liu Misha took a fancy to the two masks. Qi Yan didn’t have any money on him. The boss promised to give it to Liu Misha and casually said that Liu Misha was the princess. Qi Yan questioned the boss’s true identity, and the boss suddenly hit Qi Yan. Several assassins descended from the sky. Qi Yan and Liu Misha fought back and fought fiercely with them. Cheng Ruoyu rushed to help and quickly beat all the assassins away. Qi Yan found the token of Lu Cong from the assassins.

Qiu Yanzhi passed by and sent someone from Yan Xiu to lead the shogi camp to protect him. Liu Misha discovered that Qi Yan was injured, and asked him warmly. Qi Yan hurriedly took Liu Misha away on horseback. Cheng Ruoyu saw Qiu Yanzhi and guessed that she sent someone to assassinate Liu Misha, and then blamed Lu Cong’s people.

Qiu Yanzhi did not explain. The soldiers from the Yanxiu Shogi camp searched for Lu Cong assassins throughout the city. Qiu Yanzhi advised Cheng Ruoyu not to misunderstand Qi Yan. The reason why Qi Yan drove her back to the Ziyi Bureau was to protect her. Cheng Ruoyu woke up like a dream. She vowed not to have children in Qi Yan and insisted. To go back to the palace to protect Qi Yan, Qiu Yanzhi reminded her not to go against Qiu Ziliang, or she would die of violent death. Qiu Yanzhi asked Cheng Ruoyu to help her become a queen. Only in this way could everyone’s safety be ensured.

Cheng Ruoyu suspects that Qiu Yanzhi is not really fond of Qi Yan, and Qiu Yanzhi admits that she only likes the position of the queen, so that Qiu Ziliang can get rid of the guard, and everyone will be in peace. Cheng Ruoyu can see that Yan Xiu likes Qi Yan. Yan Zhi, Yan Xiu is willing to fulfill the dream of Qiu Yan Zhi, Cheng Ruoyu sneered at him.

Yan Xiu and Han Ding went to Zhenwu Daying to make unannounced visits, and found that Zefu was missing. They went back to report to Qiu Yanzhi and Qi Yan. Xia Ziyuan faked Cheng Xi’s order, called Cheng Ruoyu out, took the opportunity to knock Cheng Ruoyu stunned, and handed her to Zhen Wu’s military division. Cheng Ruoyu woke up in a daze and found that the military division was making dim sum. Sun Lie then reported to the military division about the assassination of Liu Misha. The military commander had long discovered that Cheng Ruoyu was awake, but she was still pretending to be in a coma and was exposed by the military commander in person.

Liu Misha chatted with the Queen Mother. The Queen Mother was amused and laughed. Qi Yan came to greet the Queen Mother and went to hunt. Liu Misha was eager to try. Qi Yan didn’t want to take her. The Queen Mother ordered Qi. Yan took her. The military commander gave Cheng Ruoyu a detailed account of the past eight years ago. Qi Yan shot him blind, and more than 300 people from the whole clan were killed. The military commander wanted to kill Qi Yan to avenge the people, and Xia Ziyuan He is the slave of his family.

Xia Ziyuan came to Qi Chen on the order of the military commander, and Qi Chen realized that Xia Ziyuan was a secret agent stationed in Yuzhenfang by the military commander. The military commander asked her to ask Qi Chen for advice on whether to stay or kill Cheng Ruoyu. When Qi Yan learned that Cheng Ruoyu was missing, he and Liu Misha led troops to Yuzhenfang, where the military division hid. Cheng Ruoyu wanted to go out to see Qi Yan when he heard the movement outside, but was knocked to the ground by the military division on the spot. , Qi Yan ordered a careful search of Yuzhenfang.

Xia Ziyuan escorted Qi Chen to see the military division, and Qi Chen complained that the division was too cruel to Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan searched the Yuzhenfang inside and out, but did not find Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan asked Liu Misha about the whereabouts of the military division. Liu Misha asked three questions, and Qi Yan threatened to take everyone back. talk. Sun Lie hurried over, and Qi Yan drew his sword towards each other, forcing him to tell the whereabouts of the military division.

At this moment, the guards came to report to Qi Yan that someone had gone north with Cheng Ruoyu on his back, and Qi Yan immediately led people to chase him, but nothing was found. The military strategist asked Qi Chen to drink tea. Qi Chen advised him to let go of his hatred and not to involve the people from both towns and cities. The strategist scolded Qi Chen as a coward.

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