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Broker 掮客 Episode 33 Recap

Li Chunran was the first to be called to talk. Although he didn’t ask any strange questions, Wen Zhao and Su Qian were indeed a little strange. Zhou Xiaoshan was called for questioning, and Wen Zhao said every sentence was aimed at, and Zhou Xiaoshan seemed to answer the whole process calmly. Qiu Jianing followed, Zhou Xiaoshan pulled her as if she had something to say, but still did not speak. Qiu Jianing felt that Wen Zhao was familiar and remembered that he was the person who knocked down on a bicycle last time. Qiu Jianing was asked questions for half an hour, during which Zhou Xiaoshan had been waiting downstairs worriedly. Before leaving, Wen Zhao specially reminded Zhou Xiaoshan, he could see that Zhou Xiaoshan was scared.

Susie asked Wen Zhao and Zhou Xiaoshan if they were old acquaintances, and Wen Zhao frankly stated that he wanted to avenge Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu Jianing went to Susie and wanted to chat with her. Qiu Jianing hopes that Susie can look at her past feelings and not hurt the project. Susie said that the project is the fruit of everyone’s labor. Now that the harvest is about to come, why can’t she get a share of the pie? Qiu Jianing said that if she did something unfavorable to the project, she would do anything at all costs. Qiu Jianing understood the twists and turns behind this, but she didn’t bother to get along with her. Susie asked Qiu Jianing if she had thought about why Wen Zhao had to manage the source plan? Qiu Jianing fell into deep thought, and kept mentioning Wen Zhao with Zhou Xiaoshan while eating.

Wen Zhao said that the team was not stable. Zhou Xiaoshan had submitted his resignation. He asked everyone in the core team of the lock-in source plan. Mr. Huang quickly agreed and asked everyone to sign a supplementary agreement to ensure that they can work in the company for at least five years. Above, Zhou Xiaoshan still needs to submit some information again.

Immediately afterwards, Zhou Xiaoshan received a call from his lawyer, saying that Wen Zhao had commissioned him to initiate a lawsuit against Zhou Xiaoshan because he had admitted to shooting Wen Zhao many years ago. Zhou Xiaoshan and the company need a non-criminal certificate to renew the contract. Once Wen Zhao initiates a lawsuit against him, the matter will be shelved. The lawyer recommends that he and Wen Zhao reach an out-of-court settlement.

In desperation, Zhou Xiaoshan went to see Wen Zhao. Wen Zhao’s condition was to let him and himself go back to City A. Because Zhou Xiaoshan, his life was better than death these years, so he wanted Zhou Xiaoshan to be like him. Even if Zhou Xiaoshan took the gun for Xianglan back then, Wen Zhao didn’t care at all, he had evidence in his hand. Zhou Xiaoshan suddenly understood that Uncle Cha asked Wen Zhao to do this, but he would never admit defeat.

Qin Bin was off work today, but still ran to the office to find Zhao Yan. Zhao Yan guessed that he had failed to confess, and also showed him the circle of friends where Qiu Jiaxin and Jiang Xiaoye went out to play. Qin Bin found out that she was blocked by her. Jiang Xiaoye and Qiu Jiaxin were in the climbing gym, and when Qin Bin came, they had to compete with him. Qiu Jiaxin was very worried, and couldn’t help but cheer for Qin Bin in the process.

Qin Bin was shocked and fell from the top. Jiang Xiaoye seemed to have won, but he didn’t seem to have won. Qin Bin returned to the hospital with a waist injury, but Zhao Yan asked him why he was injured and he didn’t say anything. Qiu Jiaxin asked Zhao Yan and Qin Bin if he had returned to the hospital. The two hurriedly performed a show, but Qiu Jiaxin calmly said that he would go back to see him after work on Monday.

Zhu Zhu urged Zhou Xiaoshan to go through the procedures, Qiu Jianing was also a little worried, Zhou Xiaoshan said that it was almost done. Qiu Jianing went to a meeting and saw Qin Bin holding his waist and shouting pain. Hearing that he and Jiang Xiaoye were injured compared to rock climbing, Qiu Jianing couldn’t help laughing. Qiu Jianing said that one more person would be needed for a meeting in a while, and it was Wen Zhao who asked Qin Bin to say more about the company. After the meeting, Wen Zhao proposed to have dinner with Qiu Jianing.

When Qiu Jiaxin rushed to see Qiu Jiaxin, she met Qin Bin who was holding her waist in the elevator. Qiu Jiaxin helped him with medicine and accidentally fell into his arms. When the atmosphere was ambiguous, Jiang Xiaoye called, Qiu Jiaxin said to the hospital. See you later if you have something. Qin Bin took Qiu Jiaxin’s arm and told her not to go, and asked whether it was countless to like him.

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