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Broker 掮客 Episode 32 Recap

Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing got off work together, feeling that the time flies quickly. In the blink of an eye, they have been a year since their entry source plan. I still remember when they met in the car. Zhou Xiaoshan looked at Qiu Jianing with gentleness, but when he saw Empress Wen Zhao behind her, his eyes suddenly darkened. Zhou Xiaoshan sent Qiu Jianing upstairs and met with Wen Zhao. Wen Zhao said that Xianglan was also waiting for Zhou Xiaoshan to appear on such a night.

From the beginning, he knew that Xianglan was with him to Qi Zhou Xiaoshan, but Wen Zhao didn’t care. , He is willing to wait. Zhou Xiaoshan warned Wen Zhao that the matter between them had nothing to do with Qiu Jianing. Wen Zhao laughed more and more presumptuously. Why is the story of the three people only for Zhou Xiaoshan to retreat.

Father Qiu received an anonymous email, and then asked to see Zhou Xiaoshan. Xianglan is the daughter of Zhou Xiaoshan’s adoptive father and his ex-girlfriend. Qiu’s father believed that he was treachery. Zhou Xiaoshan explained that Qiu Jianing knew about them, not what Qiu’s father imagined. Zhou Xiaoshan wanted to prove that he was not interested in the Qiu family, and he also understood that someone must have said something to Qiu’s father behind his back. The Qiu family was indeed a big fat man, and the reason why this person did this was to profit from it.

Zhou Xiaoshan said that Father Qiu is welcome to test him at any time. Both Qiu’s father and the secretary beside him could see that Zhou Xiaoshan was a person. Zhou Xiaoshan questioned Wen Zhao, and Wen Zhao satirized him as a gray mouse who lived in the sewer and couldn’t see light. How could he be worthy of Qiu Jianing. Wen Zhao discovered that Qiu’s father was using network technology to track down the IP addresses of anonymous emails. Zhou Xiaoshan responded calmly to Wen Zhao. Since he decided to come back, he had already thought about all the consequences. Zhou Xiaoshan confessed to Qiu Jianing that Father Qiu found him, but he was able to deal with the prejudice of Father Qiu.

Qiu Jianing went to the hospital for a meeting with Zhou Xiaoshan and Sun Lei. Qin Bin and Director Qian said that they still need enough funds to recruit patients, otherwise they can only wait. As soon as they returned to the company, they laughed and said that the head office had not paid the purchase payment, and if they could not confirm before the end of the month, they would increase the price next month. Qiu Jianing hurriedly urged President Huang and proposed to increase the funds raised by the second phase by 50%, otherwise the development time can only be extended.

Mr. Huang pointed out that Yuan plans to go public to recover losses for the company, so he resolutely refused to extend the time, saying that he would find a way to solve the capital. Soon, Wen Zhao received a call from Mr. Huang. After visiting Wang Lao, Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan said that Mr. Huang planned to raise his budget by financing, so he should not talk to Sun Lei and the others about being free from distraction. Wen Zhao proposed to have a one-to-one interview with the researcher, and Mr. Huang agreed.

Jiang Xiaoye and the others celebrated their work in the evening, and Qiu Jiaxin also went, and was teased by Jiang Xiaoye’s friends. Qin Bin stared at the group photo of Qiu Jiaxin’s circle of friends and Jiang Xiaoye for a long time. Zhao Yan complained that he was jealous. Qin Bin became more and more entangled. Why is the emotional matter so elusive. After drinking, everyone has to change places and continue. Qiu Jiaxin is worried that Jiang Xiaoye can’t ride a bike after drinking, but Jiang Xiaoye confidently says that he has drunk wine as water since childhood, so she can rest assured.

Soon after, Qin Bin received a call from Qiu Jiaxin. Jiang Xiaoye and Qiu Jiaxin were taken to the police station because of drunk driving, fined and confiscated their driver’s license. Qin Bin hurriedly hurried to see Qiu Jiaxin’s face still hurt and was very angry, pulling her away, Jiang Xiaoye quickly stopped, Qiu Jiaxin was his girlfriend and there was no need for Qin Bin to send her back. Qin Bin put Qiu Jia’s heart behind him, but Jiang Xiaoye didn’t say anything because the coach urged him to go back.

Qin Bin was deeply disappointed on the way to send Qiu Jiaxin back. She was not like this before. Not only did she drink but also went out to fool around with Jiang Xiaoye. Qiu Jiaxin got more and more aggrieved and ran out of the car. Qin Bin hurriedly got off the car to stop him. Qiu Jia felt very wronged. She originally called Qiu Jia and she didn’t answer. The first time she encountered this kind of thing, she was very scared, so she called Qin Bin. She thought Qin Bin would comfort her. Concerned about her injury, but he kept accusing her and scolding her, Qiu Jiaxin became more and more sad, thinking that Qin Bin used to be good to her because of Qiu Jianing.

Qin Bin quickly put his coat on Qiu Jiaxin, who was angry with her. He was not good to her because of Qiu Jianing, but because he liked her, he couldn’t help but care about her being good to her! Qin Bin looked at Qiu Jiaxin and said that he used to think he liked Qiu Jianing, but later discovered that the person he liked was Qiu Jiaxin.

Qiu Jiaxin ran home and said to Qiu Jianing that Qin Bin actually confessed to her, Qiu Jianing asked her to think about who she liked, and make a decision quickly after thinking clearly, otherwise the longer it gets, the easier it will be to go wrong. The head office had to do due diligence. Zhou Xiaoshan, Qiu Jianing, and the others thought it was just a cutscene, but they didn’t expect Wen Zhao and even Susie to come. Mr. Huang introduced the core researchers Sun Lei, Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan to them, and the office went gossiping again because of Susie’s arrival.

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