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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 30 Recap

Jingjing has been urging Yu Tu to sign up for the group wedding. Yu Tu knows that Jingjing has a lot of thoughts. He didn’t take Jingjing’s thoughts seriously, thinking that Jingjing would change his mind in a few days. As everyone knows, Jingjing is determined to attend the collective wedding this time. There are only twelve places for the collective wedding.

Jingjing decided to convince her parents. To put it bluntly, the two parents were persuaded by Jingjing to agree to hold a collective wedding, but Yu Tu’s expression was a bit solemn. Yu Tu’s parents heard the solemn tone of the road, and only let Yu Tu talk to Jingjing about the wedding. .

Yu Tu, a madman who works overtime, is rare to not work overtime. He returned to his home with all his heart, and checked Jingjing’s jewelry interview two years ago. In Jingjing’s fantasy, the wedding should be very romantic and romantic, not a collective wedding. , Yu Tu is unwilling to wrong Jingjing. In order to have a clear talk with Jingjing, Yu Tu drove two hundred kilometers overnight to Hengdian. He mentioned the wedding Jingjing had imagined in the interview. He didn’t want Jingjing to accommodate him because of economic conditions.

He wanted to do everything he could to give it to Hengdian. Jingjing is the best. Jingjing didn’t expect Yu Tu to misunderstand. She only hugged Yu Tu and opened her heart to say that she wanted to have a group wedding from the bottom of her heart. The words in the interview were all made up on site. The reason why she wanted to participate in the group wedding was I want to have a wedding that is purely for two people. There is no entertainment, no social interaction, no endless hot search and cautiousness.

Although the couples of a group wedding are not only a pair of them, they only see each other in their eyes, and don’t need to be distracted to deal with other things. ,that’s enough. Listening to Jingjing’s words, Yu Tu’s eyes were full of affection. He thought that the proposal at the time was sloppy, and he solemnly proposed to Jingjing again. They missed 13 years because of his prejudice. He hoped that Jingjing would be able to Give him the rest of his life, and he will do his best to treat Jingjing and love her forever. Jingjing nodded and agreed to Yu Tu’s marriage proposal, and the two hugged each other tightly.

The next day, Yu Tu rushed to the research institute. He signed up for a group wedding. Secretary Wang, who registered, was quite surprised and even suspected that Yu Tu had changed his girlfriend. This incident shocked several leaders. Professor Zhang also specifically talked to Yu Tu, wondering if Yu Tu is in financial difficulties, and he can help Yu Tu. Yu Tu thanked Professor Zhang, but the two of them just wanted to have a simple and confidential wedding. If the wedding was leaked, they would run away on the spot. Yu Tu was finally getting married, and Professor Zhang was also very pleased with this, and only asked Yu Tu to treat Jingjing well.

On the day of the collective wedding, all the brides wore veils. Jingjing and Yu Tu had done a good job of confidentiality. The appearance of the two at the wedding scene surprised everyone. Everything was ready for the wedding, but the makeup artist was temporarily unable to come, and everyone was a little anxious. Jingjing sponsored a makeup team to solve the problem for everyone after learning the situation. While everyone was putting on makeup, Yu Tu pulled Jingjing away.

He took Jingjing to the wedding rehearsal. Originally Jingjing thought it was just an ordinary wedding, but Yu Tu still prepared a surprise for Jingjing. Jingjing was surprised by the degree of romance, and the two walked across the stage holding hands. In the subsequent wedding, the two also held hands to complete the wedding, Yu Tu hugged and kissed Jingjing, and the two only had each other in their eyes.

The photos of Jingjing and Yu Tu were posted on the Internet. The two attended the collective wedding and shocked all netizens. Jingjing also officially announced the marriage. Her copy was only a short “I love you too” in response to Yu Tu’s wedding. “I love you” on the Internet.

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