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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 29 Recap

Jingjing has a very good relationship with Yu Tu’s mother. She made a video call and showed her newly remodeled home to Yu Tu’s mother. Yu Tu’s mother was very happy that the two had a deep relationship. Today happened to be the weekend, and Chen Xue did not announce in Shanghai. She called Jingjing and asked Jingjing to bring Yu Tu over to her house for dinner tonight. She also called Shangduan Wu and Zhou Yingdi, just in time to finish the meal. You can also play mahjong later. Jingjing refuses to play mahjong very much. Yu Tu is a researcher. Playing mahjong in front of Yu Tu seems to be very unsuccessful. Chen Xue instantly regained her consciousness, and she was ready to meet with an academic atmosphere.

Jingjing brought Yu Tu to Chen Xue’s house on time. Duan Wu and Zhou had already arrived ahead of time. The three were playing against each other. Jingjing stepped forward and introduced Yu Tu. Chen Xue and his party claimed that the script was missing just one actor. Play, Fei pulls Jingjing together.

After the play, the four of them discussed the script together, and Chen Xue said that the three of them were originally fighting the landlord, and they immediately entered the play after seeing Yu Tu and Jingjing coming. After the academic atmosphere was over, Yu Tu exaggerated Jingjing’s acting skills, but he also mentioned the bug about Starship in the play. Jingjing was a little surprised. The four called Yu Tu the screenwriter, and Yu Tu talked with the screenwriter. The screenwriter was very pleased with the script bug, and even asked Yutu’s WeChat account to ask Yutu for advice.

Yu Tu Yan Gao had the ability, Chen Xue was also conquered by Yu Tu, and finally understood why Jingjing chose Yu Tu instead of Su Ye. She asked if Jingjing would choose Yutu if she was not an actress who made so much money. Jingjing first exaggerated herself. She was high-looking and hardworking, and she would get rich even if she was a female anchor. Of course If she had no money, she would have to hold on to the way. These words were heard by Yu Tu, who only chuckled, his eyes full of love for Jingjing.

In the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, a basketball game was held in the institute, but only one player was injured. Yu Tu wanted to go home to accompany Jingjing, but despite the persuasion he had given, he agreed to come down and call Jingjing to report. In the evening, Jingjing came to the institute to watch a basketball game. Yu Tu prepared corn juice for Jingjing. Jingjing pressed her ID card at the gate, and the security guard at the gate looked at Jingjing very unexpectedly. Da Meng has been boasting about the beauty of Tu’s girlfriend since he met Jingjing. Yu Tu officially took Jingjing’s hand and appeared on the basketball court. Everyone was shocked that Tu’s girlfriend turned out to be a big star. Jingjing.

Jingjing has always been easy-going and close to people. She does not have the pretense of a big star. After meeting Yu Tu’s colleagues, she watched Yu Tu’s game wholeheartedly. She cheered for Yu Tu on the basketball court as she did in her youth. It hasn’t changed, and Yu Tu’s technique has not diminished. After leaving the entrance of the institute, Jingjing compared the ID photos of the two, and Yu Tu’s mouth lightly tickled, and romantically expressed the intention of marriage to Jingjing, wondering when Jingjing could take ID photos with him.

The meaning of Yu Tu’s proposal was very obvious. Jingjing was in a sweet period. She went home with Yu Tu to meet her parents and discussed the engagement and marriage. After that, the two drove back to Shanghai. Jingjing Yutu found out about the group wedding on the official account of her work unit. She was surprised and wanted to hold a group wedding.

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