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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 28 Recap

Sister Ling and Xiao Zhu helped Jingjing tidy up their clothes. Jingjing treated the two with a big meal and let Xiao Zhu take a two-month vacation. Sister Ling is afraid that Jingjing has some love brains, but Jingjing clearly understands what she wants. She doesn’t want to grab the tail of youth and go up, but wants to become a worthy person. She wants to devote more energy to it. Into good works. Sister Ling doesn’t force Jingjing, she is also very pleased that Jingjing has grown up, and is willing to help Jingjing pay more attention to better works and help her grow up.

At night, Jingjing and Yu Tu went to Laoguan’s house for dinner. In the past two years, Jingjing and Shen Jing’s relationship has become better and better. The two happily cooked a meal, but Yu Tu had a face after the meal. Even Shen Jing could see the preoccupied appearance. She was afraid that Yu Tu would not be able to accept the matter, but Lao Guan knew that Yu Tu would figure it out after all. On the way home, Yu Tu remembered Laoguan’s decision.

Laoguan wanted to withdraw from the project of Soshen. He couldn’t understand Laoguan’s idea. Even the name of Soshen was used by Laoguan, but now Laoguan wants to withdraw. Fight alongside. Seeing Yu Tu’s absent-mindedness, Jingjing felt uncomfortable in her heart. She patiently listened to Yu Tu’s words and enlightened Yu Tu. Although the two were no longer responsible for the same model, they walked side by side for the same purpose. Like the two of them, although they are in different fields, they have been moving forward side by side.

Sister Ling officially approved Jingjing’s two-month vacation. Jingjing suddenly thought that she was getting along with Yu Tu day and night, fearing that the two might have disagreements, so Yu Tu hugged Jingjing tightly. During the period when the two were playing games together, Same day and night. After that, Yu Tu was going to invite his colleagues to dinner. One was for Guanzai to clean up the dust, and the two wanted to introduce Jingjing to everyone.

On the weekend, Da Meng was the only single dog in the group that no one chased. He was the first to arrive at the hotel. He originally wanted to save Yu Tu’s money to eat in the lobby, but Yu Tu still asked Da Meng to change back to the private room. Jingjing’s identity was different. Convenient to debut. After that, everyone attended in pairs. Only Da Meng was wailing alone, which meant that he came out. But when he saw Yu Tu coming with Jingjing, he was dumbfounded and was taken ugly photos. .

While Da Meng begged to shut down the ugly photos, he blamed Yu Tu for being the Secret Bureau, and actually lied to him for so long. Since the two were high school classmates, he had to suspect that they had been together for more than ten years. Jingjing couldn’t help but smiled when she saw the news from Da Meng, wondering what would it be like if the two were together for more than ten years, but she thought it would be nice to meet again later, otherwise she would not embark on it. Now this way. The two have been apart for more than half a year, and it is rare to have a long vacation. They spend every minute and every second warmly, just like a young couple.

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