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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 27 Recap

Yu Tu was about to go to the airport. The director thanked Yu Tu for coming to give him food, and the two reluctantly said goodbye. At night, Yu Tu and Jingjing were videotaping together. Dajin, a colleague next to him, woke up and came to the camera. Jingjing suddenly wanted to pretend to be a live broadcast. She broadcasted an ancient makeup look. She thought that Dajin didn’t believe it, but she was stupid. The Dajin still believed, and was surprised by the boundless learning of the road.

Yu Tu returned to the Aerospace Institute, Guan Zai had recovered his health and returned to the research institute. Yu Tu showed Guan Zai the experimental data. His abilities in the past two years were far better than Guan Zai expected. Today, Jingjing’s play came back to Shanghai, and Yu Tu, a little madman who worked overtime, was off the shift on time and was going to meet Jingjing. Guan Wei asked Yu Tu to find a time to bring Jingjing to his house for dinner. .

Jingjing returned to Shanghai, but she was quite jealous. Recently, after returning to the Aerospace Research Institute, Yu Tu devoted herself to work. There would be no such thing as skipping to pick up the plane. Angry again, Jingjing still told the driver to drive to Yutu’s house. As soon as Yu Tu arrived home, he saw Jingjing replenishing his sleep. He changed his clothes to sleep with Jingjing.

It turned out to be pure Jingjing, but Jingjing’s dishonest little hands still picked up the two people’s sentiment. After the joy, Yu Tu asked Jingjing how long she was staying in Shanghai. Jingjing only said that she was leaving tomorrow. Yu Tu looked disappointed. He originally thought Jingjing could stay in Shanghai for more than two months, but he did not expect the movie to be overdue. , She has to leave tomorrow.

Yu Tu got up to make dinner for Jingjing, he received a call from Sister Ling, and unexpectedly learned from Sister Ling that Jingjing would stay in Shanghai for more than two months. Thinking of Jingjing’s words, Yu Tu was very disappointed. He prepared dinner for Jingjing, but his attitude was a little cold. Jingjing also had a somewhat indifferent expression. While she was disappointed, she worried about Yu Tu’s anger. The two lie down while sleeping.

Then Yu Tu raised sister Ling’s phone call, wondering what Jingjing had to explain to him, Jingjing couldn’t explain it clearly, she just wanted to give Yu Tu a surprise and increase the interest of the two. , Yu Tu didn’t bother to listen to Jingjing’s explanation, he stepped forward and threw Jingjing down, and the two became ambiguous again.

When Yu Tu changed the utility room at home into a clothing room for Jingjing, Jingjing was very moved and happy that Yu Tu gave her a gift. The two hugged each other and enjoyed this tender moment very much. The next day, Jingjing sent Yu Tu to go to work. She decorated the room by herself, transforming the tough home decoration into a cozy little home, and showing off to the people around her that Yu Tu had transformed the home for her, and she generously invited everyone to come and visit.

After that, Sister Ling and Xiao Zhu came to visit the house. When they saw the double-layer rotating wardrobe that Yu Tu personally remodeled for Jingjing, she couldn’t help but exaggerate Yutu. Several people also talked about Yutu’s daily expenses. Sister Ling was very With emotion, the big star Jingjing, who has never blinked his eyes before buying luxury goods, will also plan to repay a loan of 10,000 yuan in Tuyue.

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