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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 24 Recap

Sun Shijie wanted to accept Taoyao as a concubine in front of the whole family. Wu Yuehong was immediately dumbfounded. Sun Shijie condemned Wu Yuehong that she should not let her to sell Taoyao. Thanks to his timely arrival, Wu Yuehong admitted that this was Xu Fengqiao’s idea. Xu Fengqiao argued in every possible way, and Sun Shijie was very angry and asked Sun Jinge to discipline Xu Fengqiao.

Wu Yuehong firmly disagrees with Sun Shijie marrying Taoyao. Sun Shijie swears at her. Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao stand up to teach Sun Shijie and forbid him to marry a woman like Taoyao. Taoyao is angry to leave and suddenly faints on the ground. Sun Shijie embraces Taoyao. Shouted and complained that Sun Xun was too cruel. Sun Xun was annoyed and drove him out of the house. Sun Shijie was about to leave with Taoyao in his arms. Sun Xun said cruelly, if Sun Shijie dared to step out of the house, he would sever his father-son relationship with him from now on. Sun Shijie resolutely left home and Wu Yuehong was sad. The earth cried loudly.

For what the civil and military officials had done to impeach Sun Shijie to the emperor, he strongly demanded that he be removed from his position. The emperor called Sun Xun to be held accountable and taught him a lesson. Sun Xun was so frightened that he repeatedly admitted his mistakes. Sun Shijie was dismissed from office, and he returned to Tao Yao’s residence in despair. Tao Yao hurriedly took out the jewelry to exchange money for Sun Shijie, and promised to live a hard life with him.

The more Wu Yuehong thinks about it, the more aggrieved, she vomits bitterness to Lin Shaochun and Xu Fengqiao. Xu Fengqiao persuades her to agree to Sun Shijie’s concubine. Wu Yuehong resolutely refuses. Lin Shaochun kindly persuades Wu Yuehong and promises to find a way to deal with Taoyao. Lin Shaochun persuades Wu Yuehong to do Think about it for your own future.

Yao Dizhu rushed to Twilight City and checked into an inn halfway. He was sad to see Liu Huilan leaning against the wall. Yao Dizhu hurried over to comfort her. Liu Huilan claimed to be leaving alone. Yao Dizhu curiously inquired about the story. Liu Huilan promised to tell her when she was resting. Yao Dizhu booked the “Tianzi No. 1 Room” in the inn, and the inn owner specially arranged two identical rooms because of his daughter.

Yao Dizhu took a bath in the room, thinking about ways to seduce Sun Junhao. Sun Junhao brought people to the first room of Tianzi to find Mrs. Yazhai of the wild wolf. He recognized Yao Dizhu at a glance, and Yao Dizhu yelled in fright. , The subordinate reported to Sun Junhao that there is still a room No. 1 Tianzi. Sun Junhao realized that he was looking for the wrong person. He just wanted to leave and was yelled at by Yao Dizhu. Yao Dizhu didn’t know him, so he wanted to try his charm. She seduce Sun Junhao in every possible way, but Sun Junhao was unmoved.

At this moment, there was a scream from a woman in the next room, and Sun Junhao immediately led people over and saw that Liu Huilan had been killed. Yao Dizhu came over to see what happened. Sun Junhao was eager to search for the wolf and hurried away with someone. Yao Dizhu learned from the boss’s wife that it was the second master who had brought people just now. Bandits were rampant near Meng County, and the county grandfather didn’t dare to deal with them.

Yao Dizhu went wandering on the street, and found Sun Junhao quietly following her, so he called him over. Sun Junhao wanted Yao Dizhu to inquire about the robber who killed Liu Huilan. Yao Dizhu asked him to have a dinner. Sun Junhao had to do it. Yao Dizhu feasted on it, and Sun Junhao had left beforehand with the excuse. Yao Dizhu returned to the inn and found that the burden had been opened. Fortunately, he did not lose anything. Yao Dizhu suspected that the second master did it.

Yao Dizhu wanted to ride on the horse early in the morning, but found that the horseshoe had fallen off, so he took the horse to the smithy to repair the horseshoe. Zhao Da took the initiative to help Yao Dizhu repair the horseshoe, and reminded Yao Dizhu to beware of robbers. Zhao Da asked Yao Dizhu to go to his house and wait first, and also asked Yao Dizhu to lock the baggage in his large closet. Yao Dizhu didn’t have much. Thinking, Zhao Da gave the key to Yao Dizhu to keep.

Yao Dizhu waited for a long time, but did not see Zhao Da come back. The landlord suddenly urged Yao Dizhu to decide whether to rent a house as soon as possible. Yao Dizhu realized that she had been deceived. She opened the large closet and found that the baggage inside was already gone. No trace, the big closet is a concealing prop. Yao Dizhu is penniless and doesn’t know where to go.

Yao Dizhu saw Erye riding a horse from a distance, and learned that he was going to Twilight Town, so he begged Erye to take her some way. Yao Dizhu didn’t wait for Erye to answer, so he ran into the carriage with supplies. The second master asked her about the features of the liar, Yao Dizhu suddenly saw Zhao Da drinking on the street, and immediately jumped out of the car to chase him, and the second master also took someone to chase him.

Zhao Da was quickly caught. He argued in every possible way. Yao Dizhu lied that he had poisoned money and money. Zhao Da was frightened and panicked. The second master ordered Zhao Da to be taken down and found Yao Dizhu from his house. The burden. Yao Dizhu expressed his gratitude to Er Ye, who suddenly noticed that someone was following in the woods, so he kept on rushing on the road calmly.

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