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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 23 Recap

Lin Shaochun was in a dilemma and didn’t know what to do. Sun Yulou saw that she had something on her mind and agreed to help her find a way. Lin Shaochun couldn’t explain the truth, so Sun Yulou had to give up. At this moment, Xiaocui hurriedly reported to Lin Shaochun that Su Yingxue’s room was on fire. Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun rushed over without saying a word. Seeing that the whole family was coming, the fire had been extinguished, and Su Yingxue was lying in love. On the bed, Shen Qingyao comforted Su Yingxue, and then took the whole family away.

Lin Shaochun could see at a glance that Su Yingxue set fire to herself and complained that she was too stupid. Su Yingxue wanted to find her own death. Lin Shaochun had to agree to help her find a way, and Su Yingxue was slightly relieved. Shen Qingyao heard that Sun Junhao was coming back, and immediately reported the good news to Su Yingxue, but Su Yingxue was panicked and worried about her pregnancy. She asked Shen Qingyao for leave and went to Longen Temple to pray for Sun Junhao. Lin Shaochun asked to accompany her. .

Lin Shaochun lied that Su Yingxue also had a twin sister named Su Yingning. Because she had to be raised in the nun’s nunnery since she was a child, Su Yingxue had to lie with Lin Shaochun. The whole family did not know that Su Yingxue had a younger sister, and did not ask much. Lin Shaochun accompanied Su Yingxue to the Longen Temple to offer incense. The two of them came up with a good idea. On the way back, Jiading reported to Lin Shaochun that Sun Junhao had already returned home. Su Yingxue was eager to see Sun Junhao and insisted on driving back from the small road.

Su Yingxue drove home from the small road in a carriage, and was tripped halfway by a big rock. The carriage swayed. Su Yingxue pushed the maid Qinxin out of the carriage. She also quietly jumped into the carriage to hide, and the carriage fell directly onto the cliff. Lin Shaochun rushed over after receiving the news and learned from Qin’s heart that Su Yingxue was still in the carriage. Lin Shaochun immediately sent someone to look for Su Yingxue’s body under the cliff.

Su Yingxue came out from behind the bushes to see Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun told her so that she would live as Su Yingning in the future. Su Yingxue thanked Lin Shaochun so much that she hurriedly left. Sun’s mansion set up a shed to hold the funeral for Su Yingxue. Jia Fengyuan passed by and learned that Su Yingxue had fallen from a cliff and died. Jia Fengyuan went home drunk and met Su Yingxue in disguise at the door of his house. He thought that when he encountered a ghost, Su Yingxue told the story in detail. Jia Fengyuan suddenly realized that after the wind passed, he promised to marry her again.

Sun Junhao received news of Su Yingxue’s death as soon as he came back. His heart was like a knife. For three years, he had not written a letter to Su Yingxue and felt ashamed of her. Sun Junhao immediately decided to give his salary to the Su family from now on. Sun Xun promised, Xu Fengqiao was worried that the family’s money was not enough, but Sun Xun had already decided, and she had no choice but to give up.

Sun Junhao stayed in front of Su Yingxue’s spirit without eating or drinking. Shen Qingyao felt very distressed and wanted to find him a wife when the funeral expired. Xu Fengqiao recommended Yao Dizhu. Shen Qingyao was very satisfied and handed over the marriage. Give her full control. Yao Dizhu had nothing to do all day long, and followed a bunch of men to write poetry and drink, and his parents were anxious in his eyes. Xu Fengqiao proposes marriage to Yao Dizhu, but Yao Dizhu even proposes not to have sex with Sun Junhao after marriage and not to interfere in her private life.

Sun Junhao came to the restaurant for dinner, and accidentally saw Yao Dizhu carrying a hip flask against a group of men chanting poems. She was wild and unobstructed, and Sun Junhao was very disdainful of her. The Sun family sent a matchmaker to propose to Yao Dizhu, but Yao Dizhu resolutely refused to agree and sent the matchmaker away in a few words. Sun Junhao sent someone to send a letter to Yao Dizhu. He couldn’t understand Yao Dizhu’s sober affiliation. He also canceled the marriage contract. Yao Dizhu was furious and went directly to Sun’s house to make a big noise.

Lin Shaochun called Yao Dizhu aside and persuaded her bitterly, only then did Yao Dizhu calm down, repeatedly apologized to Shen Qingyao, and then left angrily. Yao Dizhu learned that Sun Junhao had set off to return to the Mucheng military camp. The more she thought about it, the more angry she decided to go to Sun Junhao Xingshi personally. She was worried that her parents would not agree, so she pretended to be sick and paid a lot of money to buy the doctor. The doctor advised Yao Dizhu to go to the countryside to recover from his illness, and his parents didn’t think much about it, so he sent his mother to send Yao Dizhu back to his hometown.

Yao Dizhu kept pouring water and drinking with the old mother all the way, and the old mother was urinating halfway, so she went to the woods for convenience. Yao Dizhu instructed the groom to pick the leaves, and she took the opportunity to hurried away in the carriage. Today is the Double Ninth Festival. Sun Shijie directed the maid and Jia Ding to make arrangements. Sun Xun invited his colleagues to the house for a drink. Shen Qingyao took his daughter-in-law and family members to sit in the garden and watch the play.

Tao Yao’s maid secretly came to Sun’s Mansion, she quietly came over to pass a message to Sun Shijie, and Sun Shijie lied about her stomachache and left in a hurry. Until dark, Sun Shijie did not come back. Wu Yuehong was very anxious. Just as Shen Qingyao wanted to send someone to find him, Sun Shijie suddenly took Taoyao home.

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