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Our Secret 暗格里的秘密 Episode 1 Recap

On the first day of school on the university campus, Ding Xian pushed the suitcase and went to the boys’ dormitory to find Zhou Siyue. Unexpectedly, she was stopped by the auntie in charge and refused to let in. Ding Xian did not take the eyes of everyone on campus into consideration and stood. Downstairs shouted Zhou Siyue’s name and asked him to pick him up. Many people were paying attention to Ding Xian’s actions, and Zhou Siyue also knew that Ding Xian was looking for him and quickly shut down Nian Nao and ran back to the dormitory.

See Ding Xian in the floor. Zhou Siyue’s sunny and handsome face is the idol of many students, and someone calling him like that will naturally attract everyone’s attention. Ding Xian directly told Zhou Si the more he liked him, but Zhou Siyue didn’t want to fall in love, and told Ding Xian to go back to class. They all had their own lives. But Ding Xian did not flinch, and took out a robot and gave it to Zhou Siyue, where there was Ding Xian’s secret.

Zhou Siyue brought the robot toy back to the bedroom. Inside was a website. Zhou Siyue opened the web page on his computer. The memory goes back to August 2009. Ding Xian’s parents took her to live in Deep Sea City. The most important thing for the family who just moved there is to face the problem of work and children’s schooling. With the help of his father’s friend Uncle Zhou, Ding Xian Only with his younger brother Ding Juncong can I go to an excellent school, and my father has successfully entered a good work unit. My parents took them to Zhou’s house as a guest. Naturally, I would also like to thank others for their help.

I met Zhou Siyue at Zhou’s house, and Ding Xian’s mother mentioned at the dinner table that her grandfather had booked Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue for marriage, which made them a little embarrassed, but Zhou Siyue said it was OK. After retiring, everyone was even more embarrassed. Zhou Siyue’s father quickly explained that he was joking and told Zhou Siyue not to take it seriously. But she must be reluctant to worry, she still doesn’t see Si Yue last week.

After returning home, my mother blamed Ding Xian for not being social, so she should get closer to Zhou Si. Ding Xian was too much with her father and would never have a relationship.

Ding Xian and his younger brother Ding Juncong bumped their foreheads when they were robbing the room and went to the drugstore to buy medicine. They did not expect to meet Zhou Siyue, because Ding Xian didn’t have enough money, Zhou Siyue helped her pay. Zhou Siyue invited Ding Xian to eat snacks on the street. He was happy at first, but Zhou Siyue ridiculed Ding Xian’s horns and made Ding Xian angry. He turned and left. Ding Xian was still angry at home, hoping not to see the hapless Zhou Siyue after school started.

The next day, Ding Wencheng, his father, was in a hurry to go to work. He didn’t have time to send Ding Xian to school, and Ding Xian was almost late because he couldn’t find his school card. After Ding Xian arrived at the school, everyone had already started the student conference. The teacher of the Academic Affairs Office saw Ding Xian being late and asked her to stand behind. Unexpectedly, Zhou Siyue was late, and both of them were punished to stand. And Ding Xian and Zhou Siyue were allocated a seat and became the same table, Ding Xian was worried about what was coming.

Ding Wencheng also works in Ding Xian’s school. On the first day of work, he wanted to introduce himself to his classmates. I didn’t expect that the students would not appreciate it, so that he would not need to rectify the useless ones. This is a bit embarrassing for Ding Wencheng. . And those students respect their former teachers. Ding Xian thought that he was at the same table with Zhou Siyue only temporarily, but the teacher said that he would not be able to reallocate seats until one month later, which made Ding Xian feel extremely uncomfortable.

After class, my father asked Ding Xian to eat. Ding Xian ran away when he saw his father, fearing that his classmates would laugh at him. During the meal, Subo never went to meet Ding Xian for dinner. They had known each other since they were young, and they were also excellent students in the third year of high school. This made everyone pay much attention to their behavior.

Because there was a girl who liked Zhou Si the more she was jealous that Ding Xian and Zhou Si were at the same table and deliberately tried to run her. In class, the teacher also embarrassed Ding Xian and asked a math problem she hadn’t learned. This is called Ding Xian. Xian looked a little embarrassed, but Zhou Siyue answered it easily, and Ding Xian was surprised that Zhou Siyue could answer more calmly. After class, the more Zhou Si explained the subject to Ding Xian, but Ding Xian was a little impatient, and didn’t want to feel that Zhou Si was more squeezed by him.

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