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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 9 Recap

Qi Yan held the handkerchief stained with the blood of his second brother Wendi, and he couldn’t help but think of a past event. Qi Yan went out of the palace to watch the shadow puppet show in Baixilou. Wendi quietly came to him, and the brothers agreed to jointly eradicate Qiu Ziliang. After the change of the dew, the world thought that Qi Yan killed Emperor Wen, only Qi Yan knew in his heart that he licked the blood of the wound alone in order to fulfill the brothers’ long-cherished wish as soon as possible.

The Zhenwu clan minister Sun Lie submitted a memorial to Qi Yan early in the morning. The Zhenwu county lord Liu Misha rescued Ninghe from the rebels and personally escorted Ninghe back to the capital city of Heng’an. He arrived within half a month. Qiu Ziliang was very surprised. Unexpectedly, before Qi Yan could respond, he asked Sun Lie repeatedly, wondering if Ning He princess took the initiative to come back. Qiu Ziliang forced Qi Yan to order on the spot to let the civil and military officials go outside the city to meet Ning He princess. Qi Yan had to follow suit.

Cheng Ruoyu realized that Qiu Ziliang had ulterior motives, and hurried back to check Jiali, wanting to know what the feast was between Ninghe Princess and Qiu Ziliang, but there was no record on it. Qi Yan clearly remembered that Qiu Ziliang recommended Ning He to marry Lu Cong. Before getting married, Ning He came to ask Qiu Zi Liang Xingshi to ask her guilt. Qiu Ziliang confronted Ning He princess in front of Emperor Wen and made her come back again after she died. ,

Princess Ninghe vowed not to share the heavens with Qiu Ziliang. When Cheng Ruoyu learned of the story, he was worried that Qiu Ziliang would kill Ninghe Princess, so he concluded that Ninghe Princess was the third person, but Qi Yan felt that it was unwise for Ninghe Princess to come back at this time, and thought she was not. The third person is the same chess piece as Ah Wu.

Qiu Ziliang consulted with Qiu Yanzhi and Yan Xiu, and wanted to kill Ninghe Princess in public to frighten others. Qiu Ziliang felt that the biggest trouble before him was Qi Yan. Qi Yan’s scheming and resourcefulness should not be underestimated. Qiu Ziliang once taught Qi. Qi Yan learned martial arts in three months with his extraordinary intelligence, and Qiu Ziliang taught him to hunt.

King Saddle took the initiative to see Qiu Ziliang, and he took a cricket with him for fun. Qiu Ziliang was secretly delighted to see his decadent appearance. Qi Yan took Cheng Ruoyu to hunt in the suburbs. With an idea, he wanted the three hundred dead men of Yuzhen Fang to enter the city with Ning He Princess. He sent Cheng Ruoyu to take charge of the matter. Cheng Ruoyu cheered and jumped happily. Sliding on the dead wood, he fell directly into Qi Yan’s arms. The guard picked up the prey and returned to Qi Yan. It happened to see this scene. Qi Yan felt that he had no eyesight to see, so he flew an arrow to his helmet, and the guard hurriedly avoided in fright. Cheng Ruoyu flushed with shame, and quickly got up and ran away.

The scandal between Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Yan quickly spread throughout the palace. Cheng Ruoyu met Cheng Huaizhi as soon as he returned to the palace. Cheng Huaizhi was so excited that he congratulated her again and again. Cheng Ruoyu was puzzled, and Cheng Huaizhi identified Qi Yan. I fell in love with her, even though Cheng Ruoyu defended in every possible way, Cheng Huaizhi didn’t believe it at all. Cheng Ruoyu found that the maids were discussing her and Qi Yan in private, and she was very upset.

Gao Ping is the eyeliner that Qiu Ziliang puts in Qi Yan’s side. He always supervises Qi Yan’s every move. Qi Yan deliberately wrote several notes and gave one of the false news to Cheng Ruoyu so that she could pass on the book. Give the other notes to Princess Ninghe and burn them in the brazier. Cheng Ruoyu went to release the pigeons when it was dark, but Yan Xiu found him on the spot. Cheng Ruoyu destroyed the paper in the bamboo tube on the spot.

Qiu Yanzhi asked Cheng Ruoyu bitterly, but she refused to confess, and Qiu Yanzhi threatened Cheng Xi and the people of Ziyi Ju with the lives of Cheng Xi and Cheng Ruoyu. In fact, this was agreed upon in advance by Cheng Ruoyu and Qi Yan, and Cheng Ruoyu never confessed, so Qiu Yanzhi would not suspect that this was false news.

Gao Ping snatched the burned note from the brazier, Qiu Yanzhi inferred from a few words that Qi Yan would not let the princess Ninghe return to Heng’an, and asked her to go to Luoyang instead. Qiu Yanzhi reminds Cheng Ruoyu not to interfere with Princess Ninghe. Qiu Ziliang has made careful arrangements to kill Princess Ninghe when she enters the city, so that the people in the city can witness this moment. Qiu Yanzhi also asked Cheng Ruoyu to remind Qi Yan not to confront Qiu Ziliang, otherwise he would not end well. Someone came to report that Qi Yan woke up from sleep, and Qiu Yanzhi didn’t want to grow out of branches, so he hurriedly put Cheng Ruoyu back.

Qiu Yanzhi ordered to set up ambushes at all road junctions leading to Luoyang and must not let Ninghe Princess go to Luoyang. Qi Yan couldn’t sleep anymore after waking up, so he let Cheng Ruoyu go to bed, and Cheng Huaizhi hurriedly asked the eunuch to write down the matter, hoping to win a place for Cheng Ruoyu. Qiu Ziliang sent Gao Ping to give Qi Yan a tonic to calm the nerves. When Gao Ping saw Qi Yan undressing and holding Cheng Ruoyu with his own eyes, he hurried away in fright.

Qi Yan deliberately acted in front of Gao Pian, just to let him pass a message to Qiu Ziliang, so as to paralyze Qiu Ziliang. Qi Yan sent Cheng Ruoyu out of the palace overnight to Qishan, and summoned three hundred dead men to follow Ninghe County lord into Beijing. Qi Yan deliberately furious and drove Cheng Ruoyu away on the spot, under the pretext that she pleaded for Auntie.

Cheng Huaizhi went to Li Rong overnight and asked her to find someone who resembled Cheng Ruoyu to come to Qi Yan’s bedroom. Zuo Ma secretly came to Qiu Yanzhi’s studio to find evidence. He accidentally touched the mechanism. He was stabbed in the arm by a hidden weapon and had to leave first. Qiu Yanzhi came and guessed that it was Zuo Ma’s work.

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