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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 8 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu returned to the Ziyi Bureau, feeling a little heavy. She vowed to find out the truth and ask for an explanation for Auntie. Cheng Ruoyu ran into Qiu Yanzhi head on. Qiu Yanzhi congratulated her on her reinstatement, but Cheng Ruoyu didn’t appreciate it. Instead, she condemned Qiu Yanzhi’s design for pushing Yuzhenfang and Cheng Xi to the forefront. Qiu Yanzhi repeatedly claimed that she didn’t like Cheng Xi.

In order to complete Cheng Ruoyu, Cheng Ruoyu didn’t buy it at all, exposing her was to keep Qi Yan under the control of Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Yanzhi proposed to join hands with Cheng Ruoyu to deal with a third party. Cheng Ruoyu categorically refused, and Qiu Yanzhi was not angry. He firmly believed that Cheng Ruoyu would figure it out sooner or later. Welcome Cheng Ruoyu to find her at any time.

Qi Yan took out the bloody handkerchief that he had contaminated with Awu, and couldn’t help but remember that Zheng Lu had taught him that as long as the arrow is shot out fast enough to hit the gap between the ribs and the spine above the heart, people can be saved. Qi Yan has practiced this for many years. He used this method to save three people during the change of the morning dew. He doesn’t know the life and death of the other two.

Cheng Ruoyu came to protect Qi Yan, Qi Yan asked her to go back to rest. Cheng Ruoyu suspected that Qi Yan wanted to pretend to be a man in black and secretly leave the palace. Regrets rejecting Qiu Yanzhi, and she wants to find out her true purpose. But now it’s too late. Cheng Ruoyu has an idea for Qi Yan to also set up a shogi camp to fight against Qiu Ziliang. Qi Yan was so amused by her that she didn’t want to listen to her. Continue to talk and force her to be pushed away, but accidentally slipped and fell to the ground. Qi Yan dragged Cheng Ruoyu to the ground and kissed the lips of the two.

When Cheng Huaizhi entered the door and saw this scene, he cried out in fright, Cheng Ruoyu flushed with shame, and hurriedly got up from Qi Yan and ran away. Qiu Yan webbing Yan Xiu came to visit Qi Chen overnight, and asked him why he gave You Ma a Buddha. Qi Chen made it clear that it was a gift for her and hoped that she would make good use of it. Qiu Yanzhi felt Qi Chen wanted to use her. After getting rid of the right horse, Qi Chen sneered at her.

You Ma took the Buddha Laughing and showed it to Chou Ziliang. Qiu Ziliang fell to pieces on the spot. Right Ma picked up the flower and explained again and again that he had not betrayed Qiu Ziliang, and then killed himself. Qiu Yanzhi firmly believes that You Ma is loyal. This is clearly because Qi Chen deliberately teased Qiu Ziliang. Qiu Yanzhi asked Qi Chen to teach him.

The people from Qiuyan Weaving Shogi Camp broke into the Cao Lu and destroyed all the flowers and plants there. Qi Chen allowed them to spoil it at will, and the Cao Lu instantly became a mess. Cheng Ruoyu came to the training ground to practice archery, Qi Yan taught her hand in hand, Cheng Ruoyu was successful, and she was grateful to Qi Yan.

Qi Chen came to Qi Yan to discuss the preparations for the birthday, and also made a list of Qi’s children and grandchildren. Qi Yan told Qi Chen about the death of Lu Cong Jiedushi. Both of them hoped that the Ning He princess who married to Lu Cong would return. , But Qiu Ziliang has a grudge against her and would not agree to let her come back. Cheng Ruoyu heard that Ning He took a lot of piano scores when she got married, and asked Qi Yan to write to Ning He to bring back the piano scores. Qi Yan couldn’t laugh or cry, reminding Cheng Huaizhi to teach Cheng Ruoyu, Cheng Ruoyu was forced to shut up.

Yan Xiu came to the Zangshu Pavilion to seek advice from the left minister, but the left minister drove him away without asking him indiscriminately. Yan Xiu was indignant. Jiangqiying Zuoma suddenly came back and actively asked Yan Xiu to check the poison on the silver needle, and asked Yan Xiu to find five men and five women of different ages to try the poison. It turned out that Zuo Ma went out to relax after the flag holder failed. When he learned that Right Ma had committed suicide, he returned and asked Yan Xiu to pass a message to Qiu Yanzhi, asking her to give up the position of the flag holder as soon as possible.

Cheng Ruoyu focused on looking through the information of the shogi camp. Qi Yan dismissed Cheng Huaizhi. Cheng Ruoyu tapped on the table to remind Cheng Huaizhi to continue tea. Qi Yan did not expect that Qi Yan would help her pour tea and also told her about the strict elimination system of the shogi camp. Cheng Ruoyu was flattered, and hurriedly poured Qi Yan some tea, desperately to make him happy.

Zuo Ma quickly found out that the poison used by the silver needle was Ji Ya, which is a puffer fish, and the first emperor committed suicide by taking this poison. He couldn’t wait to report to Qiu Yanzhi. He didn’t expect that Qiu Yanzhi knew everything about it. Zuo Ma had no choice but to feel angry. Leave. When Cheng Xi learned that Qi Chen had entered the palace, he hurriedly came to plead with him. Not only did Cheng Xi lose Yuzhenfang, but also Qi Yan’s new appointment. Qi Chen did not blame her, and firmly believed that the first emperor would not blame her. What Qi Chen was worried about was the third person who appeared.

He asked Yuan Du to tell Cheng Xi the results of the investigation. That person was the old court lady Hong Gu of the Hanliang Hall. She used to be the junior of Ninghe Princess, and Ninghe Princess. After marrying away, Aunt Hong became a court lady. Qi Chen suspected that Aunt Hong deliberately provoked Qi Yan and Qiu Ziliang’s struggle, and wanted to use Qi Yan’s hand to get rid of Qiu Ziliang and let Princess Ninghe return smoothly. Qi Chen sent Cheng Xi to find out the truth. Cheng Xi suspected that Ning He was the third person, but Qi Chen firmly didn’t believe it.

Cheng Ruoyu suddenly found a man in black with a mask coming to Qi Yan’s bedroom, and he immediately followed him. The man was Qi Yan’s confidant, Han Ding, and Qi Yan introduced the two of them to know each other. Han Ding found out that the third person was also Aunt Hong. Aunt Hong’s eldest sister was Auntie’s nursing mother. Three days after Auntie died, Auntie Hong fell into the water and drowned. Han Ding found that Hong Gu had received a letter from Princess Ninghe, but the content was unknown. Han Ding went to Lucong personally, and learned that Princess Ninghe was missing, so Qi Yan sent him to continue searching.

Cheng Ruoyu took the initiative to ask Ying to find the lord of Ninghe and seek justice for her. Qi Yan did not allow her to take risks. Cheng Ruoyu talked about the rumors that Qi Yan was a murderous tyrant. She felt that they were all rumors.

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