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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 7 Recap

Qi Yan blamed Cheng Xi for misappropriating his hunting funds without authorization to train the three hundred dead soldiers of Yuzhenfang, and forced her to ask her for her true purpose. Cheng Xi was so scared that she knelt and admitted her mistake. Qi Yan immediately decided to wait for Cheng Ruoyu. After recovering from her injuries, she was asked to take over Yuzhenfang and Ziyi Bureau in an all-round way and become a real sword bearer. Cheng Ruoyu could hear clearly while lying on the bed, and she wanted to defend Cheng Xi and couldn’t move.

Cheng Ruoyu struggled to remember, Qi Yan hurriedly went over and asked warmly. Cheng Ruoyu fainted due to lack of physical strength. Cheng Xi helped Cheng Ruoyu get her pulse, and she could not do anything about her injury. Cheng Xi suggested that Qi Chen be treated for Cheng Ruoyu’s injury. . Qi Yan sent someone to send Cheng Ruoyu to Qi Chen’s Caolu. Qi Chen meticulously helped Cheng Ruoyu with acupuncture. Qi Yan always paid attention to Cheng Ruoyu’s injury and begged Qi Chen to do his best to save her. Qi Yan accidentally saw a very special flower. Qi Chen introduced it to the Buddha’s laugh. Because he was struck by lightning and still survived, the Buddha would laugh when he saw it. Hence the name. Qi Yan felt that the Buddha laughed and Cheng Ruoyu Very similar.

Qiu Yanzhi pondered for a long time and finally came to the conclusion that the Ziyi Bureau and Shogi Camp provoked the war, and Qi Chen was the winner. If he had the emperor’s edict in his hands, he could successfully ascend to the throne as emperor. Qiu Yanzhi firmly believed that the edict was not there. In the hands of Qi Chen and Qiu Ziliang, she sent someone to keep an eye on Qi Chen’s every move. She learned that Qi Chen didn’t have any unusual behaviors except for raising flowers and grasses every day. Qi Chen was the only one beside Yuan Du to help with the purchase. Qiu Yanzhi was still not at ease. , Sent Yan Xiu to the Caolu personally to check.

Qi Chen and Qi Yan talked about each other and analyzed the current situation in detail. Qi Chen felt that Qi Yan was too weak to fight against Qiu Ziliang. He decided to go out and help Qi Yan. Qi Yan naturally couldn’t ask for it. Qi Chen advised him not to call in, and so on. Let’s talk about finding the right opportunity. Yan Xiu swaggered to the Caolu. He looked around. He didn’t expect that the You Ma of the Jiangqi Camp had been blatantly watching Qi Chen for many years.

Qi Yan got ready to go to court early in the morning. He couldn’t help but think of Cheng Xi and Qi Chen’s words. He was dubious. He had no doubt about Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan sent someone to repair the broken point of the blue lightsaber. Afterwards, Qi Yan went to greet the Queen Mother, and suggested that Qi Chen come back to help the Queen Mother organize a 70-year-old birthday banquet. The Queen Mother did not like Qi Chen and reminded Qi Yan not to lead wolves into the room. But Qi Yan is in urgent need of help now, and wants to take the opportunity to let him go. People under the heavens see who is most suitable to be the emperor. The Queen Mother just can’t accept and can’t stand Qi Yan’s pleading, so she had to make concessions.

The empress dowager has experienced the emperors of the Five Dynasties. She can’t see through Qi Yan the most. She feels that he has eagle-like eyes. The empress dowager firmly believes that Qi Yan can’t fight against Qi Yan and will be completely defeated by him sooner or later. In front of the civil and military officials, Qi Yan announced that he would celebrate the birthday of the Empress Dowager. He didn’t want to make a big deal. He wanted to give clothes and food and celebrate with the people. Everyone looked at each other. Qi Yan asked Qiu Ziliang for advice and asked him to recommend a suitable one. Qiu Ziliang let Qi Yan decide for himself, and Qi Yan suggested that Qi Chen handle the matter.

Chou Ziliang was puzzled and couldn’t figure out Qi Yan’s intentions, so he went to You Ma to inquire about the content of the conversation between Qi Yan and Qi Chen. No abnormality was found. Qiu Ziliang still did not dare to take it lightly. You Ma was ordered to monitor Qi Chen for many years and had not reported any valuable clues to Qiu Ziliang. He felt that Qiu Ziliang had begun to doubt him, so he came to Qi Chen to say goodbye, and Qi Chen gave him a pot of Buddha laughed.

Qiu Yanzhi gave a copy of “Liu Yi Biography” to the well-informed Zuoxiang to his liking, and asked him about the situation of the Buddha’s laughter, and learned that the Buddha laughed for a long time will make people hallucinatory, Qiu Yanzhi analyzed Qi Chen Wouldn’t be so upright and fair to send the right Mafo to laugh. After Qi Chen’s meticulous treatment and care, Cheng Ruoyu’s injury gradually improved, but her headache needs a long time to recuperate. Cheng Ruoyu remembered Qi Yan scolding Cheng Xi in a daze, she wanted to fight the injustice for Cheng Xi. Qi Yan came afterwards, and Cheng Ruoyu learned that Qi Yan had sent her to Caolu. Qi Yan heard that Qi Chen had rescued Cheng Ruoyu back then, and did not ask much.

Qi Yan asked Cheng Ruoyu to take over the Ziyi Bureau and Yuzhenfang. Cheng Ruoyu defended Cheng Xi. Qi Yan didn’t buy it. Cheng Ruoyu was angry and asked him to ask another Gaoming. Qi Yan was not angry, but was very pleased, and finally met For those who are willing to tell the truth to him, Cheng Ruoyu pleaded for a retrial of Awu’s case, so that Cheng Xi would lose the merits, and Qi Yan reluctantly agreed.

Cheng Ruoyu bitterly asked Qi Yan why she wanted to let Auntie go back then, and now she is allowed to find her death, and the case is not allowed to be thoroughly investigated. Qi Yan had to admit that he had used a special arrow to avoid Auntie’s vital position, so He would prevent her from being tested for injuries because he was worried that this matter would be leaked. Qi Yan reminded Cheng Ruoyu to pay attention to safety when investigating the case. Cheng Ruoyu was enthusiastic.

Cheng Ruoyu suddenly saw a lot of fireflies in the night sky. She ran to chase after her, happily like a child. Qi Yan was infected by her cuteness and looked at her ignorantly, hoping that one day Cheng Ruoyu would know everything about him. Cheng Ruoyu returned to the Ziyi Bureau to take up his post. Cheng Xi gave her the list of the three hundred dead men in Yuzhenfang, and voluntarily admitted that she had sent someone to kill Aunt Cai. Cheng Ruoyu understood her difficulties, and Cheng Xi repeatedly told Cheng Ruo. As a sword bearer, the fish must protect Qi Yan with his life.

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