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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 13 Recap

Liu Misha came to the palace to visit Ninghe Princess, and couldn’t wait to ask Cheng Huaizhi to find out the specific location of Qi Yan’s bedroom. She clamored to see Qi Yan, so Cheng Huaizhi had to come to Qi Chen’s Cao Lu to find Qi Yan.

Qiu Ziliang was humiliated by Liu Misha in public. He hated Liu Misha. Qiu Yanzhi saw that Liu Misha only had Qi Yan in his heart. He was worried that she would become Qi Yan’s queen. Qiu Ziliang advised her not to worry, Qi Yan affirmed He would find a queen who could assist him. He once fell in love with Li Deyun’s daughter. Qiu Ziliang used some means to drive Li Deyun to Huainan. Since then, Qi Yan has never liked any woman again.

Qi Yan hosted a banquet in honor of Liu Misha and the Zhenwu vassal minister. All civil and military officials came to accompany him. Liu Misha wanted to stay in Heng’an City for a longer period of time. Qi Yan promised that Liu Misha would compete with Qi Yan in archery. Cheng Ruo Yu offered to play for Qi Yan, and Qi Yan cheered for Cheng Ruoyu. Liu Misha shot the first arrow first, and the feather arrow went straight to the top of Cheng Ruoyu’s head. Cheng Ruoyu quickly caught the arrow and threw it into the quiver. Everyone present was dumbfounded.

Yan Xiu found a leather pouch containing wine in Liu Misha’s room, which contained horse milk wine from Lu Cong. Qiu Yanzhi came to see Princess Ninghe. Qi Chen felt that Princess Ninghe’s wound was very strange, the sword was not poisonous, and the wound was not deep, but she remained unconscious. Qiu Yanzhi inspected the wound and smelled the smell of horse milk wine on the owner of Ning He. He suspected that she was drunk first, and then stabbed, resulting in excessive blood loss and unconsciousness. Qiu Yanzhi questioned Qi Chen as the third person. People, Qi Chen denied it. Qiu Yanzhi analyzed various signs and found out that there was a military division in Wu’s team who was in command, but he didn’t know who this person was.

Liu Misha shot seven arrows in a row, and Cheng Ruoyu caught them steadily. She didn’t fight back. Liu Misha was so angry that she thought Cheng Ruoyu looked down on her. Liu Misha used the Sanyang Kaitai stunt to press against Cheng Ruoyu step by step. The arrows were deadly. Seeing three arrows, he would shoot Cheng Ruoyu in the middle. Qi Yan threw a handkerchief in time to stop the three arrows. Liu Misha was angry. And go.

Sun Lie complained that Liu Misha was too impulsive and asked her to explain clearly to the military division. Cheng Ruoyu thanked Qi Yan for his life-saving grace. Qi Yan recognized Liu Misha’s last use of Sanyang Kaitai, and he had to go to Liu Misha to inquire about it in person. Qiu Ziliang sent someone to invite Cheng Ruoyu to praise her rapid progress, and tried her on the spot. Qiu Ziliang reminded Cheng Ruoyu to be cautious the next time he played against Liu Misha, because Liu Misha learned from a master. Kung fu is far above Cheng Ruoyu. Before leaving, Qiu Ziliang gave Cheng Ruoyu a national flower.

Cheng Ruoyu saw Liu Misha and Qi Yan admiring the moon from a distance. Liu Misha showed Qi Yan the military and economic strength of Zhenwu and regarded these as her dowry. Liu Misha pointed out the current situation of Daxing’s internal and external troubles. If Qi Yan made her a queen, she would use Zhen Wu’s power to help Qi Yan rejuvenate, and Qi Yan promised to meet with the military division in advance.

Qi Yan had long discovered that Cheng Ruoyu was eavesdropping, and when Liu Misha was gone, he called her out. Cheng Ruoyu laughed at him with a beautiful boy, and repeated Qiu Ziliang’s words. Qi Yan followed him without saying anything. Cheng Ruoyu went to see Princess Ninghe. Qiu Ziliang reminded Qiu Yanzhi to beware of Cheng Ruoyu’s first ascent to gain Qi Yan’s favor, but Qiu Yanzhi disapproved. Qiu Ziliang persuaded her to eradicate Cheng Ruoyu to eliminate the future troubles. Qiu Yanzhi did not answer, and Qiu Ziliang sent a rightist to watch Qi Yanzhi. Cheng Ruoyu.

Qi Yan learned from Qi Chen the reason why the princess Ninghe was unconscious, and promised to find out the truth as soon as possible, so that he would be fair to the princess. As soon as Qi Yan returned to the palace, he retired everyone and took out Qiu Ziliang to give Cheng Ruoyu the flower. He believed that Qiu Ziliang was showing his favor to Cheng Ruoyu and wanted to help her become a queen. Qi Yan clearly stated that he and Cheng Ruoyu There will be no affair between children.

When Cheng Huaizhi heard that Liu Misha wanted to marry Qi Yan, he reported to Cheng Ruoyu as soon as possible. Cheng Ruoyu knew about it for a long time. She admitted that she had acted with Qi Yan before and that Cheng Huaizhi was a pity for her. Yan Xiu quietly came to inquire about the news and saw Qi Yan face to face with Cheng Ruoyu. He wanted to go back to report to Qiu Ziliang, Qi Yan called him out, and Yan Xiu admitted that Qi Yan wanted Qi Yan to marry Qiu Yanzhi.

Cheng Ruoyu accidentally discovered that Han Ding had come to look for Qi Yan, so she quietly followed and saw Han Ding handing Qi Yan an account book. When Qi Yan found Cheng Ruoyu, he called her out. Han Ding suspected that Cheng Ruoyu was Cheng Xi’s place. Qi Yan immediately decided to let Cheng Ruoyu return to the Ziyi Bureau tomorrow.

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