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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 12 Recap

Zuo Ma tortured Qiu Yanzhi in every possible way, forcing her to tell her true identity, Qiu Yanzhi swore to the death, Zuo Ma pinched Qiu Yanzhi’s neck, Qiu Ziliang came in time to stop, Zuo Ma reported revenge to Yanzhi and wanted to help Qi Yan, promised to ask the truth immediately, let Qiu Ziliang wait patiently. Yan Xiu reported to Qiu Ziliang about the assassination of Ning and the princess. From the crack of the door, he saw that Qiu Yanzhi was being interrogated. He just wanted to come in to save people. Qiu Ziliang asked him to go back to catch the assassin. Yan Xiu had to do it.

Due to changes in circumstances, Qiu Ziliang wanted Qiu Yanzhi to preside over the shogi camp. He gave Zuo Ma an hour. If he couldn’t find out the true identity of Qiu Yanzhi, he would let Zuo Ma decide on his own. Zuo Ma took out the painting in Qiu Yanzhi’s room and pulled out a portrait of Qiu Ziliang from it. Zuo Ma was dumbfounded and realized that he was caught in the trap of Qiu Yanzhi. He marked the portrait of Qiu Ziliang. Unrecognizable, Qiu Ziliang would definitely kill him.

Zuo Ma knelt down and begged Qiu Yanzhi to help him intercede in front of Qiu Ziliang. As long as he saved his life, Zuo Ma was willing to weave the horse for Qiu Yan. Qiu Yanzhi promised to give him a bottle of medicine for treating hand injuries. Cheng Ruoyu hurried to Jingzhou and found that Princess Ninghe was still in a coma. The doctor Jiang temporarily helped Ninghe Princess to control the injury, and waited for her to return to Beijing to find a solution.

The lord of Zhenwu County, Liu Misha, couldn’t wait to ask Cheng Ruoyu about Qi Yan’s situation, and asked Cheng Ruoyu to perform the sword dance for her. Cheng Ruoyu felt that it was inappropriate and promised to dance for her again after returning to the palace. Cheng Ruoyu thought Checking the condition of Princess Ning He’s injury, Liu Misha forbade her to get closer and clamored to see Qi Yan.

Qiu Yanzhi settled down with Zuo Ma, so she came to Qiu Ziliang to confess her guilt. She took the initiative to fine herself with 30 Buddhist blows. Qiu Yanzhi explained three things. Her identity was not fraudulent. Zuo Ma framed her. She suspected Qi Chen. It was the third person, otherwise You Ma would have found nothing after monitoring him for eight years. In the end, Qiu Yanzhi admitted that Qi Yan was selfish. Cheng Ruoyu truthfully reported Ning He’s injuries to Qi Yan, and she also secretly brought back the medicine used by the doctor. Cheng Ruoyu discovered that Zhen Wu Fanchen was a martial artist, and Liu Misha had an unusual relationship with Qi Yan. , I’m very jealous.

Qiu Ziliang clearly stated that there are many people kneeling in front of him in this life. He only agreed to Emperor Xian and Qi Yan. He did not expect that Qiu Yanzhi also had the ambition to be a female emperor. Qiu Yanzhi felt he was capable and competent, and Qiu Ziliang couldn’t help but look up to the sky. laughing out loud. Qi Yan led Cheng Ruoyu to discuss with Qi Chen overnight. Yuan Du sent Qi Chen a confession from the assassin. Cheng Ruoyu helped Qi Yan flip through page by page and saw that Yan Xiu found out that it was Zheng who assassinated the lord of Ninghe County. Lu’s descendants also arrested them all, and Qi Yan decided to interrogate them in person tomorrow.

Qi Yan led Cheng Ruoyu up to look into the distance, and couldn’t help but think of the change of the morning dew half a year ago. Cheng Ruoyu persuaded him to forget the past, and understand that he had to help Qiu Ziliang in killing others. Cheng Ruoyu inferred that she must have had painful memories when she was a child. But now she has amnesia, only happiness and happiness are left.

That night, Cheng Ruoyu dreamed that she and Qi Yan had a skin-to-skin relationship, and she flushed with shame. Yan Xiu severely tortured the 27 assassins, and their confessions were the same. Yan Xiu asked Zuo Ma to help in the interrogation. Qi Yan brought Cheng Ruoyu to jail overnight to personally supervise the interrogation of the assassins. Qi Yan saw that The assassins were beaten to death, and Cheng Ruoyu was forced out, Qiu Yanzhi laughed and pityed Xiangxiyu.

Zuo Ma introduced the situation of each assassin one by one. Zheng Tian, ​​a descendant of Zheng Lu, was led by him. He made several plans to participate in the assassination of Qi Yan, including Ah Wu, and Zuo Ma also took out Ah Wu’s black hair. Skeletons, it is inferred that Awu was deeply poisoned during her lifetime, so she was eager to take revenge. Qiu Yanzhi determined that there was a third person behind them, and couldn’t wait to see the third person’s next plan.

Cheng Ruoyu learned from Cheng Xi that Liu Misha had escorted Princess Ning He into the city. She hurried to report to Qi Yan. She couldn’t help but vomit when she stepped on the blood on the ground. Qi Yan asked her to go to rest first. , Qiu Yanzhi sneered at her. As soon as Liu Misha came to Heng’an City, she was deeply attracted by the bustle and bustle of the city. Liu Misha’s mother ran away suddenly in convulsions. She was so scared that she yelled and Qi Yan came to protect her in time. Cheng Ruoyu stopped the shocked horse in the street and won the passersby applause.

Liu Misha and Sun Lie came to the main hall and saw Qiu Ziliang waiting here with a mighty army of talents from a distance. Liu Misha couldn’t understand Qiu Ziliang’s arrogant expression, so he spoke badly at him, and Qiu Ziliang left in anger. So, let Liu Misha sit aside.

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