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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 10 Recap

Zuo Ma was injured by Qiu Yanzhi’s concealed weapon. He simply bandaged and went to report to Qiu Ziliang. Cheng Ruoyu came to the outskirts of the woods and saw Qi Yan’s BMW tied to a tree like the wind. Cheng Ruoyu just wanted to ride to Qishan. Suddenly she saw Zuo Ma being chased and killed by the shogi camp. She wanted to save Zuo Ma out. In the woods, Zuo Ma didn’t want to hurt her, so he slapped Cheng Ruoyu away.

Cheng Ruoyu found that there was an additional account book in his duffel bag, thinking that Qi Yan left it, but Zuo Ma hid it inside. Yan Xiu then rushed to catch Zuo Ma on the spot and brought him back to see Qiu Yanzhi. Zuo Ma admitted to go to Xuzhou, Shangzhou and Yuezhou to investigate Qiu Yanzhi’s details, and found out that Qiu Yanzhi’s identity and The household registrations are all fake. He also found that Qiu Yanzhi was seriously injured before going to the band, causing his heart to be damaged and unable to practice exercises. Qiu Yanzhi framed Zuo Ma for accidentally injuring her, and Qiu Ziliang punished Zuo Ma for three times. In the toilet in the year, Zuo Ma was worried about this. He had already given all the evidence he found to Cheng Ruoyu, and Qiu Yanzhi was greatly annoyed.

Cheng Ruoyu hurried to Ziyun Pavilion in Qishan, and saw the owner and Xia Ziyuan commanding a group of girls to fight for the jade tokens hanging on the roof. They refused to yield to each other and launched a desperate fight. There was a girl who passed all the way. Get the jade token smoothly. Cheng Ruoyu couldn’t bear this cruel approach, so she rushed in to reveal her identity. Xia Ziyuan punishes the failed girl. Cheng Ruoyu desperately stops it and uses the green light sword in his hand to compete with Xia Ziyuan. The result is a disastrous defeat. Xia Ziyuan warned Cheng Ruoyu not to be overwhelmed. Yuzhenfang conducts such competitions every day. Only the one who gets the most tokens can be the owner.

Qi Yan dreamed that Cheng Ruoyu was chased and killed. He was frightened in a cold sweat and came to Qi Chen for help overnight. Qi Chen learned that Cheng Ruoyu had gone to Qishan alone and sent Yuan Du to protect Cheng Ruoyu. Early the next morning, Cheng Ruoyu came to Ziyun Pavilion again to participate in the competition for jade tokens. She was defeated without a few moves. Cheng Ruoyu was not convinced, so she challenged on time every day. She repeatedly failed. War, Yuan Du is all in his eyes.

Qiu Yanzhi sent Yan Xiu to find out that Cheng Ruoyu was not in the palace, and confirmed that Zuo Ma did not lie. Qiu Yanzhi asked Yan Xiu to continue to track Cheng Ruoyu’s whereabouts. She went into the palace to find Cheng Ruoyu and learned that she had been Qi Yan. In confinement, Qiu Yanzhi wanted to break in to find someone, but Cheng Huaizhi stopped him, and Qiu Yanzhi had to leave angrily.

Cheng Ruoyu was defeated again, Yuan Du stopped her at the door and gave the three tips written by Qi Chen to Cheng Ruoyu, reminding her not to focus only on winning the jade token. Cheng Ruoyu saw that the bag of the kit said that the carp jumped into the dragon gate, and Wo Bing begged the carp to argue with the two children. In the first kit, the array of the girls in Yuzhenfang was drawn in detail, and they wrote one by one. Knowing the method of breaking the formation, Cheng Ruoyu followed the prompts for rigorous training and finally mastered the essence.

Qiu Yanzhi sent the newly trained pawns of the shogi camp to Qishan to catch Cheng Ruoyu and three hundred dead men. Cheng Ruoyu once again challenged Ziyun Pavilion. She lived up to expectations and obtained the jade token. say. Yuan Du urged Cheng Ruoyu to return to the palace tomorrow because Qiu Yanzhi had already sent a pawn to Qishan. Cheng Ruoyu opened the second kit, which contained a prescription for the treatment of throat disease. Cheng Ruoyu gave the prescription to the owner, and she formally gave the owner’s token to Cheng Ruoyu.

Cheng Ruoyu opened the third kit, and it was empty. Cheng Ruoyu repeatedly pondered the meaning of “two children debating the day” in his pocket, but couldn’t figure it out all the time. Yuan Du found that the pawns of the Jiangqi camp had reached halfway up the mountain, and immediately sounded the alarm. Cheng Ruoyu rode Xia Ziyuan away from the pawns to cover the girls’ evacuation. On the way, Cheng Ruoyu saw Qiu Yanzhi approaching in a carriage, so she let the injured Xia Ziyuan go first, and she stayed to hold Qiu Yanzhi.

Qiu Yanzhi forced Cheng Ruoyu to hand over the account books left by Zuo Ma. Cheng Ruoyu asked three questions. Qiu Yanzhi asked Yan Xiu to send someone to chase Xia Ziyuan. The pawn returned to Qiu Yanzhi, and Ziyun Pavilion was empty. One person, Qiu Yanzhi wanted to take Cheng Ruoyu back to Qiu Ziliang. Qi Yan suddenly came to rescue Cheng Ruoyu. The two rode together on a horse and left. Cheng Ruoyu thanked Qi Yan for his life-saving grace and repeatedly praised others for being so kind. Qi Yan felt very happy. Xia Ziyuan returned to Qi Yan, and Qi Yan gave her an order to return to the palace.

Cheng Ruoyu helped Xia Ziyuan bandage her wounds. Xia Ziyuan kept complaining that Cheng Ruoyu shouldn’t take her to take risks. Cheng Ruoyu guessed that the third tip was to find someone who refused to accept her. Qi Yan asked Xia Ziyuan to report the letter. .

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