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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 9 Recap

Haige took Li Chengyang into the car and accused him of being unethical while driving. As soon as Marshal died, he wanted to be the head of the new coach. Li Chengyang wanted to explain, but Haige interrupted him frequently and gave him no chance to explain. Afterwards, Haige took out the share transfer agreement and asked Li Chengyang to sign.

Li Chengyang embarrassed that he couldn’t sign it. Haige directly took him to a garage to let him see what happened to the other person who didn’t sign the contract. He drove the car straight over and crushed this person’s feet. The person screamed in pain and still refused to sign. Haige drove forward again and continued to crush his feet. Li Chengyang felt very cruel, but stopped repeatedly but to no avail.

Li Chengyang begged Haige to give him some time to think about it, Haige directly let him be arrested, and finally Li Chengyang was forced to sign. After signing, Li Chengyang asked a question that he wanted to ask for a long time. Li Chengyang has been in the new coach for more than ten years, why Haige hasn’t looked down upon him. Haige said that since he came to the new coach, the company can’t even do massage parlors and nightclubs, and he feels flustered.

Before leaving, Li Chengyang asked Haige how he wanted to deal with the new coach. Haige planned to sell. Li Chengyang fooled him and said that the new coach is now in debt. Li Chengyang is no longer the head, Haige can rest assured that he can be the CEO of the company. He can work for Haige and the new coach.

Haige hesitated when he heard the words, and seemed to be shaken. When Li Chengyang was about to leave, he suddenly discovered that the brother who had been crushed just now was wearing a prosthesis. Only then did he know that he had been deceived by Brother Hai. Da Jiang was very dissatisfied when he learned that Li Chengyang had given all the shares to Brother Hai. Li Chengyang told him that the shares were not important, and the things he wanted to check were important, so Da Jiang took good care of his sister-in-law Li Lijuan at this stage.

Xing Fei told He Yong about Li Chengyang’s current situation. He Yong believed that he insisted on staying in the new coach not for the 10% of the shares, but most likely because Lin Han’s death had not yet been investigated. Li Lijuan still couldn’t accept Ma Shuai’s death. She washed her face with tears all day long. One night, she wiped her tears, called Dong Yao and offered to cash out. After Dong Yao answered the phone, he went to a banquet where the leaders of the new coach Yihe New Village project. Mr. Wen asked why Dong Yao came so late. Dong Yao said that Li Lijuan was looking for money to cash out, and she wanted 200 million. Wen always thinks this is a good deal, after all, Li Lijuan occupies 30% of the new coach’s shares.

Dong Yao hesitated. After all, this matter is risky. Mr. Wen has repeatedly persuaded that they will get 600 million yuan for this project. They will give 200 million yuan to Li Lijuan. Later, they will sell the Yihe New Village project to Gao Mingyuan. They at least Can get 1.2 billion. Hearing this, Dong Yao was shaken, after all, he would not make so much money as the district head for a lifetime. Suo Dong and Liu Yujie of the supervision team went to the families of the victims who had been persecuted by Meilidai to inquire.

The victim’s mother cried and accused Meilidai for persecuting her daughter and changed her personality. When the supervision team asked, the girl came back with heavy makeup and she didn’t care about the arrival of the supervision team. She felt that this time was the same as before, that is, she came and went through the scene and sealed the beauty for a period of time, and then let them again. She has done something wrong, so she has no hope at all.

Huang Xi wants to continue to make a series of programs for Meilidai. The editor-in-chief reminded her that there may be a complete gray industrial chain behind Meilidai. According to the photo given by the editor-in-chief, Huang Xi is preparing to conduct an in-depth investigation of the Phoenix Nightclub. She dressed up and entered the nightclub, becoming a princess, a nominal waiter. On the first day of work, she was made things difficult for her by a client. A young girl who accompanied her took the initiative to help her out, but she aroused further disgust from the client. He gave two solutions, one is to deduct money, and the other is to put a bottle of foreign wine. It was all done, and the little sister with wine was very embarrassed at the time.

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