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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 8 Recap

Xu Yingzi was finally sent back by them, but she was already hurt. The other party transferred money to her, and Xu Yingzi, who was desperate, was forced to accept it. Looking at her appearance, the roommate was very worried. He would call the police when he picked up the phone, but Xu Yingzi stopped him. Sun Xing’s words rang in Xu Yingzi’s mind. Sun Xing said that Xu Xiaoshan should not be let go. The decision is hers.

If she tells this matter, Xu Xiaoshan will not be able to get out. He Yun is Huang Xi’s aunt. She went to her aunt’s house for dinner at night and took back her watch. She asked about the relationship between Lin Hao and Li Chengyang. He Yun said that Li Chengyang and Lin Hao’s father Lin Han used to be partners. Although they seem to have a bad relationship, they will go to the nursing home to see Lin Hao’s grandmother together.

He Yun felt that it was dangerous for Huang Xi to investigate Meilidai, and suggested that she find a stable job, but Huang Xi was unwilling. She felt that journalism was her passion. The next day, Huang Xi went to the nursing home, and he saw Lin Hao and Li Chengyang. Lin Hao’s grandmother was unconscious and recognized Lin Hao as her son, and then Li Chengyang as her grandson.

Li Chengyang and Grandma Lin Hao didn’t say a few words before they began to have symptoms of tinnitus, and he had to find an excuse to leave. Gao Mingyuan contacted Hu Xiaowei and secretly recorded the conversation with Hu Xiaowei. Hu Xiaowei said that Xu Xiaoshan would be released soon. The next day, Xu Yingzi waited nervously at home, and then received a call from Hu Xiaowei.

Knowing that Xu Xiaoshan would be released soon, Xu Yingzi was finally relieved. On the day Xu Xiaoshan was released, Xu Yingzi watched from a distance in the supermarket outside the police station, and Xu Xiaoshan called her after getting the phone. Xu Yingzi did not say that he was raped by Sun Xing for saving him. Xu Xiaoshan was kept in the dark. He didn’t know that it was because of his sister that he was released. Seeing that her brother was released safely, Xu Yingzi mustered up the courage to report the crime. But what shocked her was that Hu Xiaowei didn’t seem to believe that she was raped. It is possible that she went to Sun Xing to drink alcohol and drugs, which led to hallucinations. The other is that she was really raped, but she took the other party’s money, and the other party could bite her back as prostitution.

Xu Yingzi’s eyes widened when she heard these words, with tears in her eyes. She never expected that someone in this world could really turn black into white. Ma Shuai died accidentally, and Xue Mei’s disappearance is unknown, which coincides with the fact that the lake in Luteng City is very deep, and they still don’t know how big the big fish is.

After investigation, the task force determined that a sanitation sprinkler appeared near the scene of the crime on the same day. The license plate of this sprinkler was fake and there was great suspicion. He Yong reported all the findings of the investigation to Luo Shanhe, and Luo Shanhe remembered that on the day the supervision team came to Luteng City, he did see an abrupt sprinkler truck on the airport special line.

He Yong also mentioned that Yang Dong confessed that Dong Yao, another important person who disappeared from Mai Zili that year. Luo Shanhe urged Luo Shanhe to make sure that Dong Yao’s background materials, testimony, and evidence must be truly sufficient, so that the confession cannot be retracted. Li Chengyang went to attend the meeting of the municipal government on behalf of the Xinshuai Group. It was learned by the group veterans that they all thought that Li Chengyang was anxious to take up the post, so they were very dissatisfied. Li Chengyang wanted to explain the situation that day, but they didn’t want to listen. The other veteran Haige rushed back and wanted to talk to Li Chengyang with a strong attitude.

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