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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 10 Recap

The bald head forced the little sister to accompany the wine to drink, otherwise the money would be deducted, and the other party would be very embarrassed. Huang Xi took the initiative to sing with the microphone, but her tone was not complete, and she sang a few words, so the bald head and a few other guests told her to stop singing and drink instead.

Huang Xi had never drunk as much wine as today, and vomited dimly in the bathroom after it was over. The little girl who accompanies the wine is also in the bathroom. She persuaded Huang Xi not to drink so much if she can’t drink. The princess as a waiter actually doesn’t need to drink so much. Seeing her fighting like this, the accompany sister asked her if she was short of money. Huang Xi nodded affirmatively, so she agreed to help Huang Xi to talk to Sister Li about the matter.

Dong Yao went to Ma Shuai’s house and worshipped his photo. Li Lijuan welcomed Dong Yao into the living room to discuss matters. Dong Yao promised to help her cash out, and only the Yihe New Village project was eligible for the cash out project. I heard that the other party wanted to pay 600 million yuan to buy the Yihe New Village project, and then 150 million yuan would be directly credited to Li Lijuan’s account. Li Lijuan was surprised.

Yihe New Village has been holding for many years, and now it is far more than 600 million yuan. Dong Yao pretended to be embarrassed to explain the reason, and finally Li Lijuan agreed to sign the letter of intent for cooperation. Li Chengyang came here as soon as Li Lijuan signed, but he did not speak to Dong Yao in front of Li Lijuan.

When he sent Dong Yao out, he said to let Dong Yao give some time to the board of directors of the Xinshuai Group. Dong Yao did not doubt that he had him, and he handed the letter of intent to Li Chengyang. Subsequently, Li Chengyang took back the letter of intent for cooperation and persuaded Li Lijuan in a good voice. Li Lijuan was very annoyed that Li Chengyang was blocking herself, and she said that she would meet with Li Chengyang on the board of directors. Li Chengyang didn’t care and burned the cooperation agreement directly.

At the same time, through visits and investigations by the supervision team, Luo Shanhe confirmed that the September 15th case, the disappearance of Xue Mei, and the death of Ma Shuai that year, there is a huge chain of interests behind them, and they are both faintly connected with Yihe New Village. Piece of land related. Lift off the shady corner of the green vine, in Yihe New Village.

At this time, Li Chengyang also felt more and more weird. After Ma Shuai played Xiang Tian, ​​the supervision team came to Luteng. When the supervision team looked for Marshal, Marshal poked his fingers, and when Marshal was about to be released, he died for no reason. As soon as Ma Shuai died, the project in Yihe New Village was upgraded. The city government quickly approached Li Chengyang. Li Chengyang had to beg to slow down with their half-kidnapping and half-discussing attitude. Not long after he came back, the out-of-context speech reached the ears of the new coach’s shareholders, and then Haige approached Li Chengyang and took away 10% of his shares in the new coach. If he didn’t want to, he would roll his legs.

While Li Chengyang was talking these words to Da Jiang, he saw a black car behind him from the rearview mirror, which seemed to be following them all the time. As soon as he stopped at a red light at an intersection, Li Chengyang got out of the car aggressively with a stick and walked back, asking why the driver of the black car wanted to follow her. The driver of the black car was a woman with a child, and was baffled by Li Chengyang’s questioning. After seeing the child, Li Chengyang knew he was suspicious. Later, Li Chengyang made Da Jiang turn around. He took Da Jiang to see Xing Fei and Xing Fan. As a result, when Da Jiang saw Xing Fan, he immediately turned around, and Li Chengyang couldn’t pull it back.

Xing Fan and Li Chengyang said that she was willing to help him investigate the matter, but Li Chengyang had to help him match Da Jiang. Li Chengyang couldn’t help but smile, and he immediately agreed. This Da Jiang seemed to be very afraid of Xing Fan, and was very upset that Li Chengyang approached the Xing Fan siblings. He Yong specifically went to Dong Yao for inquiries, and Dong Yao said that he knew everything he could say.

In the end, Dong Yao didn’t actually say anything. He Yong deliberately said that there might be something hidden behind the death of Marshal Mart. He Yong took people to the municipal archives to retrieve the project archives of the village-to-village project many years ago. The village-to-village project is a key project in the Tenth Five-Year Plan of Posts and Telecommunications. It is impossible not to leave any clues.

He Yong found a photo in the archives, and he asked Xing Fei to give the photo to Li Chengyang to see what he would do next.

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