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Broker 掮客 Episode 31 Recap

Qiu Jiaxin let out a scream, saying that Jiang Xiaoye retweeted her Weibo, and that she suddenly gained thousands of fans. Qiu Jianing feels that Qiu Jiaxin’s feelings towards Jiang Xiaoye are those of fans to her boyfriend, but Qiu Jiaxin thinks it’s good to chase her idol into a boyfriend. Qiu Jianing found the bracelet of the year, and after hesitating for a long time, went to Zhou Xiaoshan’s house.

There was no response when he knocked on the door, so Qiu Jianing entered according to the code. Zhou Xiaoshan fell asleep on the sofa, but he hugged her when he saw Qiu Jianing, because he could only hold her like this in his dream. Qiu Jianing asked, was the man in the casino six years ago him? Although the words at the time were only unintentional, they were a life-saving straw for Qiu Jianing. She had been looking for that person and wanted to say xx to him.

Zhou Xiaoshan said that the reason why he appeared there six years ago was to escape for his life and for Pandan. For so many years, Zhou Xiaoshan wanted to change his destiny again and again, but he was burdened with too much, the love of Pandan, the kindness of Uncle Cha, all of these are not something that can be forgotten. Qiu Jianing comforted him, and she would face everything with Zhou Xiaoshan in the future.

Qiu’s mother asked Qiu Jiaxin how to meet Jiang Xiaoye, and Qiu Jiaxin said shyly, it’s okay. Qiu’s mother was very happy. She would be relieved if they could get together. Qiu’s father gave Qiu’s mother a wink, and Qiu’s mother talked about Qiu Jianing’s life-long events and said that Qiu’s father had come to a new project director. Qiu Jianing quickly refused, saying that she already had someone she liked. Qiu Jianing and Qiu’s father talked about Zhou Xiaoshan’s affairs. Qiu’s father neither agreed nor opposed, but Qiu Jianing said that she had already identified Zhou Xiaoshan. Qiu’s mother asked Qiu Jiaxin about this, worried that Zhou Xiaoshan would be unwilling to take a bite. On the way back, Qiu Jiaxin asked how Qiu Jianing changed his mind.

Qiu’s mother felt that Zhou Xiaoshan was unreliable and had to guard against it. Qiu’s father expressed her own plan. Father Qiu investigated Zhou Xiaoshan. His resume is very good, but his experience is also very complicated. Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan were visiting the supermarket together. Zhou Xiaoshan suddenly received a call, but later told Qiu Jianing that it was a sales call. It was Qiu’s father who wanted to see Zhou Xiaoshan.

Zhou Xiaoshan confessed that he loved Qiu’s father, but Qiu’s father said that he was not worthy of Qiu Jianing because his experience was too complicated. Zhou Xiaoshan said that he and Qiu Jianing have no purpose in being together, and time can prove everything. Qiu’s father was very resolute in opposing it. Zhou Xiaoshan said that it was her freedom for Qiu Jianing to be with her and she didn’t need anyone’s consent.

Zhou Xiaoshan met Qiu Jianing when she left, and she wanted to speak clearly with Qiu’s father. Zhou Xiaoshan is a person identified by Qiu Jianing, and he will not change anyway, but Qiu’s father said that as long as any man marries Qiu Jianing or Qiu Jiaxin, he can fight for 20 years less. He has to worry about this. Qiu Jianing said that it is not difficult at all to make their money, and Zhou Xiaoshan could not be with her because of the money.

Father Qiu said that the man who had gone abroad with Lili had come to him, saying that he would withdraw as long as he was given 100,000 yuan, and Qiu Jianing now looks the same as Lily’s love. Qiu Jianing said that Lily personally said that she did not regret it. Zhou Xiaoshan’s appearance reminded Qiu’s father that he was a loser in his relationship, so he would strongly oppose them. Qiu’s father lost control of his attitude and drove them out.

Qiu Jianing complained on the road that her father was an old antique. Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t want her to hurt her family because of her own injury. He would give Qiu father some time to figure it out. Zhou Xiaoshan accidentally bumped into a person while riding a bicycle with Qiu Jianing. This person was Wen Zhao. Zhou Xiaoshan’s expression changed when he saw him. Susie could see that the purpose of Wen Zhao’s trip was not just investment, and Wen Zhao did not answer. Weiwei did not go to the company that Susie introduced, but went to a school as a teacher. She asked Susie why she came back this time, and Susie said it was because of the source plan.

In fact, Harry’s laboratory has long been in danger, and he has done a lot of whitewashing in order to preserve his fame and status. Susie didn’t want to waste time, so she had to come back. She asked Weiwei to find out the news for herself. So, Weiwei asked Zhu Zhu to meet, Wen Zhao and Zhou Xiaoshan were both from City A, which made Susie feel a little confused. Wen Zhao said that he would invest in the source plan, but did not want to go so smoothly. She hoped that Susie would help herself grasp the opportunity and when to intervene in order to gain the greatest right to speak.

Wen Zhao and Su Qian went to see Mr. Huang. Mr. Huang hesitated because he wanted to participate in the core personnel. Wen Zhao gave him a week to consider, otherwise he would no longer inject capital. Qiu Jianing immediately went to see Mr. Huang and asked about the unapproved purchase money. Susie is sure that Mr. Huang will turn back, because the source plan is tight now, but she is curious how Wen Zhao plans to let her replace Qiu Jianing, after all, she is now the backbone of the project. The head office approved the source plan to enter the second phase of clinical trials. Qiu Jianing told everyone about the news and encouraged everyone to work hard for the same goal.

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