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Broker 掮客 Episode 28 Recap

Qiu Jianing was suddenly asked to leave by a car. The person who invited her was Gail of Tox, the world’s largest biopharmaceutical company. Gail put out half a million dollars and hoped that Qiu Jianing would cooperate with them and said that a total of five million dollars would be paid. After entering her account after the cooperation was reached, Qiu Jianing dismissed it. Gale also knew about the grudge between Qiu Jianing and Harry, and said that Harry could immediately disappear from the scientific community. Qiu Jianing still hasn’t wavered. She will not let Chinese scientists no longer be recognized internationally. She wants people around the world to know that the Chinese have made results in this field. It is her only requirement that the Yuan Project be marked with the only Chinese label. Obviously Gail couldn’t do it. After Qiu Jianing left, Gale took action.

Wen Zhao has always missed Xianglan. He went to see Uncle Cha. Today is Xianglan’s birthday. Wen Zhao and Xianglan had known each other a long time ago, when Wen Zhao’s father was still a subordinate of Uncle Cha. Wen Zhao refused to believe that Pandan was dead. He felt that Pandan was just missing. At that time, the search and rescue team only found Pandan’s scarf. Wen Zhao said that as long as he didn’t see Pandan’s body, he must be alive.

Zhou Xiaoshan came to see Uncle Cha, and Uncle Cha hurriedly went downstairs and said that someone wanted to talk to Zhou Xiaoshan. It was the grandmother who was calling. Zhou Xiaoshan asked her a lot of questions, but she quickly hung up the phone. Uncle Cha said that she was not allowed to contact Zhou Xiaoshan and grandma in these years because she was afraid that she was in danger. Uncle Cha hopes that Zhou Xiaoshan will perform the task again, asking him to choose between being a filial son or being a lover. The reply time is tomorrow.

When leaving, Zhou Xiaoshan met Wen Zhao who had been waiting for him. Because of Xianglan, Wen Zhao and Zhou Xiaoshan have always had a heart knot. Wen Zhao believes that Zhou Xiaoshan’s owe to Xianglan will never be repaid. Zhou Xiaoshan is in a calm mood. He will never be able to live in the sun all his life. His only wish is Let Uncle Cha let him go and spend the rest of her life with Ama. Wen Zhao suddenly laughed and told him the bad news that Zhou Xiaoshan’s grandmother had died long ago, even before Xianglan died! Zhou Xiaoshan collapsed for a while, and he didn’t want to believe this fact.

Zhou Xiaoshan gradually became numb from the collapse, and finally told Uncle Cha that he would continue the task. Qiu Jianing introduced the source plan project in detail at the global press conference of the source plan, greeted warm applause, and Zhou Xiaoshan also appeared on this occasion that should not have appeared. After the end, Zhou Xiaoshan took Qiu Jianing and said something to her, but Qiu Jianing didn’t want to have anything to do with him and ignored him. The colleagues in the laboratory were very happy to see Qiu Jianing’s news, and smiled and found that Zhou Xiaoshan quickly pulled a new group in the group.

Zhou Xiaoshan chased Qiu Jianing to the hotel room. Qiu Jianing didn’t want to meet him again. Zhou Xiaoshan said that Uncle Cha wanted to see her, and Qiu Jianing reluctantly gave him two hours tomorrow afternoon. The next day, Zhou Xiaoshan took Qiu Jianing to see Uncle Cha, who always wears a smiling gentleman. Uncle Cha hoped that Zhou Xiaoshan would go back and continue the mission, so he pleaded for Zhou Xiaoshan in front of Qiu Jianing, hoping that she would give Zhou Xiaoshan another chance and also talked about the cause of Xianglan’s death. Xianglan committed suicide by jumping off a cliff. She could not accept being with anyone other than Zhou Xiaoshan, and Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing were afraid that the same thing would happen to her when they broke up.

Qiu Jianing only felt that Zhou Xiaoshan didn’t understand him, and left angrily. Qin Bin gave Molly the things Qiu Jiaxin asked him to bring, and Molly opened it and found that it was a pink cat doll, which she saw when she was shopping. Molly asked Qin Bin what Qiu Jiaxin was in his heart. Qin Bin only regarded her as an apprentice, a student, and a sister. Qin Bin rolled his eyes and left. He was really blind when complaining. Qiu Jiaxin received a call from Qin Bin when she was playing a game. Qin Bin complained that Molly had a bad attitude towards him, and that Qiu Jianing and Zhou Xiaoshan were together. Qiu Jiaxin became depressed the more she listened. Uncle Cha asked Molly to continue cooperating with Zhou Xiaoshan, and said that Zhou Xiaoshan and Qiu Jianing would not be so easy to reunite, she needed to go and knock.

Zhou Xiaoshan invited Qiu Jianing to dinner. He hoped that Qiu Jianing would return to the laboratory. Only work would make him feel valuable. He knew that the head office did not approve his resignation report, and Mr. Huang would try his best to keep him. Zhou Xiaoshan sent Qiu Jianing back to the hotel. He obviously didn’t want to leave. He also mentioned that he was drunk. He deliberately said other people’s names, but Zhou Xiaoshan loved Qiu Jianing from beginning to end. Qiu Jianing broke free from Zhou Xiaoshan’s embrace, they had broken up!

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