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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 26 Recap

The three paparazzi have been staying with Jingjing. They saw Yu Tu sending Jingjing to the airport. The two not only embraced the difference, but also compared their hearts, making them more sure of their relationship. After several days of squatting and shooting, they all felt the true love of the two, so they decided to edit them well. At the same time, they also wanted to continue to stay on the road, so as to dig out the identity of the road.

After Jingjing left, Yu Tu resumed his self-disciplined solo life. The three paparazzi were very emotional that Yu Tu’s living habits were very healthy. They followed Yu Tu to the Aerospace Research Institute, and shot Yu Tu madly. People from the Security Bureau were arrested as spies. Yu Tu received a call from Hu Suo. He was a little bit dumbfounded when he came to the office and learned the whole story. He also made it clear that he was in a relationship with Jingjing.

He had been with Jingjing during the three days of vacation. Together. What Yu Tu confessed was exactly the same as what the paparazzi confessed. The people of the Security Bureau also figured out this misunderstanding. They only decided to give the paparazzi some ideological education and let them go. At the same time, they reminded Yu Tu when he was in love. Pay attention to the confidential work of the unit. The person who sent away the security bureau, Hu Suo congratulated Yu Tu for having a relationship. He thought this was a good thing, and only asked Yu Tu to keep a low profile.

Yu Tu told Jingjing about the paparazzi, and Jingjing was also dumbfounded, and told Sister Ling the matter. When Sister Ling was complaining with her husband, the head of the paparazzi, Adou, called to apologize to Sister Ling and thanked him. He promised that he would definitely put these revelations in his heart. Sister Ling smiled and nodded in response, but regretted that the money she was looking for public relations was spent in vain.

Two years later, Jingjing was filming in the desert. She and Yu Tu’s scandal were once again on hot searches. Sister Ling lamented that the two of them had been photographed many times in the past two years, and they were also on many hot searches. Jing ran hot searches without an official announcement, and she didn’t have to spend money to buy public relations announcements for the two. After that, Sister Ling called Jingjing. Jingjing had a bad network in the desert.

She told Jingjing about the hot search and wanted Jingjing to make it public. Taking into account the particularity of Yu Tu’s work, Jingjing did not want to make it public. Sister Ling also followed Jingjing, only instructing Jingjing to get along well with Zhou Xiaoqi and not to get involved.

Everyone in the crew knows that Jingjing has been at odds with Zhou Xiaoqi for many years, and the two began a fake greeting as soon as they met, attacking each other’s weaknesses with a smile. After a scene, Jingjing got the director’s exaggeration. Zhou Xiaoqi was very unconvinced, but he was also impressed by how much Jingjing’s acting had improved. After a break, Zhou Xiaoqi’s boyfriend came to visit the class. Everyone was eating and drinking.

Zhou Xiaoqi’s assistant also gave Jingjing food. Jingjing saw at a glance that it was heavy salt and heavy oil, and she didn’t eat a bite. Xiao Zhu knew that Yu Tu would also come to visit the class. She was afraid that Yu Tu would lose to Zhou Xiaoqi’s boyfriend. She wanted Yu Tu to bring food back and forth to Sister Ling for reimbursement. Jingjing knew that Xiao Zhu did not want Yu Tu to be Zhou Xiaoqi male. Friends are going down, but today Zhou Xiaoqi’s boyfriend is too much fanfare, and the director is no longer happy. She still wants Yu Tu to come quietly and walk quietly.

When Jingjing went to film, she asked Xiao Zhu to help her pick her up. Yu Tu appeared handsome in an outdoor suit. After seeing Yu Tu, Xiao Zhu’s eyes shone, knowing that Yu Tu will definitely win against Zhou Xiaoqi’s boyfriend. Xiao Zhu took Yu Tu to see Jingjing. He witnessed Jingjing’s hard work in filming. After the play, Jingjing stepped forward and hugged on the road, telling him how much he missed the journey. Yu Tu looked at Jingjing dozingly. He took Jingjing away. Jingjing had a play today. She had planned to play with Yu Tu tomorrow, but she had to rush back to the airport at 6pm on the way. There is a meeting in Shanghai.

After learning this news, Jingjing felt lost in her heart, she only hugged Yutu tightly, but she understood him very much. When the two returned to the tent, Jingjing wanted to stay with Yu Tuduo warmly for a while, but Yu Tu went out and installed a signal receiver for Jingjing, not wanting Jingjing to lose contact for more than ten hours a day. The director was very grateful for Yu Tu’s dedication. The director learned that Yu Tu was leaving at 2 o’clock in the afternoon, so he postponed the fun for an hour for the two in the afternoon, leaving them warm and alone.

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