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You Are My Glory 你是我的荣耀 Episode 25 Recap

Jingjing talked to Chen Xue on the phone. She confessed to Chen Xue that she had a boyfriend. The boyfriend was an outsider. Not only did she look too high, but she also had a cautious look. Chen Xue felt like Tutu after hearing this. He is a scumbag. The paparazzi squatted at the door of the road, wanting to take a picture of the two in the same frame, but they caught Yu Tu taking out the suitcase from the Jingjing car. It is obvious that the two are going to spend the night tonight.

Yu Tu sent the spacecraft doll for Jingjing and took the spare pillow sheet from the master bedroom. He left the master bedroom to Jingjing. Jingjing chatted with Chen Xue. Under Chen Xue’s children’s unsuitable words, Jingjing couldn’t help her heart beating faster. She couldn’t sleep and went out to look for Yutu. Seeing that Yutu was still working, she stepped forward and asked about Yutu.

Yu Tu said frankly that he needed to read the paper to calm down, and at the same time he told Jingjing not to leave the room, otherwise he would not be able to control himself. The meaning of Yu Tu’s words was too naked, Jingjing returned to the room with a blushing face, and asked Sister Ling to send her the interview. She also needed to calm down.

The next day, Jingjing woke up and had a good morning kiss with Yu Tu. Yu Tu prepared breakfast for Jingjing and ate breakfast with her. At breakfast, Jingjing told sister Ling not to come and pick her up. She stayed at Yutu’s house last night. Sister Ling exposed what Jingjing also needed to calm down last night, and decided to pick up Jingjing in the past. The group of people went out together. This picture was again captured by the paparazzi. The paparazzi followed their car all the way, preparing to dig out a bigger point of revelation.

Yu Tu acted as a driver to send Jingjing to the event site. In order to see Yu Tu all the time, Jingjing changed her outfit and let Yu Tu pretend to be her image consultant and enter the backstage with her. Yu Tu’s face is so high that all the girls can’t help but look at it more. Even Jingjing’s makeup artist exaggerates Yu Tu. After Jingjing puts on her makeup, she wants to be interviewed. The media people are too sensitive. Sister Ling had to ask Yu Tu to find a place to stay for a while. Yu Tu has always supported Jingjing in her career.

He doesn’t stop her from being a male chauvinist. Jing wore an exposed dress, and only straightforwardly chose a lighter one for Jingjing. After he came out, Yu Tu went to work in a cafe alone. Many girls came to Yutu to ask for WeChat. They were all rejected by Yu Tu. His behavior was unanimously praised by three paparazzi. The three have been following Yutu, After Yu Tu went to participate in Jingjing’s event, they didn’t let it go, and slapped the two.

Jingjing wore a red dress to attend the event. After she finished the event, she came to see Yutu. Yutu exaggerated Jingjing’s beauty. He asked the fans how his wife was called. Jingjing smiled and asked Yutu. It’s not jealous, Yu Tu’s mouth twitched slightly, no matter what, Jingjing finally went home with him. Later, Xiao Zhu came to look for Jingjing. She was afraid that she would disturb Jingjing and Yutu, but the two had already left and went to Yutu’s house.

Yu Tu was just at the age of Fang Gang, and he had endured Jingjing’s control for one night, and couldn’t help the deep love in his heart anyway tonight. After returning home, Yu Tu and Jingjing kissed passionately. Yu Tu mentioned that Jingjing hadn’t been with him for long enough and wanted Jingjing to make up for him. Only Yu Tu held Jingjing affectionately and came to the master bedroom. The two were lingering. Together, they finally merged into one, loving each other deeply.

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