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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 21 Recap

Tao Yao prepared delicious soup for Sun Shijie. After Sun Shijie finished eating, Tao Yao sent him away. Sun Shijie was worried about Taoyao’s injury, so he wandered at the door of his house. Suddenly saw Taoyao hurried out, Sun Shijie quietly followed. Taoyao came to a ruined temple and saw a man wearing a mask. The man forced her to ask Sun Shijie for a favor. With a lot of money, Taoyao couldn’t bear to lie to Sun Shijie and was beaten up by that man. Sun Shijie rushed out to protect Taoyao, falsely claiming that he had notified the government that the masked man fleeing in embarrassment with his accomplices.

Taoyao admits that her encounter with Sun Shijie was carefully arranged. The group of people has been using her to defraud rich men’s money. Taoyao tried to escape several times but was arrested and beaten back. Sun Shijie believed it to be true and became more heartbroken towards Taoyao. Sun Shijie vowed to protect her from now on. Later, Sun Shijie came to Du Fu Yin for help, Du Fu Yin promised to send someone to protect Tao Yao, only to beg him to speak in front of Sun Xun.

Sun Yulou asked Yao Dizhu about Taoyao’s situation, Yao Dizhu quickly found out the matter, and she personally went to the door to report to Lin Shaochun according to Sun Yulou’s instructions. Lin Shaochun immediately reported to Sun Shijie about Taoyao’s deception and abduction in recent years, and Sun Shijie insisted that Taoyao was forced.

According to the clues provided by Taoyao, Du Fuyin caught the people who threatened her. Those people claimed to be from the Gang of Four Seas. Sun Shijie called Lin Shaochun to listen. The people of the Gang of Four Seas admitted the crime of intimidating Taoyao to defraud her. Du Fuyin detained them. Go to jail. Lin Shaochun asked Dufu Yin to rule Taoyao’s crime. Du Fuyin did not hold Taoyao accountable because of Sun Shijie’s face.

Sun Shijie was very dissatisfied with Lin Shaochun and couldn’t help but complain to Taoyao. Taoyao would rather go to jail and didn’t want to hurt Sun Shijie. Du Fuyin had to put her in jail. Taoyao bought the jailer in advance and asked the convicted prisoner Hei Er to act in a play. Tao Yao had already settled Hei Er’s wife, children and parents, and Hei Er thought about agreeing to it again and again, and he drank the poison given by Tao Yao. , Also signed and detained the confession.

Sun Shijie brought Lin Shaochun to the audience again. Du Fuyin read out Heier’s confession in public. He admitted to forcing Taoyao to deceive people and money, and to clear Taoyao’s guilt, Du Fuyin released Taoyao on the spot. Lin Shaochun saw that there was a fraud, but now there is no proof. Before leaving, Lin Shaochun warns Taoyao to do it for himself, otherwise he will fall into the French Open sooner or later.

Lin Shaochun reported to Liu Sanjue what Taoyao had done. Liu San never believed that Taoyao would truly love Sun Shijie. Taoyao was a man who wanted to witness by all means. At that time, Liu Sanjue saw Taoyao being beaten and scolded by the shopkeeper, so he bought Taoyao back, wholeheartedly trying to train her into a horn, Taoyao diligently learns to practice hard, dances and dances until her feet bleed, Taoyao forcibly endures the pain, The bloody feet were put into the snow basin to stop the bleeding forcibly, and then continued to perform on stage. The audience applauded her, but Liu Sanjue felt that Taoyao’s performance was still lacking, and promised to refund the tickets to the audience. Taking Yao Yao away, Liu Sanjue also felt that he was too harsh on Tao Yao.

Soon afterwards, Taoyao returned to say goodbye to Liu Sanjue. She admitted that learning opera is to make money. If she wanted to make more money with her own ability, Liu Sanjue no longer reluctantly. From that day on, Taoyao cheated everywhere. She swindled Cao San’s money and ruined his family, and then went on a mess with other men. Liu Sanjue was very angry when she learned about it, and wanted to visit Cao San at the Pomiao Temple. When she met Taoyao, Liu Sanjue accused her of not deceiving Cao San. Taoyao not only did not repent, but also plausible.

Liu Sanjue came to see Cao San at the ruined temple. Cao San had no complaints against Tao Yao and praised her as the most kind woman in the world. After Cao San’s death, Tao Yao made Cao San’s filial piety. This move touched many people. After listening to Liu Sanjue’s narration, Lin Shaochun felt that Tao Yao’s scheming was quite difficult to deal with.

Wu Yuehong thought that Sun Shijie was very good to her. He made desserts with his own hands, desperately to please Sun Xun and Shen Qingyao, and made a nondescript poem in public, which made the whole family laugh. Lin Shaochun couldn’t bear to see Wu Yuehong in the drum. , And left with the excuse of being uncomfortable. Sun Yulou felt sorry for Lin Shaochun and ordered meals from Hongyu Tower. Lin Shaochun vowed to let Sun Shijie see Taoyao’s true face and asked Sun Yulou if there was any medicine that made people look sick.

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