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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 20 Recap

After being rejected by Taoyao, Sun Shijie was depressed all day long. He kept himself in the room, did not eat with family members, and ignored Wu Yuehong. Wu Yuehong was very angry and Shen Qingyao did not know the truth. Instead, he complained that Wu Yuehong did not know how to consider Sun Shijie and Wu Yuehong was not angry.

From one place, he complained loudly in front of the whole family. Sun Xun felt that Sun Shijie was too shameful, so he had to teach him well. Wu Yuehong worried that Sun Shijie hated her even more because of this. He told the public that Sun Xun lied about the number of Japanese invaders and asked the emperor for credit. The whole family People were shocked, Sun Xun was speechless, Aunt Mei forcibly stopped Wu Yuehong.

Wu Yuehong wanted to feel wronged and yelled at Sun Xun. She said in front of the whole family that Sun Xun was because his father held the military power to promote the marriage between the two. Sun Xun was completely angered and severely reprimanded Wu Yuehong. Suddenly, she was fined to kneel in the ancestral hall. Taoyao refused to accept Sun Shijie’s piano and asked Wang Qingxi to take it back as it was. Sun Shijie was very distressed.

Wu Yuehong knelt sore and sore in her legs. She felt sad when she saw Sun Shijie guarding the piano. She couldn’t help but murmured. Sun Shijie didn’t want to listen to her long-winded, so she went back to the house alone. Wu Yuehong wanted to please Sun Shijie, so she invited a few masters to teach her how to play the piano. Wu Yuehong had been practicing for a long time, but she couldn’t do anything about it, and the masters were helpless. Wu Yuehong was angry and drove them all away.

When Wu Yuehong saw Sun Yulou and Lin Shaochun approaching intimately, she was envious. She couldn’t wait to know why Sun Yulou liked Lin Shaochun. Sun Yulou listed Lin Shaochun’s outstanding points one by one. Wu Yuehong was very sad and didn’t know how to please Sun Shijie, Lin Shaochun. She was kind to her and encouraged her to use her strengths. Wu Yuehong was good at playing polo, and Lin Shaochun asked her to play polo, and they would arrange the rest.

Sun Yulou asked Sun Shijie to watch the polo match. Sun Shijie was not interested. Sun Yulou had to knock him out and take him to the court. Sun Shijie woke up in a daze. Wu Yuehong went to the field to fight with the men. With her extraordinary skills, she scored points again and again for the team and finally won. Sun Shijie was dragged by her colleagues to watch the game. Seeing Wu Yuhong who was brave and brave on the field, she felt tempted.

Wu Yuehong saw Sun Shijie in the crowd. She closed her mouth happily and greeted him to celebrate together. Sun Shijie just wanted to go to Wu Yuehong and suddenly saw Tao Yao hurriedly leaving. Sun Shijie hurried to chase him. He hurried to catch up with Tao Yao. Taoyao explained that he had come to sing for Mrs. Zhang, and Sun Shijie confided to Taoyao about his lovesickness. The maid chased afterwards and revealed that Tao Yao also missed Sun Shijie, and Sun Shijie was excited with tears and promised to find time to see her.

When Sun Shijie went home and saw Wu Yuehong, he couldn’t help feeling pity, and promised to treat her well in the future. Sun Shijie used the excuse to sleep well at night to influence Wu Yuehong, and went to the study to sleep with the bedding. Wu Yuehong mistakenly thought that Sun Shijie was caring and considerate to her. I vowed to thank Lin Shaochun for his accomplishment.

Sun Xun asked Sun Shijie to stop introspection at home. He used the excuse to find a friend to recite poetry. Wu Yuehong told Lin Shaochun about these things. Lin Shaochun suspected that Sun Shijie had other women outside. He suffered from the lack of conclusive evidence. . Sun Shijie came to see Taoyao and saw that the room was full of red candles. Taoyao seduce him in every possible way. Sun Shijie became confused and fell in love with Taoyao.

Tao Yao single-mindedly wanted to have a boy and a half daughter, and then replaced Wu Yuehong as Sun Shijie’s wife. Lin Shaochun found out that Sun Shijie and Taoyao had a good relationship and came to the house to find Taoyao’s theory. Taoyao not only did not know how to repent, but also plausibly stated that Sun Shijie could not be separated from her. Lin Shaochun warned her not to destroy Sun Shijie’s marriage. Taoyao claimed that she would not wish to marry. When entering Sun Shijie’s house, she wanted to be Sun Shijie’s outer room. Lin Shaochun strongly opposed it. She would not stand by and take care of it.

Lin Shaochun went home and talked to Sun Yulou about the affair between Sun Shijie and Tao Yao. She didn’t know where to go. Sun Yulou wanted to find someone to find out about Tao Yao’s character. The maid was worried that Lin Shaochun would find out what Tao Yao had done before. Tao Yao stabbed her wrist with a dagger. Sun Shijie rushed over. Tao Yao deliberately exposed the wound on her arm. Sun Shijie was very distressed.

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