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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 39 Recap

Mo Ming kindly persuaded Yan Zhi, and Yan Zhi felt that he had been facing Xiao Yan, and was quite dissatisfied with this. He said without a word that Mo Ming liked Xiao Yan. Mo Ming immediately denied it, but he sternly admitted that he felt that Mo Ming was so good to Xiao Yan. Sorry Chen Jiaorui, so he locked the door that night and shut Mo Ming outside. Mo Ming thought that his little boy was unreasonably making trouble, and immediately became angry, feeling a little guilty, and finally opened the door.

Mo Ming said that when he divorced Chen Jiaorui, his life fell to the bottom, and it was Xiao Yan who gave him a hand to rekindle his confidence in life. Now he wants to do something to help Xiao Yan tide over these difficulties. Whether Mo Ming likes Xiao Yan or not, there is always a more precious sentiment in this world than love.

Mother Chen called Li Mei’e again and asked her to bring Tongtong at home. Chen Jiaorui came over and collided with Li Mei’e who was off work. She ordered Li Mei’e not to come here again, and even threatened that if Li Mei’e came again, she would call the police. Unexpectedly, Li Mei’e was not afraid at all. Anyway, both Chen’s mother and Tongtong liked her, and she was not afraid that Chen Jiaorui would make this matter a big deal.

After all, she had nothing. Unlike Chen Jiaorui, she still has a career. It’s no good for her to make a big noise. Chen Jiaorui was choked so much that she could not speak. She returned home and wanted to exhale to her mother, but after thinking about it, she didn’t say anything. She went into the room to rest because she was unwell after a day of driving.

In order to drive away Li Mei’e, Chen Jiaorui deliberately took away one of her mother’s favorite skirts, intending to blame Li Mei’e on this matter. The day before the operation, Xiao Yan saw some netizens’ comments and feelings about the operation on the Internet, and she was frightened. She picked up her mobile phone and called Qi Bin, but the two had a tacit understanding and called each other at the same time.

The result was that the other party was on the phone. The next day, Xiao Yan was alone in the hospital bed waiting for the operation, but Mo Ming, who had promised to accompany her, did not come, so anxious that Xiao Yan sent him a lot of messages. At this time, Mo Ming was waiting at the entrance of the hospital. He told Qi Bin about Xiao Yan’s operation, and Qi Bin immediately left everything and rushed to the hospital.

When Qi Bin appeared at the door of the ward, Xiao Yan was stunned. For the next operation, Xiao Yan said it was a fake not to be nervous, and Qi Bin’s arrival gave her an unexpected surprise. Qi Bin knew that she could not refuse herself now, so he took out the ring to propose to Xiao Yan, but Xiao Yan did not refuse. Soon, Xiao Yan was pushed into the operating room, and the effect of the anesthetic came into play very quickly. When Xiao Yan woke up, the operation was over.

Doctor Zhang said that her operation was very successful, but because of the high recurrence rate of the disease, she still said that, suggesting that Xiao Yan get pregnant as soon as possible after the operation recovers. You Ya learned from Mo Ming that Xiao Yan had an operation today, so she came to the hospital to see Xiao Yan.

The two girlfriends cried, and You Ya said that she didn’t blame her, and Xiao Yan finally let go of her inner self-blame and guilt. Thea will have a big change recently, to promote a woman to the board of directors, the criterion is married and childbirth, family stability. Mr. Li is optimistic about Xiao Yan, while Mr. Ma prefers Chen Jiaorui. Out of the gloom, Youya talked frankly with Cheng Haonan. Youya reflected on her past behavior, and finally the two reached a reconciliation, redeemed each other, and forgive each other. After Xiao Yan calmed down, she felt that she didn’t know how to face Qibin. The next day I went to a family gathering organized by Thea Group, Xiao Yan unexpectedly saw Qi Bin at the gathering.

Qi Bin wanted to publicize her relationship with Xiao Yan in front of everyone, but Xiao Yan wanted to enter the board of directors with her own ability, and didn’t want people to think that she was the board of directors of Thea Group who entered through Qi Bin. The smile on Qi Bin’s face disappeared, and he noticed that Xiao Yan did not wear a ring today.

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