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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 7 Recap

Xu Yingzi took off her clothes, and her roommate helped to take a nude photo of her holding her ID card, trying to make a nude loan through the nude photo. Li Chengyang was sitting in the Xiaoyu Chaos Store. He saw the WeChat group on his mobile phone. The leaders were chatting in the group, but Li Chengyang didn’t know what to reply.

As soon as Ma Shuai died, someone was fighting for the project in Yihe New Village. He felt that it was not right to think about it with his toes. The daughter didn’t know that Ma Shuai was dead, and asked innocently about where he was going. Li Lijuan lost her husband and felt heartbroken. She didn’t know how to tell her that her father was dead. Li Chengyang called Li Lijuan and told her that the autopsy results were out and there were no problems.

The Chaos shop he is now in was brought by his master Lin Han. After Lin Han died unexpectedly, Li Chengyang ran to investigate the truth. He was exhausted physically and mentally, as if he was only sitting at the small table next to the wall in this small shop. , He can feel that he is still alive. Regarding the autopsy report of Ma Shuai, Luo Shanhe also smelled the taste of conspiracy.

The purpose of the supervision team to Luteng was to remove the umbrella of the evil forces through the September 15 incident. Now, behind the seemingly clueless, Luo Shanhe is exactly what happened. Saw a glimmer of light. Lin Hao and He Yong had the same idea. They both believed that Yang Dong was a strong foreigner and a middle-man. Then they drove to Yang Dong’s hometown and found his mother Zhang Naozhu.

Luo Shanhe asked him to investigate why Li Chengyang left the police force. The reason behind it is certainly not simple. He Yong returned to interrogate Yang Dong after seeing Zhang Nao. He brought back the video that Zhang Nao had recorded for Yang Dong. After watching this video, Yang Dong was deeply moved in his heart, and he decided to confess all. He confessed to five serious injury cases in Luteng City in 2004, but he said that he had no knowledge of Mai Zili’s disappearance.

He Yong turned to ask who Ma Shuai had close contacts with back then. Yang Dong said that he was a section chief of an engineering project, named Dong Yao, who is now the district chief. After Yang Dong was arrested, Zheng Yihong asked Gao Mingyuan if he wanted to protect him. Gao Mingyuan’s answer was to lose his pawn and protect him. Yang Dong is just a pawn that was thrown out to explore the way. The key is not to let Dong Yao be targeted.

The vegetable farmers gave Officer Chen a pennant, thanking him for catching Yang Dong, and restoring peace to their vegetable market. These people expressed their willingness to provide relevant clues, and Officer Chen asked them to record confessions one by one. Sun Xing saw the photos uploaded by Xu Yingzi and remembered that he had met her when he was in the detention center. He smiled slightly and could see that there was a conspiracy.

Soon after, Xu Yingzi came to the detention center with fifty thousand yuan and gave it to Hu Xiaowei, but he still had to apologize to Sun Xing. Xu Yingzi was panicked, but still had to go and apologize. The nightclub was so noisy, Xu Yingzi was pushed into the nightclub by someone. She was shaking her voice and holding the microphone to apologize to Sun Xing. After she had finished speaking, she was already as scared as trembling.

Halfway through, Hu Xiaowei called Sun Xing. He said that Xu Yingzi had a friend Lin Hao. He was a criminal policeman. He had already come to ask about Xu Xiaoshan. Moreover, there were incidents in Sun Xing’s recent scenes and Lin Hao led the people. Take it away. Hu Xiaowei persuaded Sun Xing not to make matters worse, and to stop it. Sun Xing hung up before he finished speaking, and instead smiled and asked Xu Yingzi to pick up the cup that fell on the floor. Xu Yingzi squatted down to pick it up immediately, but Sun Xing stomped her hand severely.

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