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Crime Crackdown 扫黑风暴 Episode 6 Recap

Huang Xi said that she had Meilidai’s ledger. If Lin Hao doesn’t reach the address she specified within an hour, then Lin Hao would like the ledger. In desperation, Lin Hao had to leave first. After Lin Hao left, Hu Xiaowei began to scare Xu Yingzi. He said that according to Xu Xiaoshan’s situation, he would have to stay in at least three years. Xu Yingzi was frightened when she heard it, and repeatedly begged him for help. Hu Xiaowei pretended to be reluctant to help her solve the problem. Xu Yingzi was very grateful and followed their advice to collect money for compensation. At this time, Lin Hao and Huang Xi did not agree. Huang Xi wanted to get back the watch, and Lin Hao wanted to get back the account book in her hand while holding the watch.

Huang Xi was naturally unwilling, Lin Hao had to reason with her, Huang Xi seemed to be shaken. Lin Hao answered a call midway and found that Huang Xi was no longer in sight. The waiter asked Lin Hao to pay the bill. This time the consumption amounted to more than two thousand, and Lin Hao could only choose to swipe his card. In addition, the waiter gave Lin Hao an account book, saying that Huang Xi left it. Lin Hao looked through it and found that this was the book of Meilidai that Huang Xi said. The supervision team is about to arrest Yang Dong. Luo Shanhe is worried that Yang Dong, as a vegetable tyrant who is rampant in Luteng City, will affect the people’s livelihood in Luteng City. .

At the same time, after an overnight survey, the police found human blood on the airport special line. After comparison, it was confirmed that this was Xue Mei’s bloodstain, and she was probably killed. He Yong reported the results of the investigation to Luo Shanhe. Luo Shanhe was very angry. This group of people was too lawless, and the supervision team was still a step late. That night, Yang Dong still ordered his subordinates to balance the entire vegetable market in Luteng City as before, but he did not know that the police were already deploying arrangements to arrest him. Lin Hao is familiar with Luteng City, and He Yong specifically went to him for help and asked him to participate in this special case. Lin Hao finally agreed.

Because Yang Dong didn’t know it beforehand, He Yong took his people away. Yang Dong was very vigilant. He escaped from the window alone and just happened to hit Lin Hao. Lin Hao also temporarily looked at Yang Dong’s photos, recognized this person as Yang Dong, and pursued him closely. Yang Dong called a group of people and dragged Lin Hao, while he drove away by himself. He Yong drove over in time and drove Lin Hao to chase Yang Dong. Yang Dong parked the car among a pile of cars, intending to avoid arrest. Lin Hao searched around and was almost stabbed with a knife by Yang Dong who suddenly emerged from the car, but in the end, he subdued Yang Dong.

Li Chengyang went to the municipal government for a meeting. At the meeting, he met Gao Mingyuan, the chairman of Nagata Capital, and also knew the intention of Vice Mayor Wu Shuangling for this meeting. Li Chengyang did not immediately agree, but hoped to give the new coach some time to consider. Under his struggle, Wu Shuangling promised to give the new marshal group a week. After that, Wu Shuangling took the lead and introduced Zheng Yihong, president of Luteng City Hezhongyiwen Media Company, to Li Chengyang, who was in charge of the publicity work of this project. On the other hand, in order to collect 50,000 yuan, everyone who can borrow went to Xu Yingzi. The roommate proposed a naked loan, and Xu Yingzi finally chose to raise money through a naked loan.

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