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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 18 Recap

The maids wrote their crimes on the spot and reported other people. Finally, they pressed their handprints on them. Lin Shaochun found that Rongshou’s wife was guilty, and sent someone to call her to the government to report her and drive her out of the house. Rong Shou’s wife was so scared that she begged for mercy again and again. Lin Shaochun asked her daughter Xiao Cui to succeed Xiao Hong. Rong Shou’s wife was grateful.

Xu Fengqiao’s financial path was completely blocked, she was furious, and cast all her anger on Sun Jinge. Sun Xun heard that Lin Shaochun managed the family well and saved a lot of money. He was full of praise for her. Xu Fengqiao, Su Yingxue and Wu Yuehong all followed Lin Shaochun to study hard. Wu Yuehong claimed that he was not interested in housework, and Sun Xun was ruthless. After scolding her, Xu Fengqiao sneered at Lin Shaochun, and Sun Yulou stood up to relieve Lin Shaochun, and Shen Qingyao hurriedly stopped them.

Sun Yulou knew that Xu Fengqiao was so good that he didn’t want Lin Shaochun to be her enemy. Lin Shaochun couldn’t understand the hiding of her family members, and promised to get along well with her as much as possible. Lin Shaochun deliberately made Wu Yuehong’s favorite snacks. Wu Yuehong did not appreciate it. She also revealed that Xu Fengqiao would not let her talk to Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun was not angry, and advised her to taste it first. Lin Shaochun was full of praise for her craftsmanship, and she repeatedly praised Lin Shaochun as a good person. Lin Shaochun advised her not to listen to other people’s slanders, but to trust her own eyes.

Lin Shaochun deliberately played the pipa in the garden. Su Yingxue was attracted by the melodious sound of the pipa. Lin Shaochun took the initiative to show her favor. Su Yingxue made it clear that she was not interested in housework. She only envied Lin Shaochun and Sun Yulou’s affectionate relationship. Finally, Lin Shaochun came to negotiate with Xu Fengqiao. Xu Fengqiao explained her misunderstanding again and again. Lin Shaochun advised her to take care of her illness. When she got better, she would be a housekeeper, and Xu Fengqiao would laugh and accompany her to play haha.

Xu Fengqiao made a new dress, Wu Yuehong liked it very much, and Xu Fengqiao made one for everyone. Shen Qingyao was going to attend Mrs. Zhang’s birthday banquet. She wanted to give her pearl head and face to Mrs. Zhang. Xu Fengqiao was so scared that the tea cup in her hand fell to the ground, and Lin Shaochun watched it all. Xu Fengqiao had already taken that pair of pearls in front of her face. She was worried that the matter would be revealed, and wanted to hide in her family’s house.

Xu Fengqiao accidentally saw the spatula made by Qingxi daughter-in-law eating candy, so she thought of a good way. Lin Shaochun came to the warehouse to search carefully, but did not find Shen Qingyao’s pearl head face, Xu Fengqiao sent it later, claiming that the head face was kept in her room, Lin Shaochun smelled the scent of fructose, and Xu Fengqiao lied to eat the candy. On the clothes, she was worried about revealing the stuff, and hurriedly locked the pearl head and face into the cabinet, and gave the key to Lin Shaochun.

The more Lin Shaochun thought about it, the more things went wrong, suspecting that the pearls were made of sugar. She came to the storeroom overnight and found that the pearls had completely melted. Seeing that it was the day when Shen Qingyao went to Zhang’s Mansion for a banquet, Xiao Cui was worried for Lin Shaochun. Lin Shaochun couldn’t think of a better way for a while, but comforted Xiao Cui. Xiao Cui asked her mother to paint the head and face of the pearl overnight, and she made one according to it, but it was too simple to use.

The daughter-in-law of Rongshou learned about the loss of the pearl head and face from Xiaocui, and she spread around Lin Shaochun selling the pearl head and face for money. She wanted to see Lin Shaochun unlucky and couldn’t wait to congratulate Xu Fengqiao. Xu Fengqiao thought that she would be the master of the house again. She was in the mood. Great, we will have a banquet to invite the Rongshou wife and Qingxi daughter-in-law to have a drink.

When Lin Shaochun saw that Sun Jinge had lost all his money in gambling, he forced Jiading to help him with money. Lin Shaochun realized that Sun Jinge was addicted to gambling, so he sent Xiao Cui to do something. Lin Shaochun reported to Shen Qingyao about the theft of the pearl head and face. Xu Fengqiao insisted that Lin Shaochun was guarding the theft, and Lin Shaochun had to say that this was the work of Sun Jinge.

Lin Shaochun deliberately deducted Sun Jinge’s three-month money, and Sun Jinge came to her to inquire about the crime, but when Lin Shaochun was not in the house, Sun Jinge sat down and waited. When Lin Shaochun was late, Sun Jinge sprinkled all his anger on Xiao Cui and dealt with her. Punches and kicks. Lin Shaochun came with Wu Yuhong and Su Yingxue. Sun Jinge opened the cabinet to get the money. Xiao Cui deliberately hung the pearl she made behind his back. Lin Shaochun led Wu Yuehong and Su Yingxue to chase after Sun Jinge. Sun Jinge ran to the small bridge in one breath, and Pearl accidentally fell into the lake. Sun Jinge knew that he was in trouble, so scared and hurried to hide.

When Shen Qingyao learned of this, she taught Xu Fengqiao severely and wanted to punish her husband and wife with a month’s money. Xu Fengqiao severely taught Sun Jinge. Lin Shaochun came to talk to Xu Fengqiao and Lin Shaochun gave Xu the compradors. Fengqiao’s benefits were returned to her. From then on, the two of them got along well. Lin Shaochun exposed that Xu Fengqiao used the pearl head to act in person, hoping that she would not act as an example. Xu Fengqiao was speechless.

Shen Qingyao randomly found a gift and came to Zhang’s house for a banquet. Seeing that other ladies brought expensive gifts, she felt very uncomfortable. She went to the pavilion alone to get angry. Lin Shaochun promised to help her save face and do what she wanted. Mrs. Zhang presented a stunning song. When Mrs. Zhang was young, she loved to dance, but she hadn’t danced for many years. When Lin Shaochun played that song, Mrs. Zhang couldn’t help but dance.

At the end of the song, Mrs. Zhang still expressed her gratitude. She thanked Lin Shaochun again and again. Lin Shaochun put all the credit on Shen Qingyao. Mrs. Zhang was very happy and asked Lin Shaochun to play another song.

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