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Song of Youth 玉楼春 Episode 17 Recap

Su Yingxue heard that Jia Fengyuan was going to move, and hurriedly came to beg him not to leave. Jia Fengyuan didn’t want to be under the fence of Sun Mansion anymore, Su Yingxue had to leave in anguish. Jia Fengyuan looked at her lonely back and couldn’t bear it, and rushed over to hug Su Yingxue.

Lin Shaochun got up early to help Xu Fengqiao take care of the family affairs. Sun Yulou was very distressed and worried that Xu Fengqiao would make things difficult for her. Lin Shaochun didn’t care at all. Xu Fengqiao gave Lin Shaochun a detailed introduction to the situation in the mansion, and also called the women and maids headed by Rong Shou’s wife to listen to the errands. She matched Lin Shaochun with the personal maid Xiaohong.

Lin Shaochun read the daily accounts. The annual cost of eating and drinking is as high as 7,200 taels of silver, and the monthly expenditure is 100 taels more than the account book. Xu Fengqiao claimed that she had paid for it by herself and used it on her grandfather and her husband. Rongshou’s wife spent three years. Lin Shaochun’s account books were handed over to Lin Shaochun for review.

Lin Shaochun went to the rouge gouache store in the city to investigate one by one, and found that the price was exactly the same as on the account book. Lin Shaochun didn’t believe that Xu Fengqiao paid the money, so he sent someone to inquire about the purchase price of the compradors. It turned out that the major compradors in the capital united to make a unified price, and Xu Fengqiao was responsible for the purchase, and then received the corresponding benefits from the comprador. Xu Fengqiao wanted to continue taking the benefits from the comprador and wanted to see Lin Shaochun’s jokes. Sun Yulou couldn’t help but feel pity when he saw Lin Shaochun worrying about family affairs.

Lin Shaochun called Ganniang and the wives from each prefecture together, and asked them to learn more about the management of their accounts in their homes. They also found some of the most famous compradors in the capital. The compradors insisted that the prices are the lowest for each prefecture. Lin Shaochun took it. Send out a price list to the compradors, and they resolutely refused to agree. Lin Shaochun called on the wives of various prefectures not to buy from them, and to unite everyone to go to Jiangnan to purchase. Ganniang was the first to stand up and support Lin Shaochun, and other wives also responded positively.

Lin Shaochun’s move saved a lot of money in the mansion and completely cut off Xu Fengqiao’s financial path. Xu Fengqiao gritted her teeth with anger and sent someone to pass a message to the compradors to stay calm, and wait until she drove Lin Shaochun out of the Sun family. Xu Fengqiao urged Rongshou’s wife and his wife to confront Lin Shaochun, in order to completely isolate Lin Shaochun. The king of Nan’an County is coming to the capital. He is Sun Xun’s best friend and loves to eat Sun’s home cooking. Shen Qingyao sent Xu Fengqiao and Lin Shaochun to prepare for this family dinner. Xu Fengqiao lied that she was unwell and recommended Lin Shaochun Prepare alone.

The king of Nan’an County came to visit Sun’s Mansion on time. Sun Xun and Sun Yulou accompany him to drink tea and chat. Lin Shaochun didn’t dare to neglect, and went to the kitchen to stare. Resisting the anger in his heart and sending them away, Lin Shaochun sent Xiaohong to Hongyu Building to book a table for a banquet.

The king of Nan’an wanted to eat Sun’s home-cooked food early, so Sun Xun hurriedly sent someone to urge him. Lin Shaochun waited for a long time, only to realize that Xiaohong didn’t go to the restaurant to order food at all, and even lied that he had lost the silver. Lin Shaochun had to send someone to send some dim sum to the Nan’an King. Rong Shou’s daughter, Xiao Cui, could not understand her mother and wife deliberately making things difficult for Lin Shaochun. She couldn’t help but say a few words to them, but was scolded by her mother. Xiao Cui met Lin Shaochun when she went out and begged Lin Shaochun to forgive her mother.

Lin Shaochun came to Rongshou’s wife and his wife to inquire about their crimes, and personally treated them with acupuncture and moxibustion. They were so scared that they begged for mercy and hurried to the kitchen to have a banquet. Soon, a sumptuous table of wine and dishes was brought to the table, and the Nan’an Junwang was very happy. He tried a bite and found it to be more delicious than before. He was full of praise for the cooking skills of Chef Sun Fu. Lin Shaochun breathed a sigh of relief, Xu Feng Alice was dumbfounded.

Lin Shaochun brought Rongshou’s wife to come to Shen Qingyao to complain and strongly demanded that she be expelled from the house. Rongshou’s daughter-in-law argued with all kinds of sophistry. Lin Shaochun asked her doctor to prove that she was lying. Shen Qingyao understood the whole story and severely taught her Rongshou’s wife. She fell on her knees and begged Shen Qingyao bitterly. Shen Qingyao promised to keep her and only fined her for three months. Lin Shaochun wanted to ask Shen Qingyao for theory, but Sun Yulou hurriedly stopped her and wanted to take her out to relax. Lin Shaochun couldn’t tolerate it. If something like this happens again, I decided to rectify it.

Lin Shaochun wanted to find the maid who cleaned the yard to understand the situation in the house, so Rong Shou’s wife hurriedly called the maid away and warned Lin Shaochun. Sun Xiaoxian came afterwards, and Lin Shaochun learned from her that Rongshou’s daughter-in-law and his wife had listened to Xu Fengqiao, not even her. Lin Shaochun heard that Wang Qingxi married a daughter-in-law, and came to congratulate her personally. Flattered.

Early the next morning, Lin Shaochun invited Qingxi’s wife to drink tea and chat, and gave her a pearl hairpin, which he personally put on her head. Rongshou’s wife suspected that Qingxi’s daughter-in-law was bought by Lin Shaochun, and ridiculed her a bit. When the two people didn’t agree, they quarreled so hard that they finally fought together. Lin Shaochun suspected that Xiaohong was the spy that Xu Fengqiao had sent to monitor her. Xiaohong was so scared that she repeatedly admitted her mistakes. Lin Shaochun repeatedly claimed that she had mastered each of them.

Xiaohong hurriedly went back to report to Xu Fengqiao. Rongshou’s wife suspected Qingxi’s wife to inform her. Xu Fengqiao analyzed that this was a deliberate provocation by Lin Shaochun and reminded Rongshou’s wife not to act rashly. Lin Shaochun drove the maid who made the mistake out of the house, and the other maids were frightened all day long. Lin Shaochun asked them to truthfully explain their mistakes and promised that they would not blame them for the past.

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