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Love is True 我是真的爱你 Episode 38 Recap

Xiao Yan was drunk and directly relied on Chen Jiaorui’s house. Although they used to be rivals at work, they now seem to be happy friends. Xiao Yan complained about Chen Jiaorui, but never He was cruel to her. Xiao Yan saw that Chen Jiaorui had been coaxing her children, so she said that she pretended to be a good mother, and Chen Jiaorui didn’t care about her drunk. After coaxing Tongtong to sleep, Chen Jiaorui and Xiao Yan talked on the sofa. Xiao Yan believes that she has been a winner in life since she was a child, but now society has different definitions of excellence. It is not easy to win the praise and respect of others by virtue of learning and work ability, and it is impossible to completely ignore other people’s views of her. .

Zhu Sicong sent a message to Chen Jiaorui in the middle of the night. Xiao Yan knew that it was the message sent to her by Zhu Sicong, the sales director of Jingbao. The excited Xiao Yan said that Mo Ming is so good, and Chen Jiaorui should not fall in love with Zhu Sicong. Chen Jiaorui didn’t answer, Xiao Yan felt boring and planned to go home.

After all, she had to go to the hospital tomorrow. When Chen Jiaorui asked, she knew she was sick. The next day, when Xiao Yan finished her work, she told Mo Ming that she had to ask for leave tomorrow and she was going to the hospital for surgery. Knowing that Xiao Yan didn’t tell her parents and Qi Bin about the operation, Mo Ming offered to accompany her. Yan Zhi made a confinement meal for You Ya, but she still couldn’t eat it, so Xiao Yan went to see her specially.

Yuya’s current state is still the same as before, without any improvement. Yan Zhi made a lot of confinement meals for her with heart, but You Ya still had no appetite. Yan Zhi and Xiao Yan suggested to take You Ya out to relax, but Xiao Yan disagreed. Yan Zhi then secretly brought You Ya a piece of clothes for going out. When he was about to take her out, he met Xiao Yan and Mo Ming upstairs. Xiao Yan turned her back to them, only Mo Ming saw them, and he quickly signaled Yan Zhi to quietly take You Ya away. Xiao Yan didn’t know anything about it. She told Mo Ming about a nightmare she had. Mo Ming felt very bloody and couldn’t understand Xiao Yan’s feeling when she had this nightmare.

Xiao Yan talked to him about what she had told Chen Jiaorui after she was drunk last night. Mo Ming persuaded her not to drink so much, and stop blaming herself for You Ya’s affairs. After all, this incident is not complete. It was her fault. From the center of the confinement, Yan Zhi took Youya to the lake where you could see the stars. Yan Zhi hummed “Little Star” and brought You Ya back to the memories of seeing the stars when she first did B. That night, stars were rarely seen over the city. Congcong and Cheng Haonan at home also saw them. Cheng Haonan was very touched. He and Congcong said that the stars were beckoning to him. The young Congcong didn’t know the stars in his father’s mouth, he was talking about his sister, not the stars in the sky.

In the morning, Youya rarely played the piano and finished the confinement meal that Yan Zhi cooked. Xiao Yan hurriedly told Mo Ming the good news. Mo Ming talked about Yan Zhi. He wanted to stay in the confinement center, but Xiao Yan felt that it was impossible because Yan Zhi did not have any work experience in this area. Those mothers like him purely because confinement is boring. Yan went straight to Mo Ming and heard Xiao Yan’s words clearly. He turned angrily and returned to the kitchen, while Mo Ming went to the kitchen to comfort him. Yan Zhi felt that Xiao Yan had always looked down upon herself. Since he was in Thea, Mo Ming persuaded him to take the qualification test quickly and proved to Xiao Yan that he was indeed capable of working in the confinement center.

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