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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 6 Recap

Qiu Yanzhi deliberately revealed to Cheng Ruoyu that the people of Yuzhenfang had killed Aunt Cai and gave her a copy of Yuzhenfang’s materials for her to investigate.

Qi Yan heard the conversation between Cheng Xi and Li Rong and hurriedly went back to search for evidence, guessing that Cheng Xi had secretly trained a group of people, and suspected that she had two minds. Cheng Xi came to the training ground and suggested that Qi Yan use condemned prisoners as targets. Qi Yan was angry to use 36 girls in the Ziyi Bureau as sparring partners. Cheng Xi was so frightened that he confessed his mistakes and Qi Yan refused to forgive him. Sparring.

Cheng Xi determined that it was Qi Yan who followed Cheng Ruoyu last night, and she immediately sent Lirong to evacuate the three hundred trained people from Yuzhenfang to avoid being caught by Qi Yan. The eunuch brought the hunting book to Qi Yan. Qi Yan didn’t expect that he would spend so much money on each hunt, including a large amount of money for drinking. Cheng Huaizhi was so frightened that he knelt down and admitted that he had made false accounts.

That night, Cheng Huaizhi discovered that Qi Yan was not in the palace, so he hurried to report to Cheng Xi. Then Cheng Xi received a secret report and learned that two people were going to Yuzhen Square. Cheng Xi yelled badly. She concluded that it was Qi Yan. , Yuzhenfang has not completely withdrawn all the people, and there is a death order in Yuzhenfang, not to mention trespassing to kill.

Cheng Ruoyu found Yuzhenfang according to the address. Qi Yan followed up. Cheng Ruoyu found that there was no one inside. He hurriedly shouted, but no one responded. Cheng Ruoyu was so angry that he would yell at the murderer and threatened to kill the murderer. in the end. Qi Yan hurriedly appeared. Cheng Ruoyu chased him and recognized him as the one who went to Wang Yang’s old house to save people.

It is indispensable to say that he fought hard at him. The two were inextricably beaten and came to the middle compass without knowing it. superior. The compass slowly activated, the gossip array was activated, and the surrounding lanterns also began to rotate, and countless swords flew out from inside. The man in black dodged while protecting Cheng Ruoyu. Unfortunately, he was shot in the calf with a sharp sword.

When Qiu Yanzhi learned that Cheng Ruoyu had entered Yuzhen Fang, he immediately brought people to catch people. Suddenly a bell rang in Yuzhen Fang and the compass suddenly stopped. The Qiuyan weber arrived, and the compass suddenly fell, and Cheng Ruoyu and the man in black fell into the trap. Cheng Ruoyu felt a headache, Qi Yan hurriedly lifted the veil to show his true colors, and Cheng Ruoyu was shocked. , Qi Yan fed Cheng Ruoyu painkillers, and the two of them started looking for the secret tunnel exit.

The Qiu Yan webbing searched around to no avail, but accidentally activated the mechanism. Numerous sharp swords shot the guards of the shogi camp to death, and Qiu Yanzhi quickly found his life. Qi Yan wanted to pry open the stone wall with the green light sword, but broke the point of the sword. Cheng Ruoyu was distressed, and Qi Yan promised to send her a hundred more swords, and then continued to search for the battle. The guards of the shogi camp quickly discovered the secret passage under the compass. They put a hidden weapon inside, and Cheng Ruoyu was desperate to shield Qi Yan from the knife. She was stabbed in the back and Qi Yan was very moved.

The compass was pried open, Qi Yan picked up Cheng Ruoyu and avoided it. There was a secret road in front of him. The two of them fled along the secret road. Cheng Ruoyu was too sleepy to open his eyes because of the excuse of taking painkillers. Qi Yan looked around. If it’s dangerous, let her rest for a while. Gao Ping jumped out of the secret room to arrest people, but found nothing. Qiu Yanzhi ordered to dig the ground three feet to find the people hiding here.

Qi Yan asked Cheng Ruoyu to learn more about how she learned about Yuzhenfang. Cheng Ruoyu answered truthfully, and couldn’t wait to know why Qi Yan didn’t let Awu’s case be investigated. Qi Yan admitted that he let Awu away. Unexpectedly, Awu was used to go into the palace to be assassinated. Cheng Ruoyu fainted before he finished speaking. Qi Yan picked her up and left. Qiu Yanzhi saw this scene from a distance.

Qiu Yanzhi and the guards of Shogi Camp returned empty-handed, and Qiu Ziliang was furious and cursed at them. When Cheng Huaizhi saw that Qi Yan and Cheng Ruoyu were both seriously injured, he couldn’t stop crying in distress. Qi Yan simply bandaged the wound on his leg and came to see Cheng Ruoyu’s injury. Cheng Ruoyu remained unconscious, so he couldn’t find it. The imperial doctor came to treat him, so he had to clean up the bandage for Cheng Ruoyu himself, and sent Cheng Huaizhi to the door.

Cheng Ruoyu finally woke up and almost screamed when he saw Qi Yan helping her treat the wound. Qi Yan hurriedly blocked her mouth. Cheng Xi saw that Yuzhen Square had been exposed. Fortunately, the alarm bell rang in time and the girls all withdrew safely. They only left too much evidence. Cheng Xi decided to take the initiative to ask Qi Yan to explain, and also took the list of all the people in the Ziyi Bureau.

Qiu Yanzhi picked up a flower head from Yuzhenfang, and sent Gaoping to look up the pearl on it. Cheng Xi explained the truth to Qi Yan. She rebuilt the Ziyi Bureau according to the last wish of the first emperor, but the goal in the palace was too big, so she quietly transferred the girls to Yuzhenfang, where she trained three hundred dead men and eliminated Qiu Ziliang in the future. To avenge the first emperor, Cheng Ruoyu was hit by Qiu Yanzhi’s divorce. Qi Yan complained that Cheng Xi should not conceal him, and only relieved when he learned that the girls had safely moved to Qishan.

It turned out that Qi Chen arranged all of this. He had long expected Yuzhen Fang to be exposed. He sent someone to ring the bell to remind the girls to evacuate. He also arranged for them to evacuate to Qishan. Qi Chen felt that Qi Yan was still weak. , Not enough to confront Qiu Ziliang.

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