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Dream of Chang’an 与君歌 Episode 5 Recap

Cheng Ruoyu followed the drunk assassin to a big house. It was Wang Yang’s old house. There was a sign of Shogi Camp on the wall. Cheng Ruoyu concluded that this was the old nest of Shogi Camp. Cheng Ruoyu saw the masked black clothes. The man appeared there again, recognizing that he was the one who went to Zheng Mansion. The man in black peeled off the roof tiles and looked down. Cheng Ruoyu stopped him quietly and took the opportunity to puncture his arm. The man in black did not want to be in love with him. Take the opportunity to hurriedly escape.

Cheng Ruoyu saw King Saddle imprisoned here from a crack in the roof. She was puzzled. King Saddle was in pain. Qiu Ziliang sent someone to bring him the decoction and forced him to drink it on the spot. King Saddle screamed in pain. Called, Cheng Ruoyu wanted to save King Saddle, but was worried that Qi Yan would drive her away. Cheng Ruoyu didn’t want to see her dead, so she went in and rescued King Saddle.

Cheng Ruoyu left with the Saddle King and met Qiu Yanzhi head-on. Qiu Yanzhi brought the two of them to the secret road in the backyard and promised to let one person go. Cheng Ruoyu decided to stay and let her leave the Saddle King. Qiu Yanzhi considered repeatedly and decided to let them both escape together. Gao Ping witnessed this scene, and for a while, he pointed out that Qiu Yanzhi was cruel and cruel, and even let Cheng Ruoyu embark on a path of no return.

Gao Ping did not find out where the poison on the silver needle came from. He only found out that the silver needle was specially made by Zheng Lu for acupuncture by Emperor Xian during his lifetime. Qiu Yanzhi believed that someone had deliberately planted it on the Zheng family. Cheng Ruoyu settled King An and asked Cheng Xi to treat him. He deliberately concealed the link of Qiu Yanzhi letting them go from the secret road. Cheng Xi was shocked to learn that King An was imprisoned in Wang Yang’s old house. Fortunately, Cheng Ruoyu forgot the past. Cheng Xi went through the matter and felt that it was too easy for Cheng Ruoyu to save people. Suspecting this was a trap, he decided to transfer Saddle King immediately.

Cheng Xi thought twice, and decided to send King Anan to Qi Chen, the king of Xi who was living in seclusion. Cheng Ruoyu recognized Qi Chen as the benefactor who rescued her from the dead. Qi Chen was the younger brother of the first emperor, that is, Qi Yan. Uncle, he is willing to take in King Saddle. Qiu Ziliang received the secret protection and learned that Cheng Xi had sent King Saddle to Qi Chen. Before he could respond, Qi Chen sent someone to send him a letter, requesting that King Saddle be taken in.

Qiu Ziliang once gave the order to die. In this life, he will not move the king, his party, and the king of Yan Qi Chen. Unexpectedly, Qi Chen would take in King Saddle. Qiu Ziliang called Qiu Yanzhi. Qiu Yanzhi explained that she would let Cheng Ruoyu and King Saddle away. They want them to go to Qi Yan for help. If Qi Yan takes in the Saddle King, it means that Qi Yan has a double heart for Qiu Ziliang, but he didn’t expect Cheng Xi to find Qi Chen.

It turned out that when the first emperor planned the change of the dynasty, he made a will to pass it to Qi Chen. Qiu Ziliang forced the first emperor to amend the will and set up Qi Yan. The previous will was lost. Qiu Ziliang worried that the king and his comrades would find the old edict to support Qi Chen. So the shogi camp was set up, he also held Qi Chen tightly in his palm, and keeping Qi Chen could also contain Qi Yan, Qiu Yanzhi learned the whole story, and repeatedly confessed his mistake to Qiu Ziliang.

Qi Yan came to Qi Chen’s residence to visit King Saddle and ran into Cheng Ruoyu and Cheng Xi. Cheng Ruoyu was very surprised. King Saddle was still unconscious. Qi Yan worried that Qiu Ziliang would not give up, just like Qiu Ziliang poisoned Qi Chen back then. In the same way, Cheng Ruoyu realized that she had made a mistake again, and repeatedly apologized to Qi Yan. Qi Yan didn’t buy it at all, and gave her a severe lesson.

Qi Chen could see at a glance that Qi Yan wanted Cheng Ruoyu to get away from the incident, but Cheng Ruoyu didn’t understand his painstaking efforts. Qi Chen found Qi Yan injured his arm and hurriedly helped him bandage him. Guessing that he was stabbed by Cheng Ruoyu when he was going to save Saddle King, Qi Yan had to admit that Qi Chen persuaded Qi Yan to reuse Cheng Ruoyu. Qi Yan thought she had Being brave is bad, but Qi Chen feels that Cheng Ruoyu has a chivalrous heart and can shield Qi Yan from a knife at a critical moment.

Qiu Yanzhi received a secret report and learned that the three girls who came out of the Ziyi Bureau had appeared at Cai’s Wine Shop. One of them, Yu Niang, was cut by the ground ruffian, but the ground ruffian soon fell into the water and died. Qiu Yanzhi also investigated. The girl who came out of the Ziyi Bureau entered Yuzhenfang. Qiu Yanzhi sent someone to the Cai’s wine shop to capture Aunt Cai. Cheng Ruoyu decided to go to Cheng Xi for help. Because there was no token guard to prevent her from entering the palace, Cheng Ruoyu jumped into the wall and was seen by Qi Yan. , Qi Yan secretly followed her to the Ziyi Bureau.

Lirong learned that his sister-in-law had been arrested, and hurried to report to Cheng Xi. Cheng Xi had learned from the pain and decided to let Aunt Cai die to save the 900 elite teachers they had honed for eight years. Cheng Ruoyu came to the door and vaguely heard the conversation between Cheng Xi and Li Rong. She just wanted to rush in, but was stopped by the masked Qi Yan. The two fought out. Cheng Xi heard the news and Qi Yan took the opportunity to sneak away. Cheng Ruoyu did not see the masked Qi Yan, but thought that he was the one who appeared in the Zheng Mansion and Wang Yang’s old house.

Someone broke into the cell overnight and fed Aunt Cai with poison, but was discovered by Qiu Yanzhi’s spy. Qiu Yanzhi learned of the incident and guessed that it was the work of Cheng Xi’s party. Qiu Yanzhi analyzed that there was a third person. He first used Awu to lead out the Ziyi Ju, and then assassinate Qi Yan at the Cai’s Jiuchang. This person wanted to see the Ziyi Ju and the Shogi Camp opposing, so that he could take advantage of it. Qiu Yanzhi decided to lead the man behind the scenes.

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